Christian Exclusivity

Many “Non-Christians” are offended by how exclusive Christianity can appear to be.  Tell us how you would respond to this critique? 

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  1. says

    It would depend on whether the accusation was that “I” was being exclusive, personally, or whether Christianity is exclusive. I would also ask them to explain why it was offensive to them. I don’t believe that an individual being ‘offended’ would or could be dissuaded by an intellectual argument. The aim, from our part, would be to get past the intellect and get to the person’s heart where the truth of our sinfulness can break it.

  2. Bruce R. Kuzma says

    If “Many” “Non-Christians” are offended by how exclusive Christianity can appear to be…Could it be that they themselves have the problem? We have in our mist those that use their religion to justify their actions, to legalize the criticism and/or to put down those surrounding ourselves to elevate our vanity. Christianity, to me, is not that which Lays Down the Law, as a Thug in the Tyranny of Totalitarianism, but, As a Mentoring Teacher that Lovers One to All Members, “Love Your God with all your heart, mind, and soul”…”Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.” “Think About It!”

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