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  1. George L says

    To be a follower of Jesus to take that step forward in faith and trust in His knowledge for us. Believe that Jesus died for our sins and His teachings are never ending. That we learn to understand His teachings and not to input out own thoughts and desires in His word. He will come again and we might not like what we see if we continue to follow the path that we are moving in. Have Faith and Believe.

  2. Loran Yunevich says

    To Follow Jesus I try to denie myself daily and put on Christ. I do not always susceed but I keep on trying. I start out my day, actually it is I and my wife, readibg and listening to at least (4) chapters of the Bible each morining going through the entire Bible and starting over again after Revelations is read/lisitened too. This way we try to start our day thinking about the will of God our Father and to walk in His way. Praying all day long when ever I think about Him which is all the time. Even now while typing this I ask God for His wisdom in what I am writing that woulds bring Him Honnor and Glory. He is the center of my life and I try to look at the world with His eyes.

  3. Mike says

    I would suggest reading 1 John. It’s all about how to “fellowship” with God and between ourselves. If you draw closer to God through His word, He will draw closer to you.

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