Problem in Your Church?

Churches are full of imperfect sinners.  So, every church will have some problems.  We want to know – What is the biggest problem in your church and what do you think the solution is?

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  1. M-A Redd says

    We live in an area where there is a lot of moving in and out of the community. Our church has a lot of visitors and people who come once in a while when they are in town. This has caused our church to be a very “transient” community. It can be difficult to feel a part of the church for newcomers as well as those who have been involved for many months. Small groups help to get to know a few people but we need to somehow become a more welcoming community. Hospitality I think is the key… people taking ownership of the church and reaching out and getting to know one person at a time… over a meal or coffee or some activity. It will take a bit of time but the coffee/fellowship time at church doesn’t seem to be enough to develop the depth of friendship that most people in the church are needing and wanting.

  2. Anonymous says

    Our church is growing. However, there is a lack of commitment with resulting shortage of volunteers. How do we mobilize people. How do we recruit volunteers? Frank

  3. Beth says

    We have denied, forgotten, replaced, forsaken, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, to follow after a man made religion, where God is no longer “feared”, or honored. We have decided to make God in our own image, and Jesus nothing but a feel good uncontroversial character robbed of his Scriptural Lordship and timeless nature. We have forgotten that we serve a Jewish Savior, who not only fulfilled the Torah and the prophets, but then spent His entire ministry confirming and reiterating them for us to continue to follow, since God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. In spite of our best intentions, we remain ignorant of the most basic precepts of the Bible and cling to our man made traditions, refusing to audit the teachings we continue to promote that have nothing to do with Truth and have everything to do with what we want to believe no matter how false it is and continue to teach it to others passing down and misleading more away from the Truth and what God expects from the people who say they love Him. We can travel down the wrong road, and still swear we went somewhere. . . . We have been going down the wrong road for the last 1700 years and I fear if we do not reconnect to our Jewish Roots soon and start worshipping God the way He wants to be worshipped, there will be many “believers” who will be surprised to hear, ” . . . . I never knew you”. The road is narrow, and few find it. Sounds exclusive. . . . We have prayed a prayer of salvation, and then told God he has to accept us no matter what we do or say. We have obligated the God of the Universe, and not felt any obligation to Him. . . .we fool ourselves into thinking we are serving Him with Sundy worship, joining the choir, teaching (half truths and misinformation) Sunday School and Bile Studies, etc, etc. and believe our good intentions, cover a multitude of sins, even though Scripture is clear that much of what we do is man made religion, and offends Him every time we do it. Yet the Church continues do repeat the same sins of Israel without batting an eye, or questioning our behavior to see if it is true. In our prideful defense of our own doctrine and theology, we refrain from examining our traditions and our hearts to see if they line up with the God of all. Yet demand that God line up with ours. . . .”God, YOU change , so we don’t have to.” If we the Church would embrace YHVH again and return to the Jewish roots of our faith where a Jewish Jesus died to redeem HIS people, both Israel, and those grafted into Israel, who IS the Church, there would be no need for denominations( man made religion – their own version of God), and we would be one in spirit and in truth. Just how God intended it o be. What’s wrong with the Church? We have left our first love, and traded the Truth, for our own version to suit us better. We need to repent, and return to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and love Him enough to keep the commandments (God’s instructions ) proving that we love The Lord our God, with all our hearts, minds, and strength, and love our neighbor as ourselves. This is the good news of the gospel. Grace gives us time to repent, mercy gives us a reprieve from judgement, and God’s love gives us an opportunity to accept His ways and enter into His rest through Yeshua, our Messiah’s plan to save His people from the coming wrath. Yeshua, the promised Seed of Abraham. Stop being ignorant, Church and do your own homework if you have to. The Internet has made all things discoverable. Until the whole World calls Him Lord, and declares, “blessed is He who comes in the name of Jehovah! “

    • Cynthia Stricklan says

      You write my thoughts. The church has been paganized into irrelevant oblivion. There is only power in the one name above all others, YHVH, and his son Yeshua Ha Messiach. Capitalizing a generic g o d is not the same thing. If we love him we will keep his commandments and his appointed times(feasts), and not make up excuses about why paganism is ok. We will also call Him by His actual name. He is merciful, but He is also holy, and not to be trifled with.

  4. kenneth kachale says

    our church is not growing,due to lack of evangelism but also may be co there isnt a move of the holy spirit mightily .i dont know!

  5. Loran J Yunevich says

    I ache over the state of todays so called church. It is so divided that no one really knowes where to go to hear about the true God Almighty. God the Father, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit. It seems to be all about feel good and love. We forget that God is Love but He is also just and Holy. We can fool each other with how we act, but we can not fool God who Looks at the heart. Read His word, the Bible and do what it says. Repent and be saved or continue in your diluted ways and suffer the death of sin. I can not really blame others as I probally do the same things. I feel like a wrench as Paul did as I know what is right to do and I do not do it. If I know better and not act on it, what does that make me? I will rest on the Mercy of God the Father through Jesus His Son. I wish I could really write how I feel but I am limited in ability of words amd spelling. Thanks be to God that I do not have to pass an english exam to be saved.

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