All are Sins the Same?

Romans 3:23 says, “For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.”  But are all our sins the same?  Are all sins equal to God?

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  1. John says

    God does not look at sins as man sees them. The sin of UNBELIEF is the what the Father sees. Unbelief generates fear, doubt, and worry. To God, this SIN. Man was to put it into categories. True what man does to man is bad, but our Father sees things differently.

  2. Keith says

    As I see it, a sin is a sin, to sin is to sin. There is no list of sinners being ranked in magnitude of their sin, or the number of sins each commits. We are all sinners in one way or another so the important thing is to recognize that, and in turn try to improve, becoming a ‘better’ Christian each day that passes.

    • Lukithia Evans says

      Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is done at death when committed you can not come back from it. It is denying the Spirit of God exists and dying in that state. Therefore, it is not a worse sin just you have no time to be saved from it.

  3. Mary-Ann says

    All sins separate us from God (they all are bad!) On the other hand, the blood of Jesus will cover any and all sin if we truly choose believe in Him and make Him our Lord and Savior… no matter how “big” the sin. There are several scriptures in both the old and new testament that have specific earthly punishments, however. From what I understand these earthly punishments (or disciplinary measures) are to protect us and God’s people from falling further into sin and point us back to God.

  4. JR says

    A criminal is a criminal- regardless if they are a car thief or a drug dealer…they all wind up doing time. The same goes for sin. We are all sinners…PERIOD. God says this for a reason, that we can’t focus on our sins, but on our Redeemer in Christ, Jesus. Focusing on sin is like complaining about being caught in a muck-pit. It won’t get you anywhere. Instead, look around for what will SAVE you from the muck…Jesus. He pulls us out, wipes us clean, and leads us on a safe path.

  5. John Bosquet-Morra says

    Of course not all sins are the same. If anyone actually believes this, they are probably confusing the issue with another question, which is, “is everyone a sinner?”, or, does everyone “have sin?” These two questions, from Romans and first John, are easily answered with an obvious “yes.” Thus, we have in these verses a clear statement of man’s condition — all are fallen, and the only way for this condition to be changed is by the Righteousness that comes from God — our Lord Jesus and his death. On the other hand, it is clear from the Old Testament ( same God; different covenant) that some sins are far worse than others, and this is not merely the consequences of sin within our terrestrial realm; in fact some sins are clearly listed as an “abomination,” or “detestable,” and others are not described as such. In the New Testament, we have Jesus telling Pilate that Judas is guilty of greater sin for his betrayal. And by implication, as Cynthia says above, resisting (or “speaking against”) the Holy Spirit is unforgivable, but all others will be forgiven, including speaking against the Father and the Son; thus there must be some degree of sin. Take the example of covetousness (Paul’s problem) — if you have a covetous thought, you have in fact sinned and you must repent. But if you do not repent, and your covetousness is fed by more evil thoughts, then eventually these thoughts will lead to deeper sins, such as hoarding, envy, greed, and even theft or murder. Surely the initial sin is a sin, but the other following actions are worse, and harder to “nip in the bud” once they have made the sinner into a monster. We may very well be guilty of adultery for looking lustfully, but this does NOT mean that it is the same in its severity (in God’s eyes and in man’s) as actually doing the deed– I do not think Jesus meant that, and I think that the idea that he did is harmful. Our righteousness MUST exceed the righteousness of the teachers of the law, but that can only happen by someone being righteous FOR us — and thank God we know who that is!

    • Lukithia Evans says

      So, are their then degrees of hate? Because the Bible says God hates sin. That would make all sin equal. The adjectives to describe sin in the scripture you refer to have a context which called for description of the sin.

  6. Loran Yunevich says

    Math. 12:32 (NIV) states in part the only sin that will not be forgived in “anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit wilol not be forgiven either in this age or in the age to come.” There are a lot of terms used in the Old and New Testament used by God to describe different sin’s. But each one is a sin. Something that is against the will of God. We are all born with a sinful-nature that does war with the Spirit. Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty of all sin, not to take sin out of the world. We are all sinners that need to accept the grace of God unto salvation in Jesus The Christ. Without Him we are still dead in our sin. One sin is the same as many sins, each one separates us from God. That is why the scriptures say break one of the Laws and you broke all of them. Man (Devil) has done it’s best to destort the Word of God until it it almost hard to tell what is the truth. God is the Judge of us all and our unconfessed sin (1 John 1:9) will keep us from God’s blessings as a nation or a person.

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