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  1. Mark says

    I’ve only looked at a few pages on your site, but I already approve. I’m looking for a more Christ-like Christianity myself.

  2. Heather says

    Since you have first e-mailed me I have really had a change in my heart. Your Wisdom is wonderful and I am in a better place because of it. God Bless You!

  3. Roma says

    I am very blessed to have the articles of Changing Face of Christianity. The articles are practical and relevant for us in Indonesia. So I feel grateful and happy if I can get to know you and Changing the Face Christianity closer.

  4. Jarrod Booth says

    I’m not religious, but I’m happy that there are people like you taking back Christianity from the dominant bigots.

  5. TeamBrittana says

    As a Christian who’s lesbian, I really appreciate your site. Thank you for listening. It’s so good to find compassion instead of condemnation. I attempted suicide 4 times because I thought God hated me based on the church. 🙁

  6. Maxwell Tennyson says

    Your website is more valuable to me since the articles are all biblical and very effective in living a day to day Christian Life.

  7. Danica says

    LOVE your site! I am a mom living in rural Nova Scotia. I am a new childrens’ book author, and all 3 of my books are christian based. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Emma says

    Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I’m so glad that someone has realized how bad our reputation as Christians is and decided to actually do something about it.

  9. Laura H. says

    When I happened upon your website, I thought it to be so very necessary and "on target" for those Christians who find themselves at a crossroad in their faith…whether to commit wholeheartedly to Jesus, or not. What a fateful decision is this, especially now, as we find ourselves in the cross hairs of our faith vs. secular adversity. I feel the most insidious and destructive force facing Christians today is APATHY.

  10. brittany says


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