Christian Role Model

As Christians, Jesus is our true model… Who we as Christians should be striving to be more like.

However, just for fun, name a Christian you’ve known or heard about, living in say the last 50 years, that is a good human model of how Christians should live? What makes them a good model?

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  1. Bruce Kuzma says

    Name a Christian that is a good human model of how Christians should live…I cannot think of any in my lifetime that was totally honest, loved their god before all else, and loved their neighbor as themselves. I know that I have traveled far and wide around this globe and still not even as a whole There is noone that can fill Jesus’ shoes or do what he had done. If everything I do is wrong and nothing I do is right then why should I try to be that which I want to be but nobody will let me be because of what they believe that I am, which I am not but cannot prove this because of the policy of the image and reputation that is the ruling power in authority over that which dictates my freedom to be that which I am.

  2. Pat says

    The best human Christian role model I know would be 2 people – my dad and my grandmother. When I was 6 months old, my mom passed away and my grandmother, who was 70 at the time, raised my three sisters and I. They taught me about a relationship with the living God through Jesus in a loving and nurturing way. They also taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up. Everyone needs that kind of encouragement and my hope for our young people today, would be that they simply knew knew how much they were loved by our creator God.

  3. Ron says

    We all have role models we look to or looked to when growing up. The danger concerning Christian role models is if we view them as our “final answer” in how to live a Christian life. There are many examples of notable Christians that were (as much as possible, being human after all) honest & loved God above all else. Plus, we have our human examples from the Bible itself, like Paul, Peter, David, Moses, etc. Of course they were flawed, but to dismiss them & more modern examples is very shortsighted. Of course, the ultimate role model is Jesus, who calls us to be holy & follow Him. I have many wonderful servants of God that I view as role models; here are five. Oswald Chambers, Dwight Moody, Dr. Peter Marshall, A.W. Tozer, & Scottish Olympian & missionary Eric Liddell (“Chariots of Fire”).

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