Judgmental Video: What Happens When We Judge

This judgmental Christian video is a live interview with a lady who has been judged by her Christian family, Christian friends, and Christian neighbors. It shows what happens when we are hypocritical and point the finger of judgment at others. It shows the repulsion others feel when we are smug and self righteous, when we should be holding up a mirror. What do we truly hope to gain in a relationship when we judge others?

Produced by:
Joel Bowder, Metro Community Church Edwardsville, IL
Part of their “Perception” Series – based off the unchristian book. looking at the reality of how the world veiws Christians and what we need to do to change that perception.

About Brad White

R. Brad White is the Founder and President of Changing the Face of Christianity Inc. Brad is a former atheist and became an "on fire for God" Christian in 2005. In 2008, Brad became incredibly burdened by what he perceived as a Christian faith far off course, and Christians far from living the teachings of Jesus Christ. In 2010, Brad submitted to the calling to reverse these negative Christian stereotypes, by starting "Changing the Face of Christianity" (a 501c3 Texas non-profit corporation). Read more about R. Brad White

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  1. Kasey Harris says

    A lady in my Bible study class told me something interesting the other day, she said “I was really glad to hear that you have a problem sometimes cursing at work- because I then felt like you wouldn’t be judgmental of me for struggling with cursing.” I’ll admit that after that class, I struggled a little bit with feeling like I was kind of a failure for teaching a Bible based class and being that transparent. But when I realized that she it opened the opportunity for her to feel comfortable in sharing and growing with us, it made me feel better. I know that no one is without sin, even our pastoral leaders, but so few of them talk about their own specific sins– so when I hear teachers also admit their specific failures, it makes me feel more inclined to listen to them.

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