Our Programs

We seek to accomplish our vision through the following programs:

  • Christianity Quiz
    • A self-assessment to answer the question “How Christian Are You?”
  • Christian Discipleship Program
    • A FREE email-based discipleship program. You are taught the essentials of living an authentic Christian life, and are paired with a spiritually mature Christian to encourage you and provide accountability.
    • Become a Mentor to a fellow-Christian who is struggling to put their faith into practice.
    • Become a Mentee, and have a spiritually mature Christian guide, teach, and walk with you as you grow more spiritually mature.
  • Negative Christian Stereotypes Bible Study
    • Free, downloadable PDF study with notes
    • Each unit covers one stereotype. We define what the stereotype is, share a real world story/quote from a non-believer, discuss how we each contribute to the negative stereotype, and learn what God’s Word says about how we should live

  • Website Blog Articles and Email Newsletter
    • Tips and practical advice for spiritual growth and living our faith. Our topics include:
      • Christian news, insights, opinions, editorials, and information on the stereotypes
      • 2 Minutes to Maturity: mini-lessons on maturity
      • Pop Culture Christianity: How to resist and engage in our culture
      • Christians Doing Good: promoting the positive things Christians do around the world
      • Bible teaching: How to be more like Jesus Christ, and learning more about the Bible
      • Christian advice column: Answering tough questions and helping struggling Christians
  • My Confession” Public Humility Campaign
    • Goal: Show the world we aren’t perfect, through transparency, authenticity, and humility

How can you support us?

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Changing the Face of Christianity Inc.
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