Seek First His Kingdom (Matthew 6:33)

Why is it so hard to put God first? Is it just pure selfishness? Is it forgetfulness? Does it just boil down to the fact of our sinful nature? Honestly, I believe it’s all of the above.

When I have a decision to make, such as something I want to buy, or maybe changing careers, or maybe choosing between working and spending time with family…it always seems to be difficult. Selfishly, I find that I want to buy something…well just because “I” want it. Or I’m thinking about what career would be best for “ME”. Or I know that my family is very forgiving and maybe they won’t mind me putting in another 5 hours of work this weekend.

Forgetfully, I sometimes just don’t think to ask God what He thinks. And sometimes, I don’t ask because I already know the answer and I don’t want to admit it; the 50 inch plasma flat screen just says “buy me…you deserve it”…or something like that.

God says in His word that if we put Him first: His will, His desires, His purposes for our life… He will bless us abundantly. Read Matthew 6:25-33, with special emphasis on verse 33. The passage is specifically about worrying about tomorrow and the food you will eat and the clothes you will wear… but the principle is the same. Instead of thinking about ourselves and what WE want and what WE need… leave that up to God to provide.

The more I remember verse 33: “Seek first His kingdom, and all these things will be given to you as well”, the more peace comes over me. Instead of worrying and trying to focus on myself, I just need to stay focused on God and what He wants for my life. God will take care of the rest.

Make this a focus in the coming week and see if it provides you with a greater level of peace…and let me know how it goes.

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