When was the last time you loved an enemy?

Love My Enemies

When was the last time you loved an enemy?

How did you do it?

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Lori Rodriguez shares her insights and life experiences to MOPS groups as an International Mentor Mom and a young mom’s Bible study leader. A mother herself, Lori has a stepdaughter and two more daughters—all grown up. She and her husband, Juan attend Rolling Hills Covenant Church in California and love playing with their two granddaughters, Isa-“Bella” 4, and Betty 3, along with their Jack Russell “Terror,” Wilbur.

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  1. Ian McKerracher says

    This question would be difficult to answer because of the two definitions inherent therein. What is love and who would constitute an enemy. I have some ideas about both but it is meaningless without a conversation laying the ground rules, so to speak, so that the connotational weight of the words used by the writer and by the reader are the same. Some would say that the presence of a young gay man at our Christmas party last December would be an example of loving my enemy. That would not actually be true because this young man is neither my enemy nor did I love with anything special in inviting him. (he is a son of an acquaintance and was welcome in my house as all people are). There are those who are fellow employees where I work who are distant by virtue of their personality or mine. Are they enemies? I speak to them cordially and with respect. Is that love? My pastor (who has been such since I got saved in 1975) and I have had strained words between us. Are we short in the love department because of or in spite of it? He still runs the Church and I still am a member. We are not enemies and we still have love for each other. It seems to me that this question is unanswerable as it sits there. In my writing my response, I can see more clearly that that is so.

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