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Last week, a youtube video of Baptist pastor Charles L. Worley exposed some pretty hateful anti-homosexual speech. Instead of just stating the fact that homosexuality is a sin (which we agree with) and backing it up with what the Bible says, in this short 2 minute clip he suggests what should be DONE with homosexuals, lesbians, LQBT’s as a group.

Here is the video…

In a nutshell, he suggests they be rounded up, put in a large quarantine, and left to die. This is hate, pure and simple.

This is hate, pure and simple

And I for one won’t sit idly by and let it go without comment. It’s not Christian, it’s not the gospel, and it’s not even human. The image I see when hearing his words reminds me of the Holocaust…genocide. No offense Mr. Worley, but if you had your way, YOU would be the criminal and their death and blood would be on your hands.

So, we are standing as one voice against hate within our churches. Will you join us in opposing this man and others like him within our churches? Preach love…not hate.

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  1. says

    What the problem basically comes down to is the fact that homosexuality is regarded as one of the most evil sins that can be committed by a carbon based lifeform. I was just reacting on what you wrote in the email to your subscribers; “Last week, a youtube video of Baptist pastor Charles L.Worley exposed some pretty hateful anti-homosexual speech. Instead of just stating the fact that homosexuality is a sin (WHICH WE AGREE WITH) and backing it up with what the Bible says…” So, sorry to say, but as long as homosexuality is seen as a, de facto, disgraceful sin, so will this kind of hate speech be very common and something no one bothers to listen to. But none the less, it’s offensive. It is better to let them speak, as we learn to know their rhetoric. That is an idea I have had since I started to “hunt for neo-Nazis” back in mid 90s. I have let my voice speak up, even if I have received threats, both from racists, anti-Semites, and unfortunately, even from Evangelical Christians. I think I know what it’s all about, so stay tuned on my blog at Tzedaqyal where I go deeper into what it is called “(Christian) Eugenics”.

    • Anon says

      “What the problem basically comes down to is the fact that homosexuality is regarded as one of the most evil sins that can be committed by a carbon based lifeform.” …. Totally disagree. It’s an overt sin. But there are far more evil sins. All sin will be dealt with and should be repented of. Yet I think there are some sins that are far more sinister and evil in the hearts of men whose hearts have been totally hardened. Homosexuality is an issue that is hard to overcome. It’s a sin of desire and meeting your own needs apart from God. Maybe it’s selfish in some ways, but it’s hardly on par with someone who has masacred thousands like in Africa or Asia. Or how about this, did you see the recent story about a man eating the face of another man? How evil is that?

      • says

        “There are far more evil sins.” I agree with you, but it is difficult to compare tragedies and catastrophes, a victim is a victim, whoever is targeted. The same goes for sins, it is difficult to compare sins and rank them after the degree of seriousness and penalties, even if fellow believers have tried their best to form a kind of a catalogue out of the Levitical texts. Leviticus has made an attempt to clarify the concepts for us, but they were not all universal for all times. Christian rightly claim there are 613 Mitzvot as do Jews, but I do not think that keeping all laws is possible today! As well as Jews can not keep them all, because all laws are not in executable status. Can you deside what laws are legal for our time and not? Can you decide if a same sex attraction is worthy of death or just exclusion from the fellowship? Here we must be careful, before we are sending out death messages from our church pulpits, seriously or in the heat of fire. As long as we read selected portions of the Levical law, hand-picked at the moment, without thinking of origin, context and the societal situation they were formed, we will undoubtedly continue mistranslating the words of the Bible and thus harm fellow human beings. I am aware that this is often not intentionally or willfully, but it happens more often, so I start to wonder if there is a thought behind… The measuring instruments we use on others, must also be applied to us, regardless of whether we are Christians, Jews or Pagans.  This is a dilemma and a real wake-up call, which is not so easy to solve, this problem must be solved! And as you so rightly suggests, homosexuality is a sin hard to overcome, harder than any other sins, why? I do not know, any way, it is a sin that stands out beyond all other sins. So despite the fact that there are different groups and sub-groups of sins, in this “catalogue of sins”, homosexuality is a sin especially empasized, it has become a sin worth more attention in debates and diacussions than is valid. As well as other visitors here have commented, it is important that Christianity gives us a clear message and clear signals what is biblically valid in our time. In theological language, a distinction is being made between the concepts of “sin” and “sinners.” While these terms and their definitions are not so obvious for an average homosexual person as it is for a Christian believer, Leviticus, for example, does not so easily keep these terms apart. If we draw it to the extreme, Leviticus does not distinguish between the sinner and the sinful act in the case of homosexuality. As such, blood sacrifices are not valid in this case. Finally, what Biblical message do Christianity want to be associated with? How will you be remembered in future history books?

        • Michael Fernandez says

          Hi Jonathan, I would like to begin by first addressing your statement about homosexuality being harder to overcome than “any other sins,” further stating that you know the reason why that is. Homosexuality like other sexual sins and sins involving overeating (gluttony) are harder to overcome because they involve functions that God intended we engage in regularly for our good, yet have been perverted by sin. For example, we need to eat. God made us in such a way that we need to eat food to fuel our bodies. There is nothing inherently wrong with eating. Yet, Satan, by sin, has taken a good thing, our ability to enjoy the food that God provides for us and intended for us, and perverts that pleasure by way of gluttony or other eating disorders. These things are harder to overcome, because we have to do them. We must eat, so someone with an abiding sin involving food just can’t get away from that temptation. Sexual sin are similar, not completely so, but sufficiently so, to eating sins in that Satan has taken an activity necessary to human propagation and also intended by God for our pleasure, and perverted it by ways of sexual sins, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, fornication, etc. We are sexual creatures, God made us that way, so when a person is caught up in sexual sin, sin involving activity that we were created to enjoy (in its proper place), it is that much harder to overcome. So, some sins, sins involving activities which God created us to engage in and enjoy, are more difficult to break free from, than other sins involving activities which we were never intended to do, e.g., murder, covetousness, lying, etc. My next point is actually a question. You make a lot of statements about homosexuality and touch briefly on the “hate speech” issue, but offer no solutions or recommendations. Have you any? For myself, I would like to see all homosexual conduct outlawed and violators imprisoned. But, as things are, that is not likely to happen in this country unless there is a major spiritual change in the hearts and minds of the people. As there is no likelihood of homosexual conduct being once again criminalized, and acting within the “law” to the extent possible, we should be firm in making known to all our stand on God’s Word regarding the sinfulness of homosexual conduct, while at the same time treating homosexuals as we would any other sinner caught in an abiding sin; that is with compassion and courtesy, offering them the hope that is in Christ to deliver them, while never, ever backing down on the fact that unless they repent, then they will face the wrath of God in the day of Judgment.

          • Jeremy Jackson says

            Jesus forgive me for judging you, but maybe people who write that they ” would like to see all homosexual conduct outlawed and violators imprisoned” should be in prison. I mean you are subverting peoples costitutional rights that many Christians, including myself, fought for in Iraq and Afghanistan.(Yes I now know that wasn’t the real reason) All sin is equal, Jesus said to be angry is as much a sin as murder, so if you are angry enough about there lifestyle to put them in prison then you are in your heart a murderer, which anyone could argue is a greater sin than homosexuality.

          • Michael Fernandez says

            Jeremy Jackson, Excuuuse Me!? I am “subverting peoples (sic) constitutional rights” by saying that homosexual conduct should be illegal??? No I am NOT! Homosexuality like adultery, fornication, and bestiality were NEVER “Rights” under the Constitution. In fact, they were crimes when this country was founded and for nearly 200 years afterwards. Jeremy, as Marine Corps veteran, I recognize, appreciate, and thank you for your service, but you are just plain wrong. NO “Christian” who knows his Word has ever fought for the “right” to sin. Jeremy, I don’t question your profession of faith, I haven’t the evidence to do so, nor can I see into your heart. I can say, however, that you are at minimum, very confused theologically. To begin, Jesus never said that merely being “angry” is a sin. The Word of God is all the word of Jesus, regardless of the physical author. Paul, by the inspiration of God wrote, ” 26 “Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, 27 nor give place to the devil.” (Eph 4:26-27 NKJ) When you refer to the passage where Jesus speaks of “anger” and “sin” in the same place you speak of , “22 “But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother,`Raca!’ shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says,`You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire. “(Mat 5:22 NKJ) Notice, it is NOT ANGER, that Jesus condemns, but unrighteous anger, anger “without a cause.” If anger were a sin in and of itself, the Jesus would be a sinner as he was angry with the Scribes and Pharisees on a regular basis, He was angry enough with the money changers in the temple to chase them off with a whip. Even God the Father is one to get “angry,” cf., “11 God is a just judge, And God is angry with the wicked every day.” (Psa 7:11 NKJ) No, Jeremy, it is no more wrong of me or others to want homosexual conduct outlawed than it is to want adultery, fornication, bestiality, stealing, murder, assault, etc., etc., outlawed. It is a sin against God and man. Just because I (and others) would have certain conduct criminalized once again, is not to say I/we are “murderers.” You sir, make a false accusation there. I want it criminalized so as to reduce the temptation for many to fall into the trap of sexual sin in general and homosexual sin in particular. The fact of its being “legal” has led many to more easily be led into this sinful lifestyle. Those who are for it remaining legal are for sin, and those who are for sin, are against God. Think about that.

  2. Rafael Bocanegra says

    The biggest issue facing us is the contineous hate speech toward homosexuality, and allowing lier’s,thieves,and those divorcing and remarrying, to served in our churches without as much as a peep being preached from the pulpit, the same way we feel it’s Ok to accept those that don’t change their way’s ,and continue sinning rigth in front of our congregation’s,so maybe we should be more understanding of how we treat,and direct ourselves toward homosexuality and then it’s possible that we would be able to snatch and help change the path of some of them by not pushing them away,and sharing the love of our LORD.

    • Michael Fernandez says

      Hi Raphael, Can you please expand on your comment about “the contineous (sic) hate speech toward homosexuality”? What do you mean by “hate speech”? As for those who are committing other sins without any discipline by the Church, you are right. There is a serious lack of holiness among God’s people that needs to be addressed by the Church. As I once heard on the radio, a young man, an “unbeliever”, when asked what a “Christian” was, replied, “A Christian is someone who goes to church on Sunday and repents for what he did on Saturday and plans to do on Monday.” Sad to say, that is a pretty accurate, yet damning picture of the Western Church.

  3. Thomas says

    What we have to face, all of us, is DEATH. What you may think about someone else’s sin or approval of a type of sin has no bearing on what God thinks about sin. We can hate each other, hence, war, we can pretend to love our fellow man as long as it suits our own purposes, hence, lust, and no matter what you or I may claim to be able to do, the one thing a Christian is not to do is to judge an unbeliever. Why? Because they are already judged. If that person is a Christian and they are living a life of sin against God then it is REQUIRED that we judge that person by the Word of God. If they do not repent after two or more witnesses testify and then they do not repent even after the church which they are a part of tells them they must then that person is to be KICKED out of the church until they repent and put away that lustful and sinful habit. Worldly wisdom is the foulest excrement. A person’s relationship with God is eternal if they are saved by the grace of God and they need to be told in the STRONGEST TERMS that they are shaking their fist in God’s face by their disobedience. A non-believer does not have the love of the church to cling to when they are practicing wickedness. All they will have when they die is the terrible consequence of their REJECTION of the love of God which was offered to them as a free gift but they loved sin rather than hated the sin that God the Father sent His only begotten Son to atone for. Don’t make too big an issue about those who hate the sinners: they need to check their own self-righteous character before they can say anything about anyone else. God is not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance. Spiritually mature Christians are not to let their own flesh take over and judge a person. Don’t try to take matters into your own hands. God is a jealous God and He won’t share His glory with anyone. We are not here to judge others – we are here to share the good news of the Lord Jesus the Christ’s love for everyone and the wrath to come for those who reject Him. Amen.

    • Kasey says

      “If that person is a Christian and they are living a life of sin against God then it is REQUIRED that we judge that person by the Word of God. ” “Don’t make too big an issue about those who hate the sinners: they need to check their own self-righteous character before they can say anything about anyone else.” —do not these two statements offer conflicting advice? Do we only feel obligated to rebuke Christian Gays, yet not Christian haters? I seem to recall that Christ mentioned hate as a terrible sin as well. I think it’s worthy of pointing out Christians who are acting wrong, and offer a rebuke as well.

      • Michael Fernandez says

        Kasey, if by “Christian Gays” you mean unrepentant practicing homosexuals, then you are wrong, there is no such thing. If by “Christian Gays” you mean homosexual who have by God’s grace received Christ as Savior yet are struggling to over come their sinful desires, then yes you are correct. By the former, you would would have to say that unrepentant adulterers, unrepentant murderers, unrepentant ________ (fill in the blank) are Christians and that cannot be because Christ Himself said, “Unless you repent, you shall likewise perish.”

  4. says

    Everyone is an offender of God even King David with the sins of adultery and murder. Homosexuals are no different than each person, it is just that they do not see their sin as sin, an offense against our Holy Creator. Each one of us that are born again, saved, redeemed, etc. have been and at times are just as offensive to God as homosexuals with only one difference. We know and are known by the ONLY one that can redeem ANYONE that places their entire eternity in the hands of HIM, Jesus Christ. No one is without sin! Therefore, THOSE that preach and think this form of hate need to preach and think about Jesus Christ’s saving message to these that are deemed less than redeemable by those that boast of redemption that they did nothing to gain, save by the blood of CHRIST. All must believe and repent, even the so-called redeemed everyday of our God-given lives.

  5. Jill says

    I am only commenting because I lived this lifestyle in my early adult years. I did not choose this lifestyle, it chose me through my environment and life circumstances. I did however, have to choose to get out of it. I made this choice while attending a local church. The pastor and congregants suspected my lifestyle but were very kind and graceful toward me. As the years went by, God being the gentleman he is, slowly led me out of this lifestyle. I am now happily married and cannot imagine ever returning. It is imperative that we minister to those of the alternative lifestyle as God surely has a plan for them too. I shutter to think where I would be if I were cast out by this church and pastor! They are misled and blinded, thier idea of happiness is not happy at all, they simply try to make the best of thier lives thinking this is success and happiness.. I am finally whole due to my husband, a homosexual doesnt understand this at all and will not until they are converted. I do have friends that are gay and I continually pray for them, minister to them, Some will come to Him, some will not. Please make every effort to minister to them, you never know what they will turn out to be for the Kingdom of God. Blessings!

  6. Christopher Gregory says

    The reason why some of us preach of the warnings of the dangers and wickedness of Homosexuality is for one reason, it is a SIGN of the last days. Jesus pointed to two (2) factors relating to the last days – the days of Lot and the days of Noah. Within those events, there was one particular signal that we could clearly see which warned us that we are truly in the last days; not adultery, not fornication, not lying, stealing or greed – but sodomy. Sodomy (homosexuality) is the #1 last days signal to the generation that would be alive in the last days (us) that our time God’s judgment is drawing near. It’s not so much about preaching against homosexuals as it’s more about God’s word giving us yet one more sign that we are in the final years before the return of Jesus Christ and the rapture of the church and judgment.

    • Samantha says

      Actually “Sodomy” as referred to in the Bible and as is its definition, is any form of penetrative sex that is not vaginal… it is oral sex or anal sex (between heterosexual or homosexual individuals). Most heterosexual couples are also sinning in this nature, as in the times of Lot and that must be dealt with.

  7. Barry says

    I’m getting mixed signals about your article and message. Am I hearing that we should tell homosexuals that their behavior is clearly stated as an abominable sin before God, but then fellowship with them as friends, even though they reject scripture? If so, this is where we part. Christ never fellowshipped with anyone who chose to remain in sin. Even when people were saved, he told them, “Go and sin no more.” (John 5:14; John 8:11) My primary concern is with those who are caught up in homosexuality, but know that it is wrong and can’t find a way out. God bless them! God help them! The militant homosexuals are another matter altogether. These are the ones who accuse heterosexuals of being “homophobic”. Still, even some of these can be turned by God, if He has not otherwise given them over fully to their lusts. (Romans 1:24) Did you know that the militant homosexuals introduced the term “homophobia” in order to intimidate heterosexuals who don’t accept them? They want to make us feel guilty about it. What troubles me is that you freely use this term as if it were something bad. I wholeheartedly admit that I am “homophobic” in the same way that I am “murder-o-phobic”, “thief-o-phobic”, “fraud-o-phobic”, or drug-o-phobic. I have a healthy fear of any behavior that is contrary to our very existence. The day I stop being horrified at sin, as the Bible puts it, then my discernment between good and evil will be blunted. Pastor Worley’s ranting, while not necessarily admirable, is actually not as strong as the Bible – which condemns homosexuals to death. Such anger as his is borne of the strides the “gay” community has made in politics, their “gay pride” parades that actually have workshops for children (sponsored by no less businesses as The Home Depot), their hatred (yes, hatred) of heterosexuals who resist them, and the unfathomable assistance from normal, heterosexual people who have been swayed by their intimidating tactics. Their hatred of heterosexual “homophobics” is documented in their own publications, and has even been made part of the Congressional Record. If this is the way you feel about a Pastor angered by homosexuals, what must you think of our Savior who railed on the Pharisees and Sadducees in Matthew, chapter 23? Such insanity should make us angry…albeit controlled. “Be ye angry, and sin not.” (Ephesians 4:26) Be careful not to equate anger with hatred. You want to understand homosexuals, but seemingly don’t want to understand heterosexuals who are angered by the continued attacks and onslaughts of militant homosexuals. Our preference and concern should be first toward our Christian brethren, their behavior and their reactions, then those who despise us. (Romans 12:10) Homosexuals, like anyone else, must be reasoned with from God’s word, then prayed for, for love’s sake. However, loving them does not include tolerating them, anymore than any other sin. (See 1Corinthians, chapter 5, 2Corinthians, chapter 2, and 2Thessalonians, chapter 3) If I have misunderstood your intent, please accept my apology. I look forward to your clarification.

    • Anon says

      Barry, This is a good and humble of heart response. Particularly this: Christ never fellowshipped with anyone who chose to remain in sin. Even when people were saved, he told them, “Go and sin no more.” What if you are in a position to work with someone every day and must cooperate with them, eat with them, and get along? Sometimes we are put into positions that we must “fellowship” with the people around us. How do your recommend handling this?

      • Michael Fernandez says

        Anon, your final question is actually based on a false premise. When we have to “associate” with sinners of all stripes in our work, neighborhoods, schools, etc. that is a necessary evil, so to speak. We never have to “fellowship” with unrepentant sinners. Jesus never “fellow shipped” with unrepentant sinners. He did associate with them, but did so in order to present to them the Word of His Father. Remember Paul’s words by the Spirit, “2Co 6:14-17 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship does righteousness have with lawlessness? And what partnership does light have with darkness? (15) And what agreement does Christ have with Belial? Or what part does a believer have with an unbeliever? (16) And what agreement does a temple of God have with idols? For you are the temple of the living God, as God has said, “I will dwell in them and walk among them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” (17) Therefore come out from among them and be separated, says the Lord, and do not touch the unclean thing. And I will receive you.” (MKJV) The answer being, “None.”

      • says

        ANON asked, “What if you are in a position to work with someone every day and must cooperate with them, eat with them, and get along? Sometimes we are put into positions that we must “fellowship” with the people around us. How do your recommend handling this?” It helps if we are working from the same definition of “fellowship.” The term fellowship implies mutually desired companionship between people. Occupational projects and teamwork do not fit this term, but private recreation might. Christ ate and visited with the poor and “sinners” because they wanted to hear Him; the uppety-ups did not. Christ loved everyone, but He never condoned sin from anyone, .He ate with Pharisees, but not to fellowship with them as if they were saved, but as opportunity to teach them correct doctrine. The scripture says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3)

    • says

      What is wrong in your eyes may not be wrong in others. But what is wrong with a same sex attraction, and treating it as equal with heterosexualism? For me, I was never abused, never raped, never seduced, never bullied. Father mother, three siblings, around 50-60 cousins, uncles and aunts around me when I grew up in a village up in the snowy montains. I am of course sad for all Christian brothers and sisters growing up in such difficult situations as described many times by “ex-gays.” It seems my life have been good to me, except for discriminatory behaviors from fellow human beings I thought I could trust. Early in age, I just new that I was special (okey, my emphatic skills showed up at age 5 or 6). Life is not so easy as we want it to be, presented in a nice box, hardly. What scares me, is that I do not feel belonged or welcomed, and I have tried all religions and philosophies, since I was cursed. My Pentecostal congregation said they were to put a spell on me and curse me as long as I live. That was 15 years ago.They put me under “ex-gay conversion therapy” that did not work, no follow ups, exorscisms that left med with deep, chronic depression. So, is the reason for this that I am not a Christian any longer? There is no such thing as inherited sin, as I must suffer for my fathers sins, or the sins of Adam and Eve, it is a non-existing phenomenon within Judaism. But is that why you have despiced the Jews since the infancy of Christendom? Is that the reason of pogroms, persecutions and crusades? We must humble ourselves, nothing is what it looks like. Walk two moons in a fellow human being shoes, and see for yourself, your life is quite confortable and rich. Enjoy what you have, do not enjoy in other people’s lack of understanding, wisdom, spirituality, education, straight acting maneurism, good gene pool and schutzpah. We are different, we have a diversity (for a while in Scandinavia, but it is changing). Love, as preached from many religious prayer buildings, is just a chimère, a smoke that disappears in the wind, and is no more. Just empty words. Is that all there is?

    • Michael Fernandez says

      Barry, you’re not “homo” or other “phobic.” A phobia is an “irrational fear” of something. Homosexuality is a sin to be abhorred, as is murder, adultery, etc. It is not a “phobia” to be disgusted with the sin. As for associating with known homosexuals, Christ associated with sinners on a regular basis BUT, He never condoned or approved of their sins. He ate and walk and talk with sinners, but He never “kicked it with the homeboys” so to speak. As for the rest of your comments, AMEN!

      • says

        Michael, thanks for your correction about “phobias.” I’ll change that in any future articles or comments. Homosexuals, on the other hand, because of their outrage, do not consider any antagonism against their preferred lifestile as just fear … but “irrational” fear. Anything to make heterosexuals look unreasonable.

        • Michael Fernandez says

          Yes Barry, you are correct, but what they consider something to be, if it is not what that something is in fact, is irrelevant. A lie, is a lie, is a lie. They can call us whatever names (such as “homoPHOBIC” ) they want but just because they say it, doesn’t make it so. Just keep on keeping the faith Barry.

  8. says

    @Barry and Anon, Read Matthew 9:11 (and before and after for context). The Bible says “Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners.” There is nothing hinted at or implied with this verse that these sinners were saved and had repented of their sins…or had turned away from their sins. Jesus nonetheless fellowshipped with them BECAUSE they needed saving. Since we are all sinners (forgiven or not), I see no reason to take away a possible light in their dark lives by shunning them or rejecting them.

  9. Anon says

    First, apart from the reaction of this preacher I want to address something else in commentary: Two different words to consider defining here; Fellowshipped and Encountered Christ encountered sinners all the time. There isn’t ANYONE who isn’t a sinner! Yet when we have an encounter with Christ, there are ONLY two outcomes. Follow Him (and begin Change- you HAVE to, it’s the theme of the Bible. I am a new creature in Christ. The old falls away, the new is reborn.) Or walk away. Only two. Your mention that there is no implication of what these men did is not as ambiguous as you might think. They either followed Christ or they didn’t and remained in sin (for that moment maybe). Christ does not sit with us at dinner to endorse your current state. His encounter with us ALWAYS requires change. Never to remain in sin. If they didnt follow Him, they LEFT Him; Mark6:11 – shaking the dust off their feet as a Testimony of their rejection. So in essence, he did remove “the possible light” from them. He also instructed his discples later to LEAVE towns that rejected them. Fellowshipping with sinners, repeatedly means surrounding yourself, enjoying the company and companionship. We are not Christ. We are faliable and weak. When we spend overwhelming amounts of time with those in sin, we are likely to sin as well. 1 Corinthians 15:33 says Bad company corrupts good morals. We can demonstrate Christ to others, but we should EXPECT that there response will either be to be DRAWN to change, where we can develop a relationship with a person discipling them and walking alongside them. Or we can EXPECT them to walk away. We shouldn’t be so willing to follow into the camp and hang out for too long. By continuing to pursue them, we weaken the job of the Holy Spirit by erroneously thinking that we ourselves are offering them salvation. The commentary on 1 Corinthians 15:33 exhorts Christians not to spend time with those who did not believe in the bodily resurection of Christ. ….how much more would this apply to sexual sin? From Barnes’ Notes on the Bible: It is always true that such contact has a pernicious effect on the mind and the heart. It is done: (1) By their direct effort to corrupt the opinions, and to lead others into sin. (directly on purpose) (2) by the secret, silent influence of their words, and conversation, and example. We have less horror by becoming familiar with it; we look with less alarm on error when we hear it often expressed; we become less watchful and cautious when we are constantly with the frivilous, the worldly, the unprincipled, and the vicious. Hence, Christ sought that there should be a pure society, and that his people should principally seek the friendship and conversation of each other, and withdraw from the world. It is in the way that Paul here refers to, that Christians embrace false doctrines; that they lose their spirituality, love of prayer, fervor of piety, and devotion to God. It is in this way that the simple are beguiled, the young corrupted, and that vice, and crime, and infidelity spread over the world. In other words, there is no benefit to the Christian, by hanging out with sinners. Encounter, profess the Gospel, and either engage those who respond or walk away from those who don’t. We are a to be separate from those who are not.

  10. Robert W. says

    I’m placing this comment here as it is the same topic, just another ongoing example. Same sex marriage is an issue that should be carefully debated and not forced on people. However, when opponents resort to spreading lies calculated to inspire fear and hate of others, it is nothing short of hate speech. The worst part is, it is being totally ignored by the mainstream media. As a Christian, I am appalled that those who claim to represent the Christian viewpoint feel they need to resort to lies and hate. As a gay man, I am deeply offended by these lies. Please, if you are Christian, let everyone know that hate mongers do not represent you. We cannot let the country and the world think these people are the face of Chrisitanity in this country.

    • Michael Fernandez says

      Robert, IF (and for two little letters, “if” is a very powerful word), IF you are a practicing, unrepentant homosexual, then you are NOT A CHRISTIAN. Homosexuality, or I should say homosexual conduct is a sin, as is any other form of sexual practice outside of man/woman sex within the bounds of marriage. God’s Word says that any unrepentant sinner is not one of His children, plain and simple. This is not hate speech, it is truth. God’s word is clear, no one who dies in their sin will see the Kingdom of heaven, and so, as long as you continue in a lifestyle that is condemned by God Himself, you cannot call yourself a Christian and be speaking truth at the same time. There is no such thing as a “gay Christian.” Robert, I beg you, for your own sake, repent of this (and any other sins in your life) and turn to Jesus in faith that He can and will deliver you from your sins and into Life eternal.

  11. Francis says

    After growing up in the south I learned that well……no one was Christian except another Baptist in their eyes, at least the Southern Baptist in my home town who tore everyone apart who had another religion so I do not listen or give to much credence to such hate rambling.

  12. Francis says

    Also, I don’t give much credence to someone who cannot speak grammatically correct English. I wonder who is against that? lol

  13. Sandra Carpenter says

    My comment on this issue is in article about homosexuality…is it choice or does it matter…I think you will find my commentary quite informative. But to this I say…this guy is a hate monger and he needs some love, grace and mercy in areas of his life. There are certainly better ways of showing God’s love and mercy than what this guy has to offer ANYONE!!

  14. Greg says

    Gluttony is a sin too. How many preachers you know, so big (congregations too) they can barely walk. High blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome. If people are going to preach the bible don’t go half way and condemn certain people for certain sins. Materialism is sin, love of money, greed on and on and on. It seems like christians have there top 5 favorite sins and they leave the other 2,000 sins under the table and don’t count them.

    • says

      Greg, you are absolutely right. We need to hold up a mirror and work on ourselves. We tend to focus on the sins that OTHER people commit instead of correcting ourselves. That’s an element of hypocrisy we are working to change.

  15. Adam Birkholtz says

    Even though I am unlikely to be able to converse with you, Michael, I just wanted to say: Jeremy, as a soldier whose general purpose is to defend our country and thus the rights and laws of its citizens, he does fight for everyone’s rights. One of those rights is the first amendment ([b]Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom[/b] of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and [b]to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[/b]), which belongs to everyone. Whatever you and any religion believe to be sin should not be codified in law to respect your and anyone else’s religion. For those who do not hold that homosexuality is a sin, those laws you spoke of was trampling on their religious freedom to live and worship (or not) as they wish within the bounds of secular law. Some Muslims, per the Koran’s teaching of Jesus as a prophet who was not killed but “secretly” raised up to heaven (“secretly” because, you know, the book is TELLING readers that it was done to make people believe he was killed), believe Christians are infidels following a deceived religion. If they would demand imprisonment, death, and/or legal means to pressure conversion to their particular religious beliefs, should Christians just say, “We value freedom of religion, and we should do as their beliefs dictate.” The above scenario is not justified in USA law and neither are laws against homosexuality. In both cases a group of religious believers is lobbying for laws that have no purpose outside of their religion. These laws only serve to bind others to the religious beliefs of the lobbyists, whereas the constitution allows that no one has to have anything to do with anyone’s religious beliefs nor can anyone keep you from following your beliefs (you can choose to follow your belief to not be in a gay relationship, but a gay person who believes their relationship is valid doesn’t have to subscribe to your beliefs nor refrain from petitioning government for grievances that address THEMSELVES and not what your own practices that only involve YOURSELF).

  16. Teresa says

    I find most of your responses sad. As a follower of Christ not a religion, specific doctrine or the racism that most of you are propagating; I believe that Jesus and then later his Apostles did in fact spend time with sinners on purpose. It is because of this so many sinners converted. When Jesus encountered the woman who was about to be stoned to death, he didn’t judge her. He instead asked everyone else “who is without sin.” Paul was sent to prison where he converted millions of people from his cell. There is a young man who has brilliantly, intellectually, and honestly reminded ever reader why racism in the Christian church doesn’t work, is UN Christ like and un biblical. Everyone one of you have ignored him, dismissed him, and cast him out as not part of. My job as a Christian is not to tell You how You are going to hell but instead tell you how I was once a horrible sinner, how I sinned, how I was saved, how my life is now better, and encourage you by offering to pray, read scripture or attend church to do the same. Alienation is not what Christ ever did, it is in fact the opposite. Every time we continue this behavior “fighting” for the right to be correct in our stance that “homophobia” is OK; we are buying in to the lies of Satan and not into the truths of our Creator. How often do you pray for this community? How often do you provide assistance so that they see something of love rather than hate? Honestly for a sinner on the outskirts of society trying to make a choice of who their God should be; right now Christianity is not a viable solution and that is our fault, because of the hate message we carry. WE do not in our actions, deeds or words mimic Christ in our lives.

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