I could not live without…

What could you NOT live without?  In other words, If God asked you to give up “X”, what would you NOT be able to surrender to God? 

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  1. says

    Karen, what an amazingly great question. God could have my job, my money, my house, car, and other possessions. He could take my sight and my hearing…although those would certainly be tougher to live without. The only thing I couldn’t give up would be my Wife and three kids. If he asked me to give them up, I would rather die myself. It makes me reflect on the decision God had to make to sacrifice his son Jesus Christ on the cross. Since Jesus Christ IS God (in the flesh), he was basically doing the same thing. He gave himself up for all those who choose to believe in and turn to Him, rather than see them perish.

  2. Bruce R. Kuzma says

    Being the sole-survivor of my family, I have learned to go without companionship, friendship, and/or relationships. Having overcome my addictions to alcohol, profanity, pornography, cigarettes, and sex- I have been celibate for 28 years now…There is not much else to give up or go without…I am poor, homeless, unemployed, and still I survive. I have been dead twice, in a coma for 2-3 weeks, and beaten verbally, mentally, and physically, still I survive. Tell me what can I not do without? Jesus Christ, because through it all, I talked with him, I walked with him and I believe in his promises because you can not believe in or trust anyone but him. Think About It!

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