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Some Facts:

  • Changing the Face of Christianity Inc. is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit Texas Corporation.
  • Changing the Face of Christianity was started in 2010, by R. Brad White.

Our Mission:

  • Reversing Christian intolerance, hypocrisy, homophobia, judgmentalism, and other negative Christian stereotypes, by helping Christians to be more like Jesus Christ.

The Story:

For most of his life, Brad was an unshakable Atheist. But after a miraculous sign from God in 2005′, he shed his blind disbelief and became a believer. He later became a Christian after thorough deliberation and study. Ever since that moment, he has been actively engaged in using his life to Glorify God and to build up God’s kingdom.

Over the course of several years, Brad felt called to create “Changing the Face of Christianity” in 2010′.  Changing the Face of Christianity intends to accomplish their mission by teaching and inspiring Christians to live as worthy disciples of Jesus Christ. By living our faith and loving others like Jesus.

Whereas there are many people and organizations involved in world-wide evangelism, gaining followers of Jesus Christ, Changing the Face of Christianity is ALL about growing, strengthening, and transforming existing and future Christians into true disciples of Jesus Christ. Going beyond wearing a name tag that says “I’m a Christian”, we want outsiders to recognize us as Christians by how we love and serve others. Instead of being known as prideful and arrogant, preachy and intolerant, we seek to transform ourselves to be like Jesus Christ; full of love, full of grace, full of mercy, and full of humility.

Brad is also a professional speaker and trainer, speaking to groups large and small on topics such as:

  • Changing the Face of Christianity (reversing negative Christian stereotypes)
  • Living a Life of Purpose and Significance (Leaving a Lasting Legacy)
  • Leading: Whoever and Wherever You Are (biblical leadership)
  • Life After Death: Living for Christ After Dying to Self
  • My Testimony: from Atheist to Christian. Choosing God Daily.
  • How to Witness to Non-Believers

Interviews and Speaking Engagements:

Brad is available for interviews, radio segments, opinion pieces, guest blog articles, and commentary on our Christian faith and culture. Brad is also available to speak to your church or group (big or small). You can contact Brad at via this website’s About: Contact Us form.

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