Crying over the Gospel

I recently heard that there is a senior pastor who only asks one question when he interviews potential new staff members.  The question is this, “When was the last time you cried over the gospel?”  So, what is your answer?  When was the last time you cried over the gospel?

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Karen Brooks Smith is a guest blogger and passionate volunteer at Changing the Face of Christianity. Karen became a Christian in her early adulthood. She isn't religious, but has a relationship with Jesus Christ. Karen recognizes the differences between the church of this world and the church of the Bible and is motivated to reconcile those differences in our culture. Karen enjoys volunteering with her Church’s youth group, her children’s school and with the Girl Scouts. However, her most important blessing and ministry is her wonderful husband and three delightful daughters.

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  1. JRS says

    I don’t necessarily cry over the gospel, but I do cry during worship. Knowing that God suffered and died for me touches my heart and when I spend that special time with Him in contemplation I start crying. I feel like a weirdo when I do…but I know to God my tears are precious. Thank you for asking that question, I feel less like a weirdo now. : )

  2. bob says

    When was the last time I cried over the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord and that I can be adopted into the family of God by believing? NEVER. Have I ever cried when when I see that good news distorted, mocked,and rejected? CONSTANTLY.

  3. John Sanders says

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding the question, but why would I cry over good news. I received the Gospel 42 years ago with great joy, just a whopping and a hollering and I haven’t stopped yet. Crying over the good news no, crying over my sins yes, crying for many relatives, friends, co-workers, yes; crying for others who died in their sins yes, crying because I was unable to to get another to understand their need for the Gospel yes, but for the Gospel of freedom and salvation, never!

  4. Tigshad says

    I cry when I think of how He must feel knowing others don’t believe in him, when he infact created them. And I cry when I think of how the world looks to him, from his eyes today. It must be so painful to see us like we are after he made this beautiful creation.

  5. Deborah says

    This is a strange question. I have been a Christian for nearly 50 years and have never cried over the gospel. Why should I? It’s good news. I have only cried about my sin, for lost loved ones who refuse to believe the gospel, and at times when worshiping God.

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