What is the Faith of a Mustard Seed?

Luke 17:5-6
What IS the faith of a mustard seed. I always thought this meant having only a tiny faith. e.g if you had even just a little itty-bitty bit of true faith, you could do x. But reading it this time, I’m seeing it differently.

Put  yourself in the position of BEING a mustard seed. What sort of faith must you have in order to simply survive and live?

You must have faith that you will be blown in the wind to a beneficial spot, that you won’t be eaten by the birds or bugs, that you will settle into a cozy spot in the ground, and receive rain from the heavens (not too much to be drowned, not too little to die, but just the right amount), and that you would be nurtured every day until you grow into a mature mustard tree, surviving all of the storms, wind, rain, hail, snow, and heat.

Isn’t that true faith? Trusting in God’s provision. Not wanting excess. Simply asking God for the basic needs of life, and expecting Him to take care of you, through His grace, love, and mercy.

Lord help us to have the faith of a mustard seed, whether that be a big faith or even just a little. Help us to HAVE faith in You!

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  1. Wade Trombatore says

    Yes Faith like a mustard seed. I guess God was speaking of Size and nurture of a mustered seed. He is saying You have any faith no matter how small go for it . Let your faith be challenged ! God’s word says For those who CAN believe all things are possible. ———— ———- ————–And yes A mustard seed Needs to be Nurtured. Some seeds Larger seeds such as nuts and more numerical seeds such as seeds In large fruit provide food for the young seed to grow with.They carry their nutrients with them. But small seeds depend on God to get them going in the soil. And on all their Life. I guess also a mustard seed Must die or it abideth alone For a seed to germinate I guess mustard seeds must Die that is the outer coat of the seed must die first. For the plant must die for life to spring forth. I Know God put a lot of Knowledge in nature To harvest then Glean. Like the orchid How its microscopic seed bursts into Life! I am not scientific But God puts in nurture a lot to learn by—— Like the Largest of trees Sequoiahs puts out cones that only open after a fire How does that relate to us? Romans Chapter 1 speaks of us knowing the invisible by what is seen Thank You God for providing things for our learning.Glory to your Name oh God ——– ——-May God bless

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