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We all have those thoughts or questions that we think no one else has about Christianity.  What secret thoughts or questions are you keeping to yourself so you do not rock the boat at church?

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  1. Loran Yunevich says

    I must be weird, I do not harbor any questions to myself. I find if I have any questions, I give them to God and He answers them in a day or two of my reading His word.

  2. Ian M. says

    There was a time where I feared being found out that I had doubts related to my walk with God. I didn’t want my secret to get out and, not only besmirch my reputation as a man of faith but also cause others to stumble. That is no longer the case. I have found, by cultural observance and self-examination, that everyone bases their belief system on unprovable presuppositions and assumptions, even the most sold-out Naturalist or Religionist. One of the annoying aspects of this is that we all seem to pretend those presuppositions away. We refuse to confess the unprovable aspects of our faith…Naturalists will even deny the existence of them. This position that I have grown into, is one where the fear of being found out is no longer an issue. I have redefined, for myself certainly, the notion of faith through this readjustment. It has become “action on a presupposition”. The opposite of faith is not doubt…it is certainty. I cannot be certain about many things. My faith is my life and I much rather walk without the baggage of self-imposed illusions. I kill them when they crop up. This has made me a Rational Christian (with occasional gusts up to trans-rational, sometimes called “revelation”). Let me close by listing the presuppositions of Christianity that are the fruits of my ruminations. I am sure that most could say “Amen” to many of them and add a few of their own…. Presuppositions of Essential Christianity 1- God exists. His existence is founded on Himself. 2- He reveals Himself to every person. No person is too good or too evil. 3- When He revealed Himself to me, I was exposed as a sinner and an enemy of this Holy God and my life continues only because He allows it. 4- Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, He also revealed Himself as good and merciful and loves me and wants me to live fully. 5- I now live in the trust on that revelation of God in Jesus Christ and the more I give my life to God, the more He gives His life to me. 6- It is evident that there must be an accounting at a time set by God for all creation. 7- Serving this God is to be in a local “open” community of believers called a church which is a part of a “closed” community which is the Universal Church of Jesus Christ.

    • Anonymous says

      Well said Ian! I so enjoyed your thoughts. May I share a few assumptions of my own? These are probably contained within yours, but here goes…1) not only does God exist, but he is knowable. Not fully, of course, but as a personal God (as opposed to a force or a concept), he can be known and does make himself known, principally through revelation, both general (nature and existence) and special (Jesus). 2) Truth, while often illusive and difficult to find, does exist and can be known too. 3) Something is wrong with the human race, and spiritually I share the wiring of the worst monsters in history. Thus, the only solution is a radical re-wiring called the new birth. A Christian is not merely a follower of Christian Ethics; he is rather a new creation. 4) The resurrection of Christ is the unique sign of the age to come, wherein all of our hopes and beliefs in perfection will be made complete. This consummation of history is spiritual AND physical, and involves our beautiful world we live in now. There you are… as for my secret fears, sometimes I wonder if the Roman Catholics are right about everything and the protestants have it all wrong. As a protestant with calvinist leanings, this does give me some anxiety now and again, but then I simply get back to work and forget about it. JOHN

  3. Bruce R. Kuzma says

    I pray for the help of the Father All Mighty, Yahweh because he is God and knows my mind, my past, my present circumstances and my future. He knows the hardships I have endured, the pain and suffrage of the abuse of authority. Still, no help comes to my rescue…WHY ME? Why Can’t I get the help I need when I need it? God has promised, I Peter 5:9-11 and yet nothing. I get beaten down, mentally, verbally, and physically. God has done nothing. I have lost everything by the cost of a lie, the gossip of others and the gullible gluttony of greed. Where is God when you need him? He did not help me when I was young, I lost my father before I was born, I lost my brother soon after, and now I am alone. The Sole-survivor that has been dead twice, in a coma and put in prison on false arrest. still no God…Why should anyone remain in faith with a God that is dereliction of duty? We are suppose to praise him, pray to him, fear him, while we are used, abused, and injured by those that have no conscience. Where is the complaint department? Why Me?

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Bruce, It sounds like you have been through a whole lot of troubles. God has been there for you. You survived death twice! Read about the life of Paul in all of his letters. Now he had many trials and persecutions. He was also the greatest missionary. He wrotemany of his letters while in prison, most prisons were in dank sewers and he was chained to a wall. He witnessed to his jailers and many got saved. He is the epitome of a true man of God. In the end he was beheaded. God is very much with you! See it the way God sees it. He got you through all of it. Praise God! Praise Him for what you do have, look at what you have. He gave His life for you, amazing grace to be sure. I’ve had a very rough life as well. Please read your Bible and pray daily. Look up and see the stars, if you look down, all you see is dirt. God Bless, Rhonda W.

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