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One area Christians are viewed as superficial or “behind the times” is in our knowledge and understanding of science. Unfortunately, we are viewed as turning a blind eye toward scientific inquiry. This blindness feeds the stereotype that our faith is superficial and unreasoned.

We are viewed as turning a blind eye toward scientific inquiry.

Of course, there are quite a few Christians scholars, professors, philosophers, and theologians deeply engaged in the scientific debate. These Christians are learning about science, evolution, intelligent design, and the origins of the universe and life on earth. Instead of putting their heads in the sand, they are rolling up their sleeves and trying to understand life’s most compelling question: Where did we come from and why?

Where Did We Come From and Why?

The answer to both questions is God. But those committed to education and intellectually honest debate are trying to prove that argument using science, philosophy, archeology, history, logic and reason. It is by no means a superficial faith. It is highly reasoned…even if others disagree with our Christian or religious beliefs.

Understanding the Bible Isn’t Enough

The majority of Christians we researched DON’T participate in the science debate or seek scientific understanding. Instead of looking outside the Bible to corroborate it’s overall message and purpose, many Christians just hold to the position that the Bible is enough.

However, if we are to sit down for dinner with a “free thinking” intellectual atheist, you had better have done your homework. To have a meaningful conversation with an agnostic scientist, you will quickly learn how much you don’t know about the world we live in.

We Must Do Our Homework

Again, for those Christians engaged in the debate, there are many scientifically valid and logically sound reasons to believe in our God. There are historical documents which corroborate Biblical stories about the miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.

Take the time to educate yourself, or you will come across as superficial and uninformed to non-believers, and unworthy of a meaningful conversation.

But if you don’t take the time to educate yourself, to study them, and to internalize them… you will come across as superficial, uninformed, and unworthy of a meaningful conversation.

You Can Help

You can help reverse this negative Christian stereotype of not knowing much about science by 1) seeking to understand the world we live in and the compelling proofs to God’s existence, and 2) sharing what you have learned with others.

We will soon be providing a Christian education store with recommended reading materials, and other educational materials such as videos, podcasts, articles, and other blogs. Raise your awareness and arm yourself with as much knowledge on science, evolution, metaphysics, and intelligent design as your mind can absorb.

Join us in reversing the negative Christian stereotype of having a superficial faith and lack of understanding in the area of science.

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  1. Bill Nelson says

    I appreciate your attempt to open a dialogue on these subjects. However, from a standpoint of your over-arching goal, I am wondering what your hoping to achieve. Is there some point where you are envisioning that Christ-followers won’t be hated by the world? Jesus told us that this will not be the case (and we shouldn’t hope for it!). With regard to science, I would dispute your assertion that the bible “is not enough”. The problem is not the evidence that it argued. The atheist sees randomness in the same evidence that makes a Christ-follower awestruck at the plan of the Creator. The problem is in the worldview, or the ideological “looking-glass” through which the person views their surroundings. The person that stands on a evolutionary worldview is from the outset, proposing an absurd argument. Here’s why: Science relies- depends on repeatability. The scientific process is encapsulated in these 5 processes: problem, hypothesis, experimentation, observation and conclusion. One can easily conclude that in a universe without repeatability, any one of these steps would be impossible. Without absolutely concrete repeatability, science (not to mention life in general!) cannot exist. This is called the Uniformity of Nature, and it is founded in a biblical worldview. The promise of God, that He never changes or varies. Evolutionists will stand on this biblical foundation in the name of “science” yet argue vehemently that chance is the deciding factor in the development of life. Herein lies the absurdity and contradiction. Chance says that at any given time, any given set of possibilities can occur, and contradicts the Uniformity of Nature which all science is based upon. To argue science and random chance in the same breath produces an argument that pushes the intellectual “self-destruct” button! I am not saying that it is wrong to use evidence. It should be used, but only as a tool to shed light on the absurdity and contradiction of the evolutionist’s (atheists, etc.) worldview. For instance, exposing the fact that an evolutionist has no problem with the absolutely infinitesimal chance of DNA organizing randomly, yet they will carry an umbrella when there is a 90% chance of rain. After all, there’s a 10% chance that it will not rain. Thousand of times more than enough to have doubt! The same argument applies to an atheist trying to use morals (Godly) and logic (Godly) to propose the non-existence of God. The bible is enough. It is always more than enough! “All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work” 2 Tim. 3:16-17 In the end, it is not evidence that convinces, but the incontrovertible word of God and regenerative work of the Holy Spirit. Again, Thank you for opening a dialog and forum for these issues.

  2. Mike says

    Bill. I totally agree with your assessment! I know this is an old post, but decided to vist just tonight. I just got through teaching “De-Bunking The Big Bang” from telescopes to microscopes. You are right on all accounts. Its not about the evidence, its about the worldview and lens we look through, and most importantly, its about the condition of the heart. Because only God (The Holy Spirit) can change the heart. The bible IS enough! Thanks for your input.

  3. kevin bianchi says

    It’s always interesting that I can never find an actual response from a Christian that doesn’t end up sounding like a child that’s stomping their foot on the ground yelling that they are right so loud they are shielded from anything else. First off, I do Believe in intelligent design and God. I believe that God has a plan and purpose and that it’s our place to find it. That being said most “Christians” will look at things like evolution and the “Big Bang Theory” (please remember that it is just a theory) and say all this stuff forming randomly like planets stars and so forth from absolutely nothing (which isn’t what science says. Scientists don’t ever say they know, again theory) when put like that, it does sound pretty ridiculous. On the other end though, If someone tried to tell you that only a few thousand years ago an all powerful all knowing Space Daddy created the heavens and the Earth, put 2 people on there with a tree in the center saying “don’t touch” The All knowing God wasn’t paying attention while his kids were getting suckered by a talking snake (which, let’s face it, isn’t hard due to the fact that we all know what happens if you don’t put the cookie jar out of reach). Then after the space dad kicked the kids out of the pool, he later didn’t dig his creations and scrubbed the whole lot except for one dude he gave the impossible task of gathering 2 of every creature. A few millennium later the space dad decides to send his own Son down with the ability to inspire, heal people spontaneously, walk on water and turn water into wine, all in preparation to martyr himself in an effort to save the space daddy’s children who still can’t seem to get along all the while coming back from the dead.If put like that…the Bible sounds equally, if not more preposterous. The point here is not to offend (though I’m certain I have,) But I feel some Christians need to accept that the very science they scoff at rules their daily lives. Everything we consume or utilize is because some amazing person figured it out. I believe God made us who we are, but gave us free will to better ourselves and our understanding of the universe He created. You can’t talk of a young Earth whilst still accepting simple fact like the speed of light and how long it takes light to reach us from the vast reaches of space. It’s the same principles that allow us to know how fast and how long it will take to get somewhere. It’s not that hard of a stretch. Looking around this amazing world and actually observing evolution from hybrid apple trees to virus’s. NONE of this means there isn’t a God. Who is to say in the beginning God didn’t put it all in His hands and blow out into the void what became us and this universe according to His design? Nothing here besides some athiest or scientist trying to make you feel stupid, says that it all couldn’t be from God. Who knows what Adam and Eve looked like? Why would God put something there when in His omnipotence must know what is going to happen? Do you really think an all powerful, infinite being that is our God runs on our human perception of time? Or even that He looks at the Universe from one place and view like we do? At least the scientists I run into don’t say they know where everything came from in the beginning. I understand there are some things that we must take on faith, but when we can literally observe to some extent how stars are formed and planets and the like, when we can see how forces shape our own world, we can’t just deny it. That’s like saying, “I don’t believe that fire burns so it can’t hurt me.” It doesn’t change that painful fact that it still burns. That’s right up there with “the world is flat.” I still feel I see God’s hand in the tiniest of things, but that doesn’t change our human need or obligation to explore the universe that He has given us. How can any Christian look out into the night or at the Hubble images and not see the Hand of God? Having faith is one thing, willful ignorance of your own surroundings are quite something else.

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