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  1. Ken H says

    Silly question for a true Christian. Of course we can…we MUST, if we are to follow Jesus. Compare this idea to: “I sure like his new sports car (the person)…but I hate the way he drives and abuses it! Being a mechanic (like knowing God’s laws and purposes for us) we would talk to him about how to take better care of his beautiful car (his body and soul) instead of treating it in a way that, though it seems like fun at the time, will destroy it in the long run…” Even if a person is very difficult to even be around and does despicable things, we would still show love for them by trying stop them from stepping in front of a fast moving train!

  2. Loran Yunevich says

    Of course, we must. There is an old saying, Love the sinner not the sin. How else are we to give the “Good News” to sinners if we do not love then as much as Jesus(God) loved us when he hung on the cross for our sins? Another old saying , people will not know God’s love until we show God’s love through our actions toward them. We are all beggers at the foot of God’s table and we should tell other beggers where they can come and eat.

  3. Starr says

    Not only can we love someone without agreeing with them, but it would actually be unloving to accept what we perceive to be an unhealthy choice by keeping silent. I did not love my daughter any less when she lived with her boyfriend, but she knew why I didn’t approve. If I saw someone walking down a dark path they thought led to a bridge over a chasm, when I knew the bridge was out and that they would fall to their death, it would be downright hateful of me to just let them go their merry way. Real love isn’t passive. Love actively seeks to keep others from harm, to restore their brokenness, to soothe their hurts, to point them to the Author of love.

  4. Larry Knight says

    There are some things on which we MUST agree. These are “non-negotiables”. For example: Jesus came specifically to die on Calvary, to make atonement for the sins of the world, and to redeem mankind. Only those who enter into the relationship (JOHN 3:3 – Jesus said, unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.”) that God says we must have, we aren’t saved. Also, Jesus was born of a virgin. This means that He was born without “original sin” that has been passed down to all mankind, from Adam. But there are many Christians whom I dearly love, who believe that if a person who has truly been born again, sins again, that person loses his/her salvation and becomes lost again, in danger of going to Hell. I humbly and respectfully disagree. I believe that once a person is saved, that person’s eternal destiny is sealed, for all eternity. Christians who willfully sin do not get away with anything; God deals with them. Romans, chapter 14, tells us that Christians who are strong in the faith must be mindful of their weaker brethren. These are “gray” issues. I think smoking is wrong, but I love my Christian brothers and sisters who do smoke, and I pray for them. I do not drink because I’m allergic to alcoholic beverages, but I dearly love my daughter-in-law and her family, who enjoy wine, and drink responsibly. So the answer is yes AND no. There are some issues on which we must agree, and others which we may disagree.

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