Christian Hypocrisy Video #01

This hypocrisy video shows a Christian on the phone gossiping about another Christian, saying they should pray for their friend. He then lies to get off the phone “for a meeting”, so he can go visit a xxx adult pornography site. As Christians, we need to look in the mirror and make sure we are working on ourselves, instead of focusing so much attention on the problems everyone else needs to fix.

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  1. Saad Mahmooud says

    I am an Average and Simple person with very little understanding of Ethics, Culture, Religion, Morality and Society. But I am just curious and inquisitive by nature, so I have some queries maybe Naive and Stupid, but iIam putting forward those, with my Observations and Understanding. Please Consider and answer the same!! What we see today, is not True and Genuine Christianity. The Christianity preached and promoted was never the True and Genuine one but a ‘distorted and deviated’ version. Otherwise how come Greeco-Latin(language of the persecutors) becomes the language of the Church and the believers, in place and instead of Aramaic(the language of Jesus)?? How come, The ‘Cross’ which was so hated till 300 C.E, becomes the symbol of Christianity?? Christianity is a Anti-Idolatry, Monotheistic Religion, but why do we see so many Idols and Images in Cathedrals and Churches?? When the New Testament and the Old Testament both speaks, so clearly about the Evils of Idol and Image worship.. The Christianity preached after the leaving of Jesus, of this World is a Corrupt-Perverted version, so so against the true Monotheistic religion of the Middle East. You see Paul, Mathew etc speaking in the Testament, but not Jesus himself–this is where the corruption started. This corruption was further aggravated by the Economically-Religiously–Politically-Socially vested Class of people, who converted to Christianity to save an Exploitative and Discriminatory Pagan-Heathen Western Culture, Lifestyle, Mentality, Nature and Society. The Middle Ages are clear examples of my assertion and Claims Thats why we see Adultery, Homosexualism getting rampant day by day. What we see of Western Christianity of each and every Sect, Sub-Sect,today is a bastardized form of Western Pagan Heathenism. Its the ‘Old Medicine’, in an ‘Old Bottle’, with an’Old Label’ but always shown to be “New”. This Christianity which you are trying to Defend and Justify is not the “Right And True Path Of Salvation”,It can never be. With Warm Regards– Saad Mahmooud Esq.

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