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  1. Betty Dudney says

    First saw The Hand of God morning of my 5th Birthday, and not another supernatural sign for over 25 yrs. when felt a need to return to God if there was one, prayed for a fleece and experienced “Rebirth” with felt presence of God and Holy Spirit spoke one word of “Equality”. Have found this to be the essence of the Universal Golden Rule, found in hearts open to God, but we listen to the ways of men and the world and continue in our inequality. End inequality in your heart, soul and mind. Follow the words of Jesus who said “Love God, and One Another as the summation of the laws and Prophets. Worship The only True God, who is “not a god of partiality” but of Equity.

  2. Starr says

    Your question may be simple, but the answer isn’t. It’s not one specific thing that has brought me to know God. I have become aware of Him in His amazing creation, as a student of science. I have been drawn closer to Him through those rare Christians who just “radiate” Jesus (one of whom was so in touch with God that she would answer your questions before you asked them). The skeptic in me has become convinced of His existence through logic and reason (thank you, Josh McDowell C.S. Lewis, and others). I have come to understand Him (to the limits of my finite mind) through His written word. I have personally experienced His love and comfort in times of greatest need, like a hand on my shoulder telling me “I’m with you,” or an arm holding me up to keep me from collapsing in a puddle of pity. I have heard Him speaking to me, giving me insight or speaking a verse to me that I needed to hear. He has even sometimes given me information I couldn’t know otherwise that has proven to be true, often telling me when a person has lied to me and telling me what the truth is, so that I can confront them and bring about a confession and restoration. I personally know He’s real because He makes Himself known personally.

  3. Loran Yunevich says

    All I can say is that when I listened to His word and started to be a true disiciple by getting into His word I was changed from what I was a sinner to a forgiven sinner saved by grace. My thoughts and actions changed and continue to change for the better. I can not explain how but know I look at everything with God’s word as the base of understanding. I am no longer what I was nor have I become what I desire to be, a man after God’s own heart. I will never give up in my quest because God will never give up on me.

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