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  1. Anonymous says

    i believe this is something that differs from beliver to beliver, for some it is to bring as many people a possible to god and some it is to help people grow in there faith. listen to where god is calling you and you can’t go wrong. you may not get it the first time or even the 18th time, but keep listening to god and your path will show itself.

  2. Wade says

    God Desires His seed to be sown. But He is Looking forward to the 30 fold , 60 fold and Hundred Fold Saints of God. Those whose Likeness to Jesus Brings Forth much good Fruit Of the likeness and Word of God

  3. Charles Neill says

    The answer is in John 21:15-17 We are here to take care of each other, help each other with their individual needs, not just feed them and give them what they want or demand. We Christians are supposed to be Good, though we may fail, we should also try to be wise. Is it better to give a hungry man a fish for a day, or teach him to fish and feed him for life? on the back side of that argument: Don’t steal another’s fish to give it to someone else!

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