How to Celebrate a Christian Halloween


Each of us has a choice…to participate in Halloween or not. I really don’t mind if you do or don’t. But the occasion is definitely an opportunity to question the Christian participation in the holiday event. For those of you (us) who celebrate it, I’d be curious to find out why you think it is fine. For those that don’t participate, I’d be equally curious of why you don’t.

Pagan Holiday?

Some people consider it “Pagan”, “Satanic”, and “of the devil”. While others seem to think it’s “no big deal”.  And I’m still talking about the diversity of Christian opinions of the holiday. 

To me, it comes down to HOW you celebrate it and with what kind of spirit you celebrate it. I just enjoy watching my kids get all dressed up. I enjoy going out at night as a family, meeting with neighbors I would otherwise never meet. I enjoy seeing our kids get excited about getting lots of candy…not unlike the fervor seen during an Easter Egg hunt…which of course is an incredibly wholesome activity, sanctioned and endorsed by God (yes…I’m kidding). 

For my family, we just have fun with it. We certainly don’t treat it as some satanic, evil, dark ritual to ward off evil spirits.

For my family, we just have fun with it. We certainly don’t treat it as some satanic, evil, dark ritual to ward off evil spirits. 

What do you think?

I’m not ignorant of the original roots of this holiday tradition. I just don’t think it IS what it USED to be. But either way, I’m curious what you think. As a Christian, how do you participate in Halloween?

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  1. Wally Bodin says

    Hi Brad. Halloween in South Africa, is relatively new. It all started here about 18 years ago, and ironically by, who we believe, an American schoolteacher, in our community. We immediately researched this new interest and by all accounts, scripture is clear about how God dealt with those who dealt in the occult, or worshipped satan. If it does not edify our Father, why dabble in it. I appreciate that this is a deep American tradition, but, the bottom line, is would followers be worse off if they ignored it. I think the clear answer is a resounding NO! Therefore if it is so controversial, do we really want to offend our Father. Have we as a family watched Harry Potter movies, – ABSOLUTELY NOT. Would it offend God – I believe a definite YES. If so, why even cast doubt.

  2. shiri says

    Hey Brad. See the image on this very page at top. The boy in the middle is wearing a witche’s hat and carrying a broomstick. Traditional symbols related to occultism. This celebration does not glorify God. It brings to remembrance people who were antithetical to God’s ways. How can this be innocuous fun? Totally agree with @bodlin’s views.

  3. Harrison V. says

    This holiday could in fact be used for God’s glory (“all things work for good” the greater purpose in the end). I don’t want to be oblivious to the fact of what it used to be and still is to some, but if we utterly ignored an oppertunity to share the gospel then it takes a different tone. I never dressed up as a dark and/or villanous character (not even darth vader :). However, I did dress up as a hero usually, or a posetive figure. Looking back, I realized I missed an oppertunity to share my beliefs with those who even came to my doorstep. I could have casually suggested that I didn’t support witchcraft (at all!) because I believed (and still do) that God was against it. Of course, there are various ways to go about this. I totally agree that darkness shouldn’t be supported, but light should shine in the midst of it all. But remember, there are those who still embrace the darkness and need to see light. Be ready to shine it.

  4. Andy Francis says

    I see this holiday as a perfect chance to be “light” in the “darkness”. My family and I dress-up with more of a positive image when it comes to our Halloween costumes. This year I am Moses. I have already been to a Halloween/Birthday party and it opened the door for several conversations with children and adults alike. The way I see it is that Jesus was always found eating with and visiting the “lost”. In order to do as Jesus did we have to step out of our comfort zone and go to the lost like He did.

  5. Andrew vast says

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  6. Roland Carter says

    This is the only holiday that will bring non-CHRISTian children to my door. So an appropriate statement/message, tract and a sweat from all JESUS lovers seems right.

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