Closest to God?

We all have gone through the “ups and downs” or “valleys and mountain tops” as we have walked out our faith.  Tell us about a time when you felt closest to God.  Was it when you were in the valley or on the mountain top?

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  1. JRS says

    I felt the closest to God when I was going through the roughest time in my life. I could feel his presence very strongly and He guided me though a very bad situation.

  2. laura says

    Most definitely I felt His presence the most when I was up to my eyeballs in shame and regret, had wasted all of my “resources”, and finally surrendered everything over to Him. I think He waits until we have nothing else so that we can learn that He is all that we need (and so that we can’t explain away His miracles)…His beauty for our ashes!

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