My Confession

My Confession is a public “Humility” campaign

We can’t change what we won’t acknowledge! Our goal with “My Confession” is to come together online, share how we have fallen short of the Glory of God, and help us to focus on our own sins-which you CAN change, and take the focus off of other people’s sins-which you CAN’T change.

That may look like pain you have caused someone else, a judgmental attitude, a secret hatred for another person, failing to give God time during your day, not reading the Bible…this page is yours.

Take a moment to read other people’s confessions and join us in praying for each other. We encourage you to share your confession with the person you have hurt (only you will know if that’s appropriate). Finally, find a fellow Christian to confess to personally and seek their counsel and accountability to help you in your area of weakness.

To share your public confession, we encourage you to:

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    When I was younger, I remember my parents taught me the difference between right and wrong. Somewhere along the way, I determined that wrong meant “a bad person”. And from there, I just began to disassociate with people who were bad, and felt comfortable knowing I was NOT a bad person. Because I felt like I wasn’t a bad person, I began to treat others who didn’t know Jesus as lesser than me. My pride got the best of me and I began to talk down to other people who were different religions, or without religion at all. Worst of all, I began to treat them as if my life was better and they were stupid for not choosing Jesus. One of the things that really bothers me, is that I knew a girl at the place I work at, who didn’t go to church, and was pretty weird. She used a lot of bad language, and watched movies that I thought were too violent for me. Sometimes I thought about being nice to her, and inviting her to my church, but I thought that she might say a bad word or and everyone would think that I was a bad person for trying to be friends with her. She moved away, and I always wish I would have befriended her, my behavior was not very Christian like. I know that Jesus came to us while we were all sinners, all bad. He didn’t come to rescue those who were without sin—there isn’t anyone who is without sin. And if he didn’t reach out to my heart, I would still be a sinner too. I’ve learned now, that I don’t have the right to be judgmental of anyone, because I am just as guilty of being bad too. I try now, to make sure and be friendly to people who don’t know Jesus too, because Love is greater than evil. -Kevin Plano, TX

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      I didn’t realize I could be gay and Christian at the same time. I didn’t choose it and would gladly be magically converted back to straight. My dad beat me to a pulp when I came out at 13. I was just a kid. He beat me so severly that I have nerve damage. and several scars. I missed two weeks of school. I emancipated myself at 17 and couch surfed until I found an unlikely ally: a Baptist youth minister and his wife who took me in and became my “real” parents. We pray a lot and not about the sins of homosexuality but about helping others and forgiving and love. I am crying while I am writing this because you have a beautiful, open heart. And there are probly some other gay kids that are struggling. Your blog has made a difference in my life and if I didn’t have Papa John and Momma Sarah, I would want you to be my dad. I love you, Jonah

      • says

        My parents were really abusive to me and I have scars to. I’m only saying this because I’m anonymous but I have been sexually abused as well not by my parents but by other peaple. I was put into and institute as a child most of my life and was constantly in solitary confinement in Kennedy Krieger institute. My brother was experimented on by the same program, he dosnt speak and suffers from profound autism but since the experiments he beats himself up and bites himself while screaming sometimes. My dad went to war in Afghanistan me came back different and more violent. I understand your pain. One day my dad tried to stab me with a knife soon after I turned 18 years old, and the phone rang just in time to distract him and I escaped the house and went to the neighbors. The neighbors called the police, but the police helped me, and now I live with my aunt and uncle. I myself have struggled with homesexual thoughts, but I told my aunt and uncle and they said when I have thoes thoughts I need to pray and ask god to help me. Homosexuality is wrong. But I’m not judging you, but please know it’s wrong, and stop entertaining thoes thoughts. I know your pain, but I know there’s hope to. Homosexuality is a sin. Now that you know, what will you do with this knowledge? I will pray for you. 😄

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    I work in an office with several gay people. When I first got this position, I was really confused on whether or not I should even talk to people who were gay. I see on TV a lot of so called Christians picketing gay events, and I know that being gay is not condoned by the Bible. But I never understood what that means I should do? Should I try to convert them? Does Jesus expect me to speak about him, in everything I say? So instead, I just chose to ignore them, and have as little to do with anyone who was gay at all. I feared that I would be responsible for condoning their behavior, if I spoke to them, without letting them know that I am a Christian, and I think they are wrong. But I realized after talking with my church pastor, that this is not the right response either. Instead, I should interact with them, the same way I would any other person. After all, we are all sinners, myself included. I can work, cooperate, and even assist or help a person who is gay, the same way I would a person who is not gay that also has a problem with sin. I just need to let what God has done in my own life, reflect that in my actions, my words, and my heart. I’ve recently had a conversation about God and my beliefs with this same person. He was amazed that I wasn’t so hateful to him all these months. He even thanked me for helping him out on a project. -Anonymous Frisco, TX

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    Today, I realized that I was a hypocritical Christian. I used to think I was a Christian just because I went to church and I served on a ministry that helped in the homeless shelters serving food. I thought this was what a Christian did and that I was good, but I never read the Bible because I thought it was pretty boring. And at the time, I wasn’t really sure that what it said was even true. But a good friend asked me if I would like to attend a Bible study with him, and I was really wrong. I realized that what I was doing and what I was showing were two different things. I’m really glad my friend invited me! -Trevor, St. Paul MN

  4. says

    Hypocrisy is something that I’d never really understood. To me, hypocrites were people who were liars, saying one thing and doing the complete opposite. This definition is true, but I never accepted that I have been hypocritical in my actions as well. After all, who WANTS to admit this? But recently I was convicted of this when I realized that my behaviors did not match up with what I say my beliefs are, when I interacted with my own children. I teach Sunday school, so I knew the Bible versus on why Jesus is our savior, and what He says about anger and being critical. I realized that I was a hypocrite one afternoon when I yelled at my son to clean up a mess he had made. I had a bad day at work and was already fuming when I got home because a man had cut me off in traffic, so I admit that I was much more abusive with my words than I should have been. After he ran to his room crying, I heard a television program with a preacher say the words from Proverbs 14:29- People with understanding control their anger; a hot temper shows great foolishness. I sank to the floor and prayed for forgiveness right then. Then I went upstairs to apologize to my son and even shared the verse with him. I realize now, that hypocritical behavior can always affect us, and we need to thank Jesus every day for His mercy and grace. -Tamara

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    My Confession is I’ve allowed my religious convictions to make me numb to the human rights of gays and lesbians. I haven’t consciously fought AGAINST gay marriage, but I’ve allowed outspoken Christian political activists to limit the human rights of LGBTs (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) and let them speak FOR me through my silence. The Gay community deserves love, not discrimination. And for my part in that, I’m incredibly sorry.

    • James Glenz says

      Mr. White, I am a bisexual youth in the United States. While I can’t speak for the entire LGBT community, I would like you to know that I, personally, am very thankful for what you said here. I don’t imagine it was easy to confess this, nor can I imagine the comments you may be receiving from people angry with what you’ve said. So, thank you. It really does mean a lot. James Glenz

    • Malachi says

      I’m not sure what the confession is? I admit I have my own to post (I just found this sight), but God’s word is against the sin of homosexuality. Are we not, as Christians, suppose to stand against sin? The bible specifies one woman will cleave to one man (not verbatim)… But it identifies one of each opposite sex. Please help me understand what you are sorry for?

  6. says

    i dont know why but i always feel guilty and i think its because my parents put to much pressure on me. A couple of months ago i went on a school trip and had sex with a guy i dONT REALLY LIKE i dont know why i regret having sex with him but before i had sex i was addicted

    • says

      Delilah, thanks for your confession. I was confused by one part (not that it really matters), but I’d like to understand where you are at…and a clarification would help. You said “…i dont know why i regret having sex with him but before I had sex i was addicted.” Did you mean you don’t know why you had sex with him (the guy you didn’t really like), or did you mean you don’t know why you have regrets? Thanks, and let us know if we can help you in any way.

  7. Heather says

    I usually try to be good and bring Glory in the name if the Lord, but lately I have felt a lot of pressure to be good because I feel that non-believers are watching and waiting for me to fail and fall because in that is condones the lifestyle they have. This weekend I did fail miserably. I had my sister and her bf over and we drank alcohol. Alcoholism runs in my family (not an excuse). More people ended up coming because of people that my sister knew and so on and so forth. By the time they got there I was pretty drunk. In the back of my mind, the whole time I felt ashamed. I was not bringing glory to God’s name. I even tried to make up for it by putting on Christian music at one point, which someone changed within a few seconds of me putting it on. I even found myself saying things that were totally dis-honoring to God. I feel like I have let a lot of people down by doing this and myself down and most of all God. I know Jesus spits out the lukewarm Christian and I don’t want to be that way. How do I let this old lifestyle go and tell people that I can’t do these things without them thinking I am puting my nose up in the air at them? Mostly, how do I stop drinking?

    • says

      Heather, me and a friend named larry just sent you a private enail in response to your questions. Thanks for being so brave to post your confession. I hope and pray that it inspires others to do the same. We’re praying for you.

  8. Jonathan says

    My confession is that I really haven’t changed enough since becoming a Christian. Nearly a year ago, I first confessed my sins to God and decided to try and follow him, but I don’t think anyone has noticed a huge difference between me then and me now that God is in my life. I have changed slightly in my actions and lifestyle, though not enough, and I do read my Bible and pray most days, but generally, I don’t feel the same kind of zeal or feeling of transformation that I hear about from other Christians. I don’t feel the kind of longing and awe for God as do many other Christians, so something must be wrong. I still sometimes feel embarrassed about sharing my faith with my friends and family, which is pathetic, and even though my dad has said he wants me to tell him when he misuses God’s name because he doesn’t want to offend me, I usually don’t because I feel too awkward. So generally I have not been a great witness for Christ in front of non-believers. When I do good things, it’s often at least as much to do with obligation as compassion. Recently I’ve been neglecting prayer and Bible study, wasting time doing unproductive things even when I feel the urge to talk to God, although I’ve made more effort in this recently. I’ve neglected being part of the Church. Actually, although I go to church and I know a few Christians my age, I don’t have one close Christian friend (though there’s one Catholic friend I plan to spend more time with), which is obviously a huge hindrance to being a good Christian, and for me is mostly through lack of effort. I’ve not been obedient to my teachers recently, not always doing or handing in homework and I’ve just generally not been productive with my time. Also, despite not being the best example of a committed Christian myself, I’ve sometimes been judgemental, at least in my thoughts if not (usually) in my words, of the people who would fit into the “Worldly Christian” and “Far from God” categories in the quiz, despite now finding I myself am a worldly Christian according to the quiz. I have a pretty good understanding of Christianity, and I’ve learnt a lot since becoming a Christian. I don’t know whether this knowledge has made me too proud – that might be another failing that I’ve had. But Jesus wants me to be a disciple, not an academic, and in the former respect I’ve not been great. I know that God loves me and I do have a relationship with him, though not the best one, and I want to love him more and I want more zeal to do his will and more wisdom, and I’ve prayed for all these things, and I know God will give me these things if I wait. And I know that no Christian has changed as much as they should have done. But I’d really like some guidance on this. I just need to be more motivated. I know all the reasons why I should be but I need someone to help me feel them and be motivated. Thanks, -Jonathan, 16, UK

    • says

      Jonathan, I’m also going to respond privately to you, but I want to offer some encouragement and one suggestion here. For the encouragement, it sounds like the Holy Spirit is starting to convict you of some changes you need to make. That’s a good thing that will eventually lead to the type of changes you would like to see. Now for the suggestion: Grace is a big concept in Christianity. No matter how hard you try on your own, you can never be good enough. That’s why Jesus HAD to die for us and be resurrected…in order to save us. It’s called “Grace” because we didn’t earn it. We can’t earn it…even after becoming a Christian. So, not only should you practice extending grace to others, but you should also extend grace to yourself. Accept the free gift of Grace that God offers to you because he loves you. Don’t beat yourself up. Just start making a change and focus on your relationship with Jesus Christ.

  9. says

    When we confess, we do have to accept that the other person is going to judge. But that’s not the focus. The focus is that confession is the acknowledgment that you SHOULD be judged. But God doesn’t judge those in Him, He forgives them.

  10. Marcus says

    I have been a christian all my life but in the last couple years i have been tempted by sin. Sadly I gave into temptation. I was addicted pornography. This lasted 4 years and I would try to stop but it never worked. I then turned on the radio and a christian song came on and made me almost cry and remembered that we must confess our sins. I think i might still need prayer bit God has been very uplifting ever since now listen to christian music when temptation comes to me. This is the first time i’ve confessed this sin. All i can say is GOD IS GREAT!!!

  11. says

    Im testifying unto GOD not in respect of man,for GOD revealing d purpose of my creation. My Story starts lyk dis i was born into a Christian home with a bright star and was attacked by gods nd they kidnapped me from home,but i was leta caught nd trained by some parent but dis idol av bin attacking me right from birth till date,as of last year it became an open attack where pple accuses me of: 1. Bin an idol 2.having a traditional inheritance ‘Owu’ 3.i fag 4 eyes,which i didn’t 4 i know fag re not eye picked but a sexual sins of two not one person traditional ruler born me. All dis re false accusation,but one night i was attacked nd all of a strange spirit looking identical came out of me and chaste they that attacked me i know dis spirit was not me for there is no way my spirit will come out of me nd my body not dead,so dis leta became a revelation d goddess day attacked vanished into a house where anoda goddess was standing out nd dis my strange spirit appeared in d sky killed d woman standing and resurrected her and vanished away.the strange spirit appeared on d ground nd generated fire circling it and he vanished into d mist of fire a man which happen to b oluwo of ijebu and he prayed GOD should kill dis man. Afterward i had a vision of heaven and i saw GOD on his throne and anoda identical spirit of mine sit at d front of GOD like an elder with crown and arch angels on ospery in front nd he pointed his hand nd d arch angels ride on there ospery toward d land of heaven nd i saw i symbol which says FIGHT IJEBU but i didn’t understand then,but after d revelation a deaf nd dump saw fire in d sky nd scream fire!! But went pple got there d fire was no more and d deaf nd dump could not talk,but d truth y i was seeing d revelation in my room a deaf nd dump saw fire about to destroy ijebu land. GOSPEL TRUTH when i leta realised d truth i was annoyed with ijebu that this people av bin monitoring nd planning against me in there covens from birth nd they come out and deceive other about false accusations,so i know dat my was to come to dis world nd fight sinners and those identical spirit are people representing me in heaven and on earth,and GOD is instructing me to start ministering unto GOD.and government are upon my shoulders just like JESUS mostly d government of ijebu and there are tryn to deceive in other to shake my faith and attack me. And GOD is ready to FIGHT d earth and is against government for they are enemies of Christ JESUS so also his follower most those that re more Christ like and re born to minister unto GOD having d stars of GOD for this people are fighting against my STAR AND MINISTRY on earth so following GOD is my own narrow way,remember for the bible says we wrestle not against flesh an blood but principality and power so this ijebu that im asked to fight is an evil and sinful traditional principle or law possesing powers,for we not under law but under GRACE for the law is of sin and death meaning i am not under the law of the world e.g government/principles of the world which are dark powers. HIGHLIGHTING MY STORY GODS allowed evil to befall us even if he has good plans for us e.g GOD planed JESUS to save the world but HE also allowed JESUS to die,even me as an example GOD plan for me is to fight ijebu but he allowed me to be attacked by gods and goddess. Remember the devil satan came to decieve JESUS our SAVIOR from fulfiling the plan of GOD which is to save the world,likewise this idol coming to attack me are come against the plan of GOD for my life which fight ijebu. Brethen dont let what GOD allow to decieve you by causing you to sin but follow the plan of the father. Even the disciple that GOD plan them to preach but he allow them to be persecuted. NOTE:the devil is against the STAR/GOD PLAN of everyone, but beware the plans of GOD for me is different from HIS plans for you,and when GOD plan mighty works it dont means he will allow mighty evil but those that are of the BRIGHTEST STAR are they that devil,demons and idols hates most but who the devil attacks are they that GOD allow to be attack dont miss this GOD allowing evil to befall you dont mean HE hate you but when you follow his plans just like ME and JOB your reward is certain in GOD.

  12. says

    I have just fallen in luv with a girl recently she also sought have interest in me I just began to have dreams about her My friends told me that she will move next year to somewhere else and I was like auh no it ain’t gonna happen I asked to her if she was moving next year but she refused and she asked me did I like her and I told her that yes she said that she also like me •It was the last day of our school as school is closing for two months for summer vacations •After 5 days we met she told me that she also likes me every thing is running smoothly I never crossed my limits becoz I really felt that she was the only one with whom I can share my joys and sorrows of my life but one day we just broke up she behaves like she is feeling irritation because of me I feel all alone everywhere I really miss her I just wanted to share my feelings with someone trusted thank u very much

  13. says

    Mohit, first thanks for sharing and thanks for your trust. My encouragement to you is to pray for God’s timing in this. Love is not measure in days or even months. Don’t rush things. Take your time and get to know her and her you. If she isn’t interested in you, then wait for God to introduce someone else to you.

  14. Kenneth Orford says

    I tried the registration thing but did not work. I think this idea is great because pastors like myself have no access to persons who do not judge . When the body sees we are week, they move us along so weakness wont be associated with their body. I would like to join and be a regular part of this as its just what I needed. Why else would I have searched for such a place on the internet? Kenneth Orford

  15. joseph says

    I have been trying to stop an addiction but i have been falling back into masturbation for some time now. I started this about 5 years ago. I know it is wrong and i am really desperate to stop this filthy habit. I have prayed, fasted , read the bible. it stops for a few days and then all over again. I feel ashamed and always wonder if God is not tired of forgiving me over the same sin considering the fact that i can try harder.

    • says

      Joseph, you are not alone. This temptation is a constant struggle for countless men (and women). Trust me when I say that God has forgiven this and more…much more that you can ever imagine. Christ died for ALL of our sins, once and for all….past, present, and future…for all who place their belief and trust in Him. He has heard your confession! You are forgiven. The battle against our flesh is something we can’t escape in this world, but it is something to pursue with our whole being. If you fail again, just keep returning to God and pursuing him. Here is a resource that I can also highly recommend. It focuses on lust/pornography addiction, but I believe is highly relevant in your situation as well.

  16. kimmo says

    One day when I was riding with a bicycle, when I stopped to rest. I was sitting in the sand and got an erection. Then a woman and her child came near where I was sitting. I got up and went behind little tree to sexually please myself. I think that woman saw me and started to call somewhere , then I took my bicycle and rode away. I want god forgive me this . Thank you

    • says

      Kimmo. Thanks for sharing your confession. Here is what 1 John 1:9 says “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

      • Anonymous says

        Dear Kimmo: For years now, I have always paused to pray and seek the Lords words before I comment on someones confession. I realize that my words have the power to hurt and curse, bless and encourage. Today, I will not pray but will simply thank the Lord for you, for your encouragement to me, your blessing to me, a man you don’t even know. Your confession gives hope to all its readers, an anchor to all who are adrift. You have reminded an old man that his journey with the Lord is not over, and my life needs more light shone upon it. Thank you for shining a light on behalf of the Lord and sharing your victory with me and others. Kenneth Orford

  17. Gideon M says

    Hi, My confession is not complex but is open to advice as well as absolution. An abridged version of my story leading up to my want to share is as follows: I once new a woman who was very involved with the occult, I had known her since the mid 80’s as she used to cut my hair at barbers in the town to which I used to live. To cut a long story short I bumped into her whilst shopping in 2007. having found Christ in 2005 I was firmly established in my faith and wanted to help as many people as I could to know the word. Finding this woman distraught due to her getting divorced, her parents dying, having a drug addiction and being involved with occult pursuits (Mediums, tarot cards, spiritualism) I though I could help. I did notice I had a very sickening feeling during this encounter however I thought it was just down to her situation. We went back to my house and had a chat about Christ, how I will try and help her with her numerous issues. She proceeded to tell me that she had always “Liked me” and kissed me on the cheek. This was pretty forward behaviour for someone I had been speaking to for 45imns however I put this down to her delicate state of mind and spirit. I invited her to Church the following Sunday. During the week leading up me taking her to Church we passed a few text messages, these included asking each other how we were doing etc. She also phoned me once in that week to discuss her issues as she was feeling at a very low point, she said psychics that she had seen had told her that deceased relatives were making noises in her house, she was also suggesting I comment on her occult activity in a more positive way instead of rebuking it. Sunday came and we went to Church. She said she would like to pick me up as she could then drive home when she wanted and of course I could get a lift from friends at Church. During our journey she broke down and claimed she was evil (bearing in mind she was actually driving at the time) she was crying and saying “I’m evil, I’m evil, I’ve done it again I’m evil”. A dangerous situation for me as she was behind the wheel of a car and also she was extremely irrational. We got to Church and she was acting very uncomfortably (A natural thing if you haven’t attended church). We sat through a sermon and she stayed for a brief bible study meeting. She departed with a Bible to which I had brought (Highlighting the passages detailing that her pursuits were ungodly and an abomination), I also lent her a DVD of the life of Christ (Which was never returned) I spoke to the senior pastor about her and also what she was involved and also how I felt terrible when I was around her. his advice was not to involve myself with her as she was involved with the adversary and may try to destroy my faith as she had already tried to get me to show some open mindedness as to what she was involved with. I moved house in 2008 but I was still perturbed about my experience (Which has always stayed with me) I heard from her again in the summer of 2009 when she sent me a message on Facebook stating she liked my profile picture. I didn’t respond as taking my previous Church’s pastors advice on not involving myself with an occultist. Also in November 2009 I met my Wife, we dated for three years before tying the knot. We are now living in another city, we have daughter and my Wife is a committed Christian, we have great Church and good friends. A few years ago I started getting bizarre messages on various media sites I had accounts on, suggesting that the sender had messages for me from dead relatives and friends, also the sender had information pertaining to my Wife and I, they even mentioned my daughter. As disturbing as this was I ignored them and closed most of the accounts down. Everything was quiet and I got on with my life (Not telling my wife about these messages). in 2014 the messages started to come again, Facebook and even my eBay account were used as a repository for these messages. As the remarks were very specific to the woman I knew it was her, she made reference to her having her own business and that she wanted me to phone her stating “if you want me to stop contacting you just phone me, you can even conceal your number, just let the phone ring twice”. I of course didn’t, I did tell my Wife about this, she said just to ignore it. the messages continued and I was getting more and more upset by these messages as they were getting very personal and slanderous. Knowing who it was I ventured on to the internet to find out what this woman was doing, how her life was etc. I looked on Facebook and Twitter and there she was. All the things on both accounts were very foreboding, highlighting misery, her want to die and a verity of occult references etc. Mediums, psychics etc. I also found out that she had a hair dressing business. Being upset at what I had received, the slanderous comments and horrible things said about my Wife and family as well as stating that “Christianity is for chumps” and “Christ is a myth” I proceeded to leave negative reviews on the review boards that related to her Hair and Beauty services. I stopped getting messages for about a year however over the past nine months I’ve been receiving them again, as sporadic as they are they do contain disturbing material all related to occult practises and also having knowledge of my life, something that you couldn’t get from any internet source. I have followed the same procedure as before in the hope this woman gets the message and leaves me alone. My wife isn’t aware of my actions and wouldn’t be happy at all if she knew. I know my method is wrong, I know this woman is involved with satanic ways and probably acts upon the adversary’s wants. I know I should turn the other cheek and pray for her, this I have done, not just alone but with the pastors at Church. This didn’t stop her from trying to contact me with her occult mutterings, as such I retaliated. For this I seek forgiveness. I have stepped up my prayer life, fasted, shared this with my Church. I don’t want to go too much further in discussing this with anyone else as my anger toward this woman becomes a distraction. Gideon Morgan

    • says

      Gideon, thanks for your confession. It’s definitely a very difficult situation you are in. My best advice is to join together WITH your Wife to battle this. You and your wife will be a stronger team together than with you trying to control the situation and keeping things a secret from her. She may not be happy about the situation, but I imagine she will be happier knowing you trusted her to be your partner in this. This other lady may never go away…but if you and your wife are working together and communicating along the way, I have no doubt you will pull through this.

  18. Kevin says

    I frequently have problems with old sins I committed before I was a true disciple of Jesus and Satan and his demons continually remind me and want me to be bound and defined based on what I did. Even though I have confessed these sins, pre and post salvation sins, multiple times to the Lord I still feel condemned, confined, defined and guilty at times when the enemy brings it up and I wallow in it and let it take over my thinking. I am a 24 year old male and one sin I continually struggle with was one when I was around 16-18 years old I forgot exactly how old I was but I know it still haunts me to this day even after confessing and spiritual warfare against demons associated with sexual sins. Here is my confession that’s hard to even speak of because it’s so ungodly. I was in a relationship at the time with a girl named Amber whom I dated for about 2 years or more so we were pretty serious at the time and had sex regularly, the first time we actually met we had sex that night,(I met her off which was popular back then, we went to the billiards the first night we hung out and she ended up staying the night and us having sex that night so basically the whole relationship was founded on immorality which I’m sure most of us have an apple out of that bag.)But what really torments me to this day every so often and usually at the most inopurtune times is that while I was dating her I started looking online for a women to cheat on her with because I had my own insecurities and thought in the back of my mind she was unfaithful to me and I guess this was my pathetic childish way of getting back at her even though I had no proof she was cheating or unfaithful to me. So what I ended up doing is looking on for a prostitute/escort to have an affair with and ended up calling her, driving to a local motel and paying the lady 100 dollars as a “donation” is what she called it even tho she was very demanded and I’m sure she had a pimp or some sort of way to make sure if I didn’t pay I would pay if you know what I’m talking about. The whole experience wasn’t one bit pleasurable and I couldn’t even get an erection once I was in the room because I felt so ashamed, used and like such a deadbeat low life scum for what I was doing. I was basically bowing down before this ladies vagina (whom I don’t even know her real name) committing idolatry of sexual organs, unfaithfulness to my girlfriend and God(even though I wasn’t even a Christian at the time) uncleaness and paying a women for sinning and living a life of sin. If I would of known then what I know now continually gets to me, I could have ministered to this lady and opposed that domineering Jezebel spirit within her and not bowed down to her matriarchal ” I run this attitude ” like I said I frequently have feelings of grief and resentment and also knowing that I will never be able to communicate the gospel to her since she was a complete stranger and I don’t even know her real name to pray for her tho I think the alias prostitute name she posted online was “Candy” or something. I still notice I harbor a little unforgiveness towards her for how she treated me but I’m the one who placed myself in that situation after all out of a free will choice so I’m battling overcoming bitterness, unforgiveness(towards her and myself) resentment, condemnation, guilt, shame and a lot more. I could really use some prayer and encourage from some true Christians, though I know Gods word states ” If we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness” 1 john 1:9 so He alone can actually forgive and blot out our transgressions but I still feel opening up to someone, even if it’s just online to a random stranger, I know healing can take place for me and others who read this. I don’t like to wallow or exalt my sin or anyone’s sin higher then the Mighty Blood of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross because He is far more powerful then any of our sins, failures, iniquities and transgressions. But since I have confessed and forsaken before the Lord already and am still struggling with false guilt and how the Lord sees me since I am now clothed in the righteousness of Christ I felt it was a good idea to bring this out publicly and hopefully hear some words of encouragement or scriptures to battle this and break the ungodly soul ties formed through sexual immorality. Be blessed all and hope to hear back from as many as possible.

    • says

      Kevin, thanks for having the courage to post your confession. The verse you quoted is all you need: “If we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness” 1 john 1:9 So, you ARE forgiven. All of us have made mistakes and bad decisions…sometimes repeatedly. God forgives them all if you confess with an honest heart. It sounds like you are on a good path now, but I want to suggest that we pair you up with a Christian mentor to help you along. If you are interested, use this link to request a mentor:

      • Kevin says

        Thank you so much Brad, I would definitely like a Christian mentor I will check out the link as soon as I can, God bless you!

  19. larrel says

    Ok im nervous and scared, so i may miss spell alot but its took me 24 years to do this but im ready to confess everything. First when i was about 8 when i got sent to foster care becuase i was getting beat alot from my mom, now i was going back and forth alot. Home to foster home, i got beat at other foster houses and sone got molested by boys and i molesed my brother and sister, me age 13-15. But i only did it one time to them and felt really bad and never did it again. When i was 17 was the last gay act i did on another boy. Long story short i stole over 1,000 bucks from my gmom, i moved out and went with a friend house i use to touch myself while his gf would sleep ps this was last year one time i put my seed on her back, sorry for the extra but i felt really bad for what i done to here so i never did it again. So now im 24 going on 25 idk why but everthing hit me like a train, all my sins i mean and i feel so bad and i broke down and cried and ask god for forgiveness but i feel like its to late for me, mind you through my whole lie i stole and lied and most of all i struggle with lust, i always want to touch my self and think about girls. I also for got i also tried to touch a dog sexualy but didnt go through with it but i think i was like 11 are so. And to tell you the truth now my eyes are open i cant stand myself i talk to god and thank him for forgiving me but i cant help to shake the feeling like its to late for me im done for and im scared idk why but i am i dont wanna be like this any more i wanna be free from all sin plz some one tell my the truth am i beyoned gods mercy?

  20. Kenneth Orford says

    Dear Larrel: You most definitely are not beyond Gods mercy! You are born again, and can not slip away from Gods mercy and grace. All satan has to use against us is memories and anger from the past. Let the past be past at last! There is not a sin that the Lord has not forgiven, in your life or mine. To walk in grace takes courage, courage to leave the old thoughts, reactions, and accusations, and replace them with the truth of Gods word, assurance of salvation, and love of the brothers. I can assure you that you are part of the family of God and that your words on this page have beaten the enemy. To resist the old and accept the new is the testing ground for our faith. It took me a log time to grapple with these things too. You are not alone no matter how you feel. Faith has nothing to do with feelings. Faith has everything to do with action, and acceptance. You are accepted, and loved in the beloved regardless of how you may feel. Walk in the truth son of God, and basque in the freedom of His love, child of God. You are His! Kenneth Orford

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you so much your words truly touched my heart, i feel a bit better thanks to you. God bless you.

  21. Anonymous says

    A girl visited our family to spend the holidays with us…One evening whilst she was asleep I tried to put my finger into her private part but I couldn’t because her shorts were so tight on her skin so I gave up and left…This happened 13years ago and I was either 13 or 14 years old by then…Should I make restitution to this girl…I have repented and given my life to Christ since then…

    • R. Brad White says

      Thanks for sharing your confession. This is a safe place to do it, and so thanks! It doesnt sound like you are describing a pattern of sexual abuse, but more the inappropriate expression of childhood sexual curiosity. You are right to ask God for forgiveness. I’m not so sure that seeking restitution is the right course of action though. Instead, I would rest in God’s mercy and forgiveness in this case and not look back.

      • Anonymous says

        Thanks Pastor Brad White for the response…I just remembered something I failed to add to my initial post since the immoral act occurred 13yrs ago….Well pastor I also squeezed the girls buttocks that same moment…But Pastor I must say that ever since I sincerely gave my life to Christ I have had more than a fair share of struggles in the mental realms…Its as though I have to fix all my past sins through restitution before I can repent or receive salvation…I am helplessly suffering…My christian life is just miserable because I can’t enjoy the life Jesus has given me…Guilt and condemnation has been my bane…I always seek for counselling anytime the thought of restitution for a past sin comes to mind..After the counselling the guilt and condemnation dies down ..Joy begins to fill my heart but this joy is always short lived because another thought of restitution soon resurfaces and I become so worried…I am not growing in the lord…and this is affecting me…I remember back in the university I collected a text book from a friend which I failed to return..I still possess the text book..This is a clear case of restitution and I have sincerely promised Jesus I will return the book to the owner..But what surprises me is that I never get worried about this..Sometimes I wonder why God created me because I find it hard to control my thoughts…My mind has always been a battlefield but I know this too shall pass….Pastor I need help

        • R. Brad White says

          I dont mean to minimize the struggle that you are facing, but i know exactly how you feel. You are not alone. A lot of people struggle with accepting forgiveness for past sins. But thats exactly what the problem is as i see it. You havent truly accepted God’s free gift of forgiveness, mercy, and salvation. We cant fix our past present or future sin problem. Only God can. How? By accepting his free gift of forgiveness. You may be struggling with this, but it is truly that simple. You may remember a past sin, but if you confess it to the Lord he forgives you! Done! Forever! Think of it this way….what sin is God not able to forgive? Did christ die on the cross for just some sins but not all? Is his glorious act of payment for your sins not done? Must he continue to die over and over? No! Did he die for only past sins…and not future ones? Of course not, otherwise he would have to keep coming back and dying over and over. When christ breathed his last breath he said “it is finished”. He died for all of our sins once and for all. This IS the message of salvation. If you accept this, you are saved. Do you accept this free gift of salvation? Please say YES! Then thank the Lord and move forward in your life knowing God has cleansed you for ALL you sins, past present and future.

        • Jamari says

          That is called OCD. I have the same difficulty….constantly trying to recompense for the past…apologizing to everyone you’ve sinned against….being plagued by thoughts that aren’t yours in your mind. You’re not alone…and the only way you can be free from this is through the blood of Jesus Christ…I would start afresh with a clean slate by finding someone you are comfortable with and confessing to them openly about all of your past sins…after that IT IS FINISHED. Enough…so when the thoughts come you can say you are free in Christ name and there is no condemnation or shame with in you…Godbless

  22. Anonymous says

    I say a big yes to that…Pastor Brad White this will be my last question…I remember touching the girls butt(which was covered with her jeans skirt and inner short before attempting to put my fingers in her private part that same moment which was unsuccessful whilst she was asleep (13years ago at the age of 14 years)..I never repeated this immoral act..It happened only once….I am 27 yrs old now and sincerely asked God for his forgiveness yesterday when I couldn’t stand the guilt, condemnation and shame…Do I move on or make restitution before I will completely be forgiven by God….I do appreciate your concern and thoughtfulness…The people of Ghana send their regards…

  23. Anonymous says

    Dear Chasay: You have posted that you need help. As a brother in Christ I offer a hand to at least be a sounding board to your trials. Please open up and share on this web site which is anonymous, no one will ever know who you are except God who does not condemn you, but cherishes you and reaches out to you. Reach back so we can help. Kenneth Orford

  24. unknown says

    hi, this is my cnfession i have always been a good boy who does everything rightly,a lover of GOD but recently i’ve backslided with engaging myself in masturbation.even we i ask GOD for forgivenness, this guilt remains and see myself falling back to it.i really need someone to help me out through prayers.-i want to stop

  25. Cal says

    I need to confess my sin. I have been a believer in Christ my whole life and am to this day. For many years I have been able to fend off temptation, but in the last two years lust and pornography has consumed. I am married and have two beautiful daughters. I love my family so much, however I have betrayed them with my sin. I have acted on my lust and had extra-marital affairs. I am so broken and feel so sad and stuck. I don’t do what I want to do, and I do what I don’t want to do. I’m sick, and how can I be saved and sin like this at the same time? I haven’t confessed my sin to my wife. I don’t want to lose her or my girls. I need help and prayer. Jesus I’m so sorry

  26. Kenneth Orford says

    Dear Cal: You are indeed forgiven, and all the angels of heaven are rejoicing before the Lord for You have been set free! Can you imagine what I have just said? You have set the Lords feet to dancing in the Kingdom in your honor! Our faith has nothing to do with how we feel. Our feelings will lead us into trouble time and time again. But Gods word is everlasting and will not fail YOU now or ever. Having said that, what I teach is, “What are you gonna do about it now?”. Truth is we never contemplate the consequences of sin do we? If we did its likely we would be more sober in our temptation and run away. Satan is trying to tell you that you are the only one to have ever done this, no one else in your church or prayer group has ever done this, so why don’t you give up? You don’t give up Cal, because the Spirit of the Lord is alive and well in your heart and soul. Ill end by saying this Cal, even though we have never met, there are many in this ministry that will never give up on you. Never! Don’t give up on yourself but grasp your inheritance. Ken Orford

    • Anonymous says

      Praise God! Thank you for your amazing words through Gods Grace! I will be working hard to do Gods Will. I know he has a plan for me and my family. I will never give up. Jesus conquered the grave for us and I will need reminding of that every minute of every day. I know that temptation is not gone and in fact satan will pull the more I grasp onto our Lords righteousness. Please keep me and my family in prayer. Kenneth, thank you for acting on the words of Jesus today.

  27. Jamari says

    I’m 17 and my sisters friend came over my house. She’s only like 9. And she was laying on the couch and I had lusted after her…so as she layed down I went behind her and touched her inappropriately. I had put my private parts on her because I was driven by lust….I’m sorry God and I humble my self by doing this

    • Jamari says

      I have to confess for masturbation and pornography also. I struggle with lust. When I was younger I had a homosexual friendship….and had oral sex I also inappropriately touched my sister. I also had oral sex with my girl friend. I also confess for bestiality.

  28. M says

    My confession, i recently had an abortion and it’s mentally and physically killing me, I regret getting myself into this mess, but also feel so bad! Its on my conscious and I always think about it I know I made the right choice because for how much I love my boyfriend I knew we both wasn’t ready. I am not 100% religious but I know I’ve done wrong I’ve basically killed someone else and I don’t know what to do anymore.

  29. J says

    I’m confess for lusting after women with my eyes. I confess for pedophilia. I confess pride….I confess fear….I confess masturbation….I confess oral sex and fornication….I confess lust…I confess for homosexual acts

  30. Anon says

    I have to confess anxiety and leviathan spirits….I confess fatherlessness. I confess having oral sex with my girl friend. I confess for lusting after my girlfriend. I confess for getting angry and hurting my siblings . I confess all pride in my life. I confess for telling lies

  31. nosihle says name is Nosihle.I feel a need to confess this again ,I did confess to someone before but i feel condemned and i cant hear God speak anymore i forget my dreams and my spiritual life is standing still.I think that God doesnt want me anymore .As a Christian in tbe year of2015 I fell amd had sex with a guy i knew fr years as a friend and i fell pregnant.I had an abortion at6weeks of my pregnancy.I hated him after that as he wsnt remourseful about us having sex.we had sinned whilst calling ourselves christians.On this day i confess of the sex i had with him,i confess of abortion i did,i confess of hating the guy,i confess of lies i have ever told about my childhood upto date.i confess of anger,judmental behaviour,envy,coping from others,i confess of short temper thta i now struggle with.I confess of involvement with family rituals and all those ungodly things.I have lives and involved myself with homosexualism.I confess of being impetient and stubborn.I am unworthy,God has stopped speaking to me.Im hurt by this and praying for me and reading the word and also fasting are very hard because it feels like why am i doing it,God has hid His face from me.i dont have moral anymore,everytime i would sleep and wake up with amessage from God but now i sleep and wake up with a half dream that i cant interprete anymore.I have lost my spiritual gifts.this is pain i cannot put into words.I want God,I want to be for Him but Him not speaking to me conviences me that i cnt be for Him.I am filthy,unworthy.I need prayers and help.

  32. nosihle says

    I was raped when i was 5 and have never told my family but have told my friends and my pastor.I was forced into having sex by a guy i dated when i was 17 and he was older than me and he gave me flegile pills to drink after that.I Confess of having seen my moms nakedness and of showing my child my nakedness and this is ungodly.I confess of lying about a couple of things.I confess of being rude and unappreciative towards the man who wants to marry me and loves with all his heart.i confess of not reading the word and pray and fast as often as i should.I need God to forgive me for all of these and all that i cnt remember.I need God to reveal unto me all that i still must confess and forsake.I need God;I am nothing without Him.

  33. nosihle says

    am name is Nosihle.I feel a need to confess this again ,I did confess to someone before but i feel condemned and i cant hear God speak anymore i forget my dreams and my spiritual life is standing still.I think that God doesnt want me anymore .As a Christian in tbe year of2015 I fell amd had sex with a guy i knew fr years as a friend and i fell pregnant.I had an abortion at6weeks of my pregnancy.I hated him after that as he wsnt remourseful about us having sex.we had sinned whilst calling ourselves christians.On this day i confess of the sex i had with him,i confess of abortion i did,i confess of hating the guy,i confess of lies i have ever told about my childhood upto date.i confess of anger,judmental behaviour,envy,coping from others,i confess of short temper thta i now struggle with.I confess of involvement with family rituals and all those ungodly things.I have lives and involved myself with homosexualism.I confess of being impetient and stubborn.I am unworthy,God has stopped speaking to me.Im hurt by this and praying for me and reading the word and also fasting are very hard because it feels like why am i doing it,God has hid His face from me.i dont have moral anymore,everytime i would sleep and wake up with amessage from God but now i sleep and wake up with a half dream that i cant interprete anymore.I have lost my spiritual gifts.this is pain i cannot put into words.I want God,I want to be for Him but Him not speaking to me conviences me that i cnt be for Him.I am filthy,unworthy.I need prayers and help I was raped when i was 5 and have never told my family but have told my friends and my pastor.I was forced into having sex by a guy i dated when i was 17 and he was older than me and he gave me flegile pills to drink after that.I Confess of having seen my moms nakedness and of showing my child my nakedness and this is ungodly.I confess of lying about a couple of things.I confess of being rude and unappreciative towards the man who wants to marry me and loves with all his heart.i confess of not reading the word and pray and fast as often as i should.I need God to forgive me for all of these and all that i cnt remember.I need God to reveal unto me all that i still must confess and forsake.I need God;I am nothing without Him.

    • Anonymous says

      Dearest Saint: I wished I had access to this web site so I could erase all the words you have written. I say that because the truth is that All of your sins have been forgiven, and erased from any record. They no longer exist under the blood of Christ! Gone forever, which is a very long time. I wished I could look into your eyes and see Jesus looking back at me. He is in you and you are in Him, loved in the beloved! These are facts and not lies as the adversary would try to make you believe. Each and every one of us who read this posting and who has joined the family of God has issues that have been difficult to confess. Some of us confess the same things over and over again, struggling to overcome. None of us are without issues that we must take before the throne of the King. Because of the blood of Christ that was shed for you, there is no remembrance of sin in the eyes or memory of God. Your sin has been cast away as far as the east is from the west. Tell me how far that is? You are wonderfully made in the image of Jesus. You are my sister, and co inhibitors of the Kingdom of God. Come in and rest. Your sins are forgiven you! A wild promise but true. your brother, Kenneth

      • nosihle says

        Thank you my brother.I feel better..I praise and thank God for all of u saints who are always there to hear out our stories.God be with you.

  34. bran says

    Hello, I need to confess my sin I have not confessed this to anyone else for fear of the effect it would have on my family but I feel I should tell it to someone, fow the past year and a half I have had over a dozen acts of sexual contact with an animal and though I have prayed for forgiveness after each time I still cannot make myself stop I know it’s wrong yet when it happens it doesn’t seem that way anymore and I feel worse and worse after each time but I feel like the worse I feel the more the urge to do this comes and now I have recently found that this is not only a sin but one of the 7 worst sins and I am afraid this could cause for me to lose sight of what’s good. I thank you for your time Bran

    • Anonymous says

      You are forgivin by the blood of Jesus if you have given your life over to him. However you suffer from sexual addiction. You may need some counselling from a support group and trusted therapist. Jesus hasn’t given up on you. God helps those that help themselves.

      • bran says

        Thank you And I have been able to overcome the temptations a while and I don’t feel I need any special assistance. Thank you for your time and council

  35. Anonymous says

    Hi I have been struggling with masturbation for about two years now. I’ve been trying to stop but it only lasts for like 10 days and I fall back into it again. A part of me at the time doesn’t want to, but I end up doing it anyway. And afterwards I feel so ashamed and guilty I know it’s wrong and immoral and plus there’s really bad side effects so I really need your help. I need prayers to help me stop masturbation. Thanks for your help

  36. Anon says

    I have to confess for having dry sex with my girlfriend. I was driven by lust and i repent from this sin. I will no longer do sexual acts with her and i will present her blameless and holy before God.

  37. Anonymous says

    I want to confess my sexual immoral sin I let another guy commit an sexual act (masturbating me). I have been happily married and not sure why I let this happen I was in a dark place. I felt uncomfortable though the experience but gave in to the pleasure to help me stop with undesired sexual temptations. I feel so guilty and know this would ruin my relationships if people knew and would be out on the street. I ask for God’s forgiveness through Jesus with the power of the spirit.

  38. Anon says

    I must confess for looking at secular images on Instagram and masturbating to them….I renounce these things and I am forgiven by the blood of Jesus, amen

  39. Anonymous says

    I confess to hating someone who was as close as a sister to me. She betrayed me and all though part of me loves her, the bigger part is overridden by a hate so deep I can hardly breathe. Jesus help me I don’t want to be ruined because of this.

  40. James says

    Hello My name is James. I want to confess that I have viewed pornographic material since being married and although I have confessed it to God. I know I must still confess it to other believers but for now the best I can do is confess it to believers online. I have prayed about and God has released me from the grip of this particular sin, please pray for me.

  41. Anonymous says

    threw out my whole life ive been down the wrong road drugs,sex,alchohal, cutting,i told my ex to have a abrtion and she did and hundreds of other sins. i used to kill cats and skin them, hang them from peoples fan at night. i was a cruel kid, i would fight and fight and fight, i didnt think the it was wrong, i thought it was the right thing to do and the devil had me and has me in his grip. i have lost all my morality for anything anymore and im starting to get scared of myself. im always angry and little things tick me off. i was bad on drugs, i would end up in the middle of the woods and not know where i was. i would take lethal amounts of pills and not even think before i did it. ive crashed vehicles countless time and i thought if i confess it would take a great deal off my shoulders

  42. says

    So i have been gone through all the confession and almost all i have committed. And also i know i’m forgiven. i belong to India, 30 year old. I had addiction of sex, drug and alcohol for about 15 year then God delivered me from the filthy habits. And I’m married , have a son very recently and i want to serve god to the unreach places. i need some assistant to initiate to preach gospel and also i want to grow in christ because i still have the temptation of sex. Please pray for me and guide me.

  43. Oladipo Adeoluwa says

    I once cheated in a couple of examinations while in the university…. when I was drawn to Jesus in 2013, I remembered these incidents and it was really heavy on my conscience. i was considering going to meet the Lecturers that took the courses to tell them of the things I did. I prayed and dicussed with the Pastor of the church where I attended and the burden was immediately lifted. Fast forward to 2016, after three years, the guilt has come back which wasn’t there at all before now… Please I need advice on what to do. I was thinking of sending an e-mail to the Lecturers involved. I’m worried if I do this, past sins will keep coming to the fore and the guilt will be eating me up.

  44. says

    First sorry about my english, but i need confesse it, for years I am fighting against masturbation and pornography, but I couldnt win, I confissed to other people, did a vote with God, but nothing works, Today I did it again, I know its sin, but sometimes its really strong, my desire for sex, for have that girls. Sometimes I touch myself three times per day, today I did two times, but I really want to stop, its really bad for me, I confisse that I wacthed pornography, touch myself, had thought about sex, i think this is rebel because I doing it for years, I desobey God, it goes against him, its a sin. Also I am envolved with one girl, but she lives far, so the last days we did virtual sex and took some pictures, but I deleted. I lied too. Sometimes i miss class just because i dont want to go… I really want do make more those sins, I want to stop with it. I have thoughts that I will die or have some sickness and it make sometimes afraid.

  45. Kenny Cabral says

    I want confese that i am having problem with porn for years and today I failled again. I masturbated wachting porn video, i know its sin, i wanna stop, but i couldnt yet, I lied to some people, but i really want to stop fail about it, stop with porn things and masturbation. I was rebel and it sin against God, and my body, I disobey God, desonor him too and myself. I confese it. Pray for me, i really want to be free and far from it.

  46. says

    I turned my face against God, when I was 14 years old, after my father and my first love both perished within 3 months of each other. The void, left me with some new age insights, that i now ask for forgiveness from. Also, God has shown me how cruel my non-christian support group can be. I suffer from righteous indignation, much like Job. I have had supernatural occurrences, that leave me bewildered now at the age of 60. They started when I was 3. I want to believe that things happen for reasons, and that God’s hand was involved in the apparitions. They definitely changed the path of my life, by doubting secular science. (My dad was an MD) I am writing a book about the experiences. I have been told by “experts”, that I was abducted, when I was 3. I believe Aliens are principalities of darkness. Ironically, in my mind, the dark side brought me to the light, by reasoning that if the dark side exists, then the light, must also be true.

  47. Abah says

    I engaged in the abominable act of masturbation and watching and looking at Porn pics and videos from when I was about 13 years old there about, I gave my life to christ and got baptized at 16 but that old habit remained, I joined the service of God at 19 there about the old habit was still there I was frustrated and angry with myself during this period, I wish and prayed to be free, I am 22 now and I finally have my freedom, and I know how to remain free from that old habit, thank you

  48. Ben says

    I’m so happy Abah has freedom. Praise God for that! I’m married, and have since a young age struggled with pornography and masturbation. Recently I’ve watched pornography and masturbated in front of a cam while women other than my wife watch me. I’m so ashamed. By this time, I should be exhibiting more fruit of self control. My flesh by this time should be crucified. I’ve confessed to the Lord, but here I’m confessing before other Christians. Please pray for me to be free from this indwelling sin, and to be able to walk in the Spirit, following Jesus instead of my flesh. I don’t want to live like this any more. I want freedom in Jesus and the Spirit too.

    • Anonymous says

      I did it again. This is so discouraging. This week, I’ve hung out in adult chat rooms and looked at a torrent of porn video online. Today, I connected with a woman to cam masturbate. I need to confess this to you – fellow Christians – that I might be healed. I am so ashamed. Intellectually, I know that sin isn’t supposed to have any dominion over me, and that the Spirit helps me to slay sin. Intellectually I know self control is part of the fruit of the Spirit. I want to walk in step with the Spirit and not satisfy the desires of my flesh. Please pray for me. Please, please pray for me. If there’s some unclean spirit that’s tempting me, I don’t want it around. If it’s my flesh, I want to crucify it. So, I confess, and ask for your prayers. Thank you.

      • says

        Your experience is not unusual. Just remember that many many other Christians struggle with the same temptations…and often fail. God still loves you. He knows the flesh is week, even if the spirit is willing. Thank God he conquered the flesh through his death and resurrection. Rest in the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus…even when you fail. And from a worldly/practical perspective, I would encourage you to install Safe Eyes ( on your computer and/or remove your computer from your home, or put it in a public place.

        • Anonymous says

          Thank you for the encouragement and very helpful advice. Before reading your reply, I did it yet again, and again I confess. There are some really practical steps I need to take. Now is the time to take them. Again, thank you.

  49. Rebecca says

    I have masturbated to porn and pictures of naked women. I am a 13 year old girl and sometimes I feel really guilty and disgusting. When people suspect it, I blame it on others to cover myself. Everytime I swear I’ll stop, something lures me in and I do it again. I want to be a better Christian, God forgive me.

  50. Anonymous says

    I’ve committed adultery by cheating on my wife. It started with porn, then ended with a visit to a prostitute. I’m so ashamed and scared. I don’t want to lose her, or my family.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your confession. I know that is very hard to do, and repenting from sin before God and fellow Christians is humbling. But it’s a great step in the right direction. I also really appreciate that you realize what is at stake. Your family is important to you…and YOU are important to your family. You are also loved by God…and he willingly and happily forgives you. My advise is to limit your access to pornography and start looking for ways to love and serve your wife. Focus on her instead of your lustful extra-martial desires. Turn from your sin and turn back to God. You’ll save your marriage and keep your family.

      • Anonymous says

        Thank you. It feels good to tell “someone” and to start on a much better path. It’s been a long g road, and I’m sure there’s still much more to go. If anyone is the praying type, I would appreciate that. I have done well on limiting porn, I’m around a month in with no viewing and have set up monitoring on phone and home computer. I’m doing much more to connect with wife now too and really like the idea of serving her now. I just do not want to lose my family.

  51. Neil Mullucks says

    Dear God I have sinned against you. There are two strongholds in my life that I have not been able to break. Viewing images and lusting after women other than my wife, and wasting the small amount of extra income I have on selfish pursuits. This leave me in a continual cycle of shame. People see me as a good and kind person and occasionally when I receive praise for something I feel like screaming “if you only knew what a hypocrite I am” Father I pray that these chains be broken. I have confessed many times and failed you many times. I pray and believe that in your time you will shatter these strongholds. Please forgive me abba father. I love you and don’t want to let you down any longer. Thank you Jesus for dying for an ungrateful wretch like me.

  52. Anonymous says

    I confess that I spent much of the day watching pornographic videos online, lustfully participating in the sin of those in the videos. I also confess that I chatted with several women on an erotic website, found a willing woman to go to a cam site with me, and masturbated while she watched and we chatted. I confess to you my fellow Christians, as I’ve confessed to the Lord. I am so ashamed and really want change. Please pray for me. This has been a really persistent sin.

  53. Anonymous says

    I am Zack and unable to confess my sins I have hurt a lot of close friends and spoilt many innocent girls life along my life’s journey. I am an alcoholic n during my trip I have injured many friends because of my rash and drunken driving. Because of constant blackouts I have made many enemies. Wherever I go I stumble and make bad history leaving trials of personality defects. Now even hearing the sound of vehicles passing by or footsteps of people around scares me. I want to get out of this fear but I don’t know how. Please help.

  54. Anonymous says

    I confess that I have sinned by doing sex chat masturbation and cam sex. I confess it to God and I confess it to you.

    • anonymous says

      and again I just chatted with a woman and masturbated for her on a web cam. I am really ashamed. It feels like I just run to these things. I confess to God and to you that I sinned again. I do not want to do it again.

        • Anon says

          I know what it feels like to be constantly backsliding and feeling like you can never get a grip on it. But you are not helpless, you are not hopeless. You can fight this. Remove the temptations. Get a website blocker, set up some controls that keep you from going on sites you know you shouldn’t go on. It takes time and persistence, but if you really want to change, God will help you. I’ll be praying for you.

  55. Anonymous says

    I have confessed this God a hundred times over and yet I keep coming back to it. I’m desperate to stop. I have looked up habitual sin multiple times and how to escape it, but I just can’t seem to. I’m craving a relationship with God, craving freedom from my flesh and this world. But I just can’t seem to drop this habit. I’m a female, and I think I’m just addicted to masturbating and porn. I can go for three days (my most was six) without doing it, but then I feel like I HAVE to and I can’t stop myself. I’m panicking. I know this is wrong, and I want to stop and I know I’m not helpless but right now I feel like it. So I’m confessing, to God and to other Christians, that I have problems with sexual sin and I am addicted to sex. Please, please pray for me. I don’t want to do this anymore.

  56. Kenny Cabral says

    Do you know? I am so tired about be alone, to dont have friends, to dont have a car, depending of someone almost always to do something. To wacht porn and touch myself, to be said, angry or even lie. I confessed it many, many times, I asked forgiveness to God, but I did it again. Today wasnt diferent, I wachted porn, I tought myself, I had bad thoughts, like right now I want to do it again, my body desire sex so much, I have problem with porn, I desire sex so much, I asked many times to God a wife, no just because of sex, but to have a family, someone to share my life. I love music and i am frustate about it too, like these days I didnt feel plasure anymore to play as before. So I want to confesse the sins. I was rebel with God, disobey him, dishonored him and myself, sin against my body. I used my body to do a sin, I miss some comprimiss. I planed bad things. Sometimes I just come dawn after mastubated two or three times.

  57. Cabral says

    For years i am having problem with porn, sometimes I just be somedays without and than I fall again. Today wasnt diferent, I did it two times, my body and mind ask for it. Usually its happens when I am frustrate and sad, worry. Like i just want win it. I just question God when I will win it, be free from it. I used my body to do sins. Maybe its rebellion because it happened so many times, it a desire, to have someone. I lied too, didnt obey God. I want to confesse it again. My thoughts sometimes is just about sex, I remind the girls that I had, even talk with if I tryed hoping she can send some pciture, we talk a little about sex. Also i was indiferent with my ex girlfriend. This days come some thoughts about suicide, I live alone , freinds almost no one, its hurts, i want to have friends go hang out, have a girlfriend, a wife, one familly. I love music and play for God, he said sometimes I will be musicion, but looks like i cant do it, I have some money but, when this money over, I cant work, I not able to work with my visa student, the same time if I back to my country what i gonna do there, music there i cant see any future true it. I dont want my parents send me money, they work a lot, the did a lof of for me before, I want help they no the oppositte. I dont say no to Jesus again. I dont want still dishonoring him. I want to be closer to him and make his will. My big dreams, are be musician and have a wife. But sometimes looks like i cant wait for it, or made it, my coleges here and friends are in relantionship or have kids. I want to have it too, Be sucefull in my life. For years I desire it. Because I dont have it, comes days that i stayed sad, angry, depression…. So its too long, I want to confesse and recgonize my sins, fails, feelings, and transgressions.

  58. Glauber says

    Today one more time after confesse sins these days, prayed for about one hours, I failed again, and masturbated 2 times, I want stop but sometimes the desire its bigger than me. I want to confesse the sins that I did, watch porn movies, tought myself, bad thoughts, didnt take care about my body, sin against my body, rebellion against God, disobey and dishonored to God. I just want stop with it. dont do it anymore. I lied to some people.

  59. Amaro says

    So today was kind hard day, one more time i failed in the same mistakes, lies, masturbation, porn movies, feeling sad and alone, rebellion, dishonor, disobey against God. I planed to do bad things. I am wrong. I am confessing and ask forgiveness to God.

  60. Anonymous says

    Just want to my confession, I made virtual sex with my ex girlfriend, I didnt want to talk with her today by video, but we saw each other and I gave the first step and it happens, but during it, I saw was more my body want that desire about her. She did it because she still like me, but for myself was just my body wanting some sex, so I feel I was using her and manipulate. So its was really bad and I am sad. I dishonored her, its a sin. Like made God sad, her too, its was bad. I was wrong, I made her tought herself, rebellion, I disobeyed God. I used My body to make sins. I lied to her.

  61. Anonymous says

    I stayed almost all last night and part of this day playing violence, diabolic game. I want to confesse it. I want to honor God, i didnt it, also i disobey and was rebel with him. I was wrong. I Recgonize it.

  62. k says

    I am still struggling with porn and masturbation and could stay far form it just for few days. So confesse its the best way to be free, today I did it. I lied to couple people, used my body to made sins and also didnt go work. I just want to stop with my bad acts and have a normal life, close to god, because it was dishonor, rebellion to him, also disobedience to God. I recgonize and confesse it. Also played a violence games.

  63. Glauber says

    Today I stayed all day playing violence games, even, today I went a little bit far, I dont want to do anymore, so i want to be free, i want my mind free. So I did a sin, bad thoughts also and lied too. please guys prayer for me. I want to stop with it. I confesse and recgonize its was wrong. I kinda unquiet know, gosh today I played a lot of it.

    • Brad White says

      Thanks to all for sharing your confessions lately. My suggestion is to remove your computer from as easy access. The computer seems to be a big temptation. Make it easier on yourself by getting rid of the computer. Or move the computer into a public area that others would easily see ehat you are doing. Might help. I’ll be praying for you.

  64. Glauber says

    Just to complement about the games, I was spend time with the Lord, and he starts to show me somethings behind of that game, in some part of the game, you do some bewitchment and witchcraft, I knew was a diabolic game, but never per attention on that, so when you start do it the games, on spiritual world its like you doing that, for real, I dont want to have anything between God and me, So I ask forgiveness to god about witchcraft and bewitchment, it was have some effect to my body and mind. It was rebellion. just to complementary my confession above.

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