Obama Supports Constitutional Same Sex Marriage

President Obama supports the constitutional right for same sex couples to get married. It’s big news for both sides of the aisle.

Obama Speaks Out

On one hand, the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered) community feels the thrill of victory. Their fight for equal rights for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, has taken a monumental step forward. With President Obama’s historic backing of the constitutionality of same sex marriages comes a reward for their tears and trials. CNN news reports Chad Griffin saying, “[President Obama]’s words provide genuine hope that they will be the first generation to grow up with the freedom to fully pursue the American dream.”

And then, there is the other hand; the villainous hand; the perceived hand of tyranny with cross-shaped holes in them. The Christian or “values” group will respond, no doubt, with great ferocity. To them, Obama has affirmed his place as the trailblazer of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, as the head of the demonizing force against an otherwise “Christian” nation under God, as a spineless moral coward.

The Question Behind the Question

Needless to say, mass confusion abounds around the subject of homosexuality, let alone homosexual marriage.  This is largely the case because the two sides have different starting points. For the “right” this is a biblical issue. And thus, acquiescing the advances of this country’s increasing immoral community is equivalent to dragging the pristine Stars and Stripes through spiritual mud. But the community that backs same sex marriage sees this as a freedom issue. For them, the “land of the free” should by definition be a land sans all prejudices, including those involving sexual orientation.

So you see the disconnect. One side begins with the Bible. The other begins with the Constitution. Two documents which, despite popular opinion in the church community, were written to achieve very different ends.

So you see the disconnect. One side begins with the Bible. The other begins with the Constitution. Two documents which, despite popular opinion in the church community, were written to achieve very different ends.

To take a page from Rob Bell, getting to the real nitty gritty of the issue means asking “the question behind the question.” No doubt Judeo-Christian values influenced the formation of the Constitution, but the question is to what degree. Where’s the line for bible-based legislation and governmental leadership? Just how much should we allow religion to influence legislation?

The danger with purely religious legislation is just that. There should not be such a thing as religious legislation. To pass such laws would set precedence for any legislation to be made on the basis any religion.

While it is true that the Bible frowns on homosexuality, and by extension, homosexual marriage, such basis alone is not enough to pass a law in a democratic society where the voice of the people hold so much weight. Why? Because America is not a Christian nation in the sense that it exists to promote the Christian worldview. The Bible does not have a special place in legislative consideration.

So a line must be drawn

The Line in the Sand

The shift in the governmental landscape is simple. Generation Next isn’t interested in divisive government. So when the Christian community seems so intent on imposing Christianity on others’ lifestyles in seemingly divisive ways, they close their ears and hearts. Rather than hear the immobilized, stagnant Christian dogma of conservatism, they run toward the moving, impactful communities in society; the ones that seem to be listening, engaging, and participating as agents of real social change.

The Christian community must recognize this shift. Gone are the days when God’s people can expect the government to serve as a conduit for its Christian morality. Gone are the days where the best way to impact the community meant writing letters to congressmen in hopes of prohibiting and censoring certain behavior.

Instead, the time is ripe for a new wave of Christian action and activity. The time is ripe for a new movement where Christians see the ratcheted up stakes and respond to them directly rather than through judges and congressmen. The time is now for the church to rethink its approach to the defining issues of this generation. To step down from our collective pulpits to mingle with the people we are meant to bring salvation to.

The time is now to realize that government is not the answer. It’s not even close to the answer. Jesus never told us to create governmental laws to spread the gospel. You can’t legislate biblical morality. True biblical morality is the result of the heart surgery performed by the Holy Spirit the moment we receive the truth of Jesus and his love for us shown on the cross.

So here is the line. If we can’t translate Christian values into language that shows the benefit to society, then we must accept that value as a fight we must wage on our own.

Homosexuality, even homosexual marriage, does not impose a social threat. As such, the church can’t lean on the government to sufficiently respond to the spiritual ripples speeding across the collective American pond. There is no constitutional basis for preventing same sex marriages. There are only biblical ones.

Make no mistake. If the country is “going to hell in a hand basket” it’s because the Church has not found the way to reach the unsaved in an effective manner.

Make no mistake. If the country is “going to hell in a hand basket” it’s because the Church has not found the way to reach the unsaved in an effective manner. Ultimately, the failure lies in our inability and lack of desire to evolve our methods and language to the changing challenges of this generation. The failures are in the lines we draw, the set in our ways stubbornness, and in our lack of genuine interest in people. Do we really love people the way we love ourselves? Really?

I agree with the president. There is no American Constitutional reason for same sex marriages to be prohibited. I also believe homosexuality is a sin, and to vow that you will forever practice this sin “for as long as you both shall live” deeply saddens God.

Sure, the room got a little darker today, but that’s reason for God’s people to shine all the more bright. It’s time to step up and stop waiting for government to do our jobs for us. It’s time to take the reins.

Just think, if Christians would really start behaving like Christians the government wouldn’t have to pick up the pieces in economic and social issues like this. Imagine that, Christians really being Christians.

Originally posted on Candid Christianity at http://antwuanmalone.com/same-sex-marriages-and-you/  Copyright © 2012 AntwuanMalone.com. Republished with permission

Originally posted on Candid Christianity at http://antwuanmalone.com/unequally-yoked/. Copyright © 2012 AntwuanMalone.com. Republished with permission

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  1. Robert W. says

    That was very well stated Antwuan, thank you. I left the post below on another thread a couple of days ago. But I think it belongs here, especially with the contrast to your statement. Same sex marriage is an issue that should be carefully debated and not forced on people. However, when opponents resort to spreading lies calculated to inspire fear and hate of others, it is nothing short of hate speech. The worst part is, it is being totally ignored by the mainstream media. As a Christian, I am appalled that those who claim to represent the Christian viewpoint feel they need to resort to lies and hate. As a gay man, I am deeply offended by these lies. Please, if you are Christian, let everyone know that hate mongers do not represent you. We cannot let the country and the world think these people are the face of Chrisitanity in this country. http://www.washingtonblade.com/2012/10/22/minister-describes-gays-as-predators-during-marriage-rally/

    • says

      This has turned out to be a very delicate discussion. So there is so much momentum to the passions represented on each side. This article is not so much a referendum on the whether I think gay is wrong (though I do state my stance), it is about where and how the Christian chooses to engage in the conversation. We have resorted to trying to push homosexuality out from the top-down in a country run by the (decreasingly Christian) majority. My hope is that this articles and others like inspire Christians to interact directly with homosexual to share the Gospel of grace, as well as the path the sanctification that includes sexual purity. That’s a tough conversation on its own without all of the “hate” in most Christians tones and voices. Yeah, hate has no place on the Christian tongue.

  2. Gary Lee Fennimore says

    Homosexuality is an abomination to the LORD! Entire civilizations have been completely destroyed for supporting this abomination. Where is Sodom or Gomorrah and any of the inhabitants of those areas or even their physical structures today. They are gone!! Obama supports same-sex marriage, GOD does not and refers to it as an abomination! Who do you think will be destroyed the Creator or Obama along with this nation? May I suggest to consider who created whom! Gary Lee Fennimore

    • says

      You are correct. Homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord, as is several other sins. You have laid out the problem quite nicely. What I think you are missing is the point of the article, which is to say that politics and legislation is not the place to battle this in society. The truth is, we are here in this place having this discussion because the American Church has failed to infiltrate the lives of those far from God around us. A country like America, who has a government that is representative of what the majority wants, cannot be changed from the top down. We only have these decisions to make because we have disaffected and communicated little value to our homosexual neighbors. So, like any group under a form of oppression (and I realize that’s a big word) they come out swinging. And that’s fine. This is America, and such a stance is not illegal. The Church just needs to change the gameplan. Politics is not the key. And rest assured, if God judges America, it will be because the church failed to fulfill the Great Commission in this great country. It’s on our hands more than it is on theirs… and not because we passed (or didn’t pass) laws.

  3. A. Price says

    “Homosexuality, even homosexual marriage, does not impose a social threat.” Really? I find this a very naive statement. But I do agree It’s time for the Christians “in love” to step up to the plate to adress this issue and not our federal leaders. However even speaking out against homosexuality is now coming close to being labled a hate crime. And at the least you are met with hateful acusations of homophobia and intolerance. I have members of my family living gay lifestyles. While loving them they know where I stand according to my christian convictions. But they are becoming more and more agressive in pushing me to back down from my beliefs by using the “God created me this way” & “God is love” . It’s like the governments approval of same sex marraige has put them on the attack against those who disagree due to our faith. It’s like they want this fight? Not a social threat???? God help me to love uncondictionally and not be distracted from that love by the tactics of those in love with their sin.

    • says

      Hey A. Price! As a Christian, I see the threat that homosexuality poses. My point is, society needs to see a threat to it as well. My basis for the threat is from my beliefs about God informed by the Bible. But secular America (who will be (if not already are) the American majority) do not see the Bible as authority anymore. That is an issue no politician can solve. My point with the statement you highlight, is that most of America don’t see a negative effect to homosexuality. No one has convinced them, from a social perspective (sans the Bible) why it is a bad thing. And because of that, it simply looks like discrimination. The Constitution does not afford us the privilege to call on the Bible as the guide for our laws. It’s the people who have the power according to the Constitution. And as long as the influence of the Church continues to shrink in our communities, we’ll be over-ruled. So the plan must be different. Laws are not the key. Personal relationships are. Loving these people directly to Christ. Making disciples. Getting into their world and speaking value into their lives. These are good starts to changing the course of America. The laws of the land mean little to our morality. Affect the people directly, and the course of the country changes. We have to do the hard work of actually reaching people. This is our issue. Not doing this is how we got to this point in the first place. Perspective is needed. As an American, we follow the Constitution which says the majority rules. As a Christian, if I see the majority going the wrong way, it means that I must go to the majority (the harvest of plenty, where laborers are few) and reach them. If we could get our minds wrapped around this concept, America can change. If we just keep trying to pass laws, we’ll get more and more frustrated… and make more enemies than brothers and sisters in Christ.

    • J Sanders says

      A. Price ” God help me to love uncondictionally and not be distracted from that love by the tactics of those in love with their sin.” Excellent statement and I have to agree, but with a caveat. Most Christians, myself included, still love their own sin and have not put it away. Often it is hidden sin or we are in denial that it exists. Like the alcoholic who believes no one has noticed the bottle under the laundry, in the top shelf of the spare bedroom, or in the toliet tank; so are many people both christians and other people believe no one sees their sin. And so it is that we readily condemn others whose sin is so obvious to us but will not own our own sins. Homosexuality a threat to traditional marriage? Probably, but not as much as todays acceptance of Divorce in the Church or even worse adultery. Homosexuality may be a danger, however we know how destructive divorce and adultery are to the family and society, and both are rampant in the church today. Matthew 5 says lusting after a woman is adultery. Therefore porn = adultery and God says greed = idolatry, both abominations before God and destructive to the family. Let us clean our own house, personally and as a body, first, then we will be able to see clearly the speck in our neighbors eyes. As to Sodom, its primary sins which led to it’s destruction was not homosexuality. Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy. They were haughty and did an abomination before me. So I removed them, when I saw it . Ezekial 16:49 It is said by many Christians to “Hate the sin, but love the sinner” however I do not see that in action very often, and the reason is because we do not Hate the sin in our own selves and therefore do not walk in the power of the Lord to be able to truly love the sinners we meet and interact with. Pray the Lord of Hosts that we each learn to hate our own sins, day by day, thereby gaining the power to love others for who they are, and where they are.

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