Are Christians Homophobic or Anti-Homosexual?

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Homophobia is Not Fear of Homosexuals

Homophobia is not a “fear” of homosexuality. Being homophobic means being anti-homosexual. In its worst form, homophobia can lead to direct acts of violence (both physical and verbal assaults) against gay people. Broadly speaking, any act or movement to discriminate or limit the equal rights of LGBTs (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders) is considered homophobic. Non-Christians believe we are homophobic and hostile towards gays and lesbians, or at a minimum that we are prejudiced against them.

Being homophobic means being anti-homosexual

Christian homophobia is shown when we treat gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, cross-dressers, transvestites, and transgendered peoples as immoral and most especially worse than us. They believe we treat homosexuals as wicked or “filthy”. Christian homophobia is also declared when Christians stand in direct opposition to gay marriage, which opposition is viewed as an attempt by a dominate majority (Christians) to control and limit the equal freedoms of a minority (LGBTs). Some misguided and absurdly uncompassionate Christians have gone so far as to claim that HIV-Aids is God’s punishment for their homosexuality.

Here are a few real stories that helps clarify their perspective on homophobic Christians:

From “artsyatheist” on

“The truth is that evangelical Christians believe that being gay is a “choice” and a “sin” is homophobic, and perpetuates a culture that wrongly discriminates and marginalizes.”

From “George K.” on

“I enjoy cross dressing, it makes me feel good about my appearance. It is my right, however the value of that right is severally damaged when I am constantly under question, and attack by members of various religious groups. I know better than to treat people (religious or otherwise) in such a crass and heartless manor. However many religious people, from my experience, do not know better. Are you personally familiar with what it feels like to have people follow you around shouting rude things, throwing empty coffee cups at you, or cornering you with the intention of goading you into a fight? I just want to live my life, my way.”

It’s clear from these stories and others that Christians don’t understand the significance of the homophobic stereotype. And this perception is not isolated to just homosexuals. Groups that support equal rights, rationalists and “free thinkers”, and atheists groups across the country hold this negative view of Christians.

These are incredibly tough issues that we need to take seriously.

This is also a dilemma within our churches. We have homosexual teens within our Christian families. Our kids go to high school and college with them and many have close friendships with homosexuals. We work next to them. In other words, they are a part of our community, both inside and outside our churches. The dilemma revolves around these issues in our opinion: 1) how can we show love to them even in the face of our different beliefs, 2) how can we speak the truth of what the Bible says without allowing judgmental attitudes to outweigh expressions of mercy and compassion, 3) how can we honor and defend our beliefs in the political arena without limiting the freedoms of fellow human beings, and 4) given the growing evidence that homosexuals are born with their sexual predisposition (e.g. the way God made them), how can we show them dignity and care for them without treating them as if they have an illness?

These are incredibly tough issues that we need to take seriously. And although many non-Christians say the only solution is for us to abandon our beliefs and throw away our Bibles, I can tell you that wanting that or expecting that response from Christians is just not reasonable. It would be like suggesting to capitalist Americans that the only way to save capitalism is to throw away the constitution and adopt communism. Christianity without the Bible is not a viable alternative. So, although the challenge is large, we need to seek solutions that are inclusive of our faith and Biblical principles.

We must pray long and hard about God’s will in this situation and seek to truly “see” the homosexual person standing before us. They are JUST LIKE US, with the exception of their sexuality. Are heterosexuals sinful? yes. Are homosexuals sinful? yes. In OUR book, we are ALL sinners. And Jesus came to save ALL of us…not just the heterosexuals. So, since we aren’t going to be giving up our Bibles anytime soon, let’s learn from it here…

The Bible Speaks

God speaks to us about sexual immorality. In the Old Testament when Jews were under the Mosaic Law, some sins were punished by death and others were forgiven through a ritual sacrifice, cleansing, or an offering on the temple altar. In the New Testament, sexual immorality is also discussed as a sin along with many other sins committed by heterosexuals every day. As Christians, we should look to Jesus as our role model to guide us through this dilemma.

How would Jesus treat a homosexual? He would not condemn them. He would love them.

How would Jesus treat a homosexual?

Similar to how he treated every other person. He would certainly not endorse their behavior. But he would not condemn them. He would love them and reach out to them. And if they accepted Him as their savior, he would forgive them and tell them to go, and sin no more.

So, what more should we do than what Jesus would do himself? I say, let’s not endorse their behavior and let’s NOT condemn them. Instead, let’s reach out to them and seek to truly love them like Jesus Christ. Let’s help them to see that Jesus came not only to save us, but also to save them.

Is “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” Real?

And let’s face it, the phrase “love the sinner, hate the sin” isn’t perceived as very real or genuine. We must work very hard to truly LOVE the person, in spite of their sins…just as Jesus loves us who believe in Him in spite of OUR sins. This attitude must not just be a catchy phrase we put on a t-shirt. It MUST be real and heartfelt. WE must transform ourselves into the lovers of people Jesus Christ has called us to be.

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  1. says

    The sin of homosexuality is no greater than any other sexual sin (fornication or adultery). It’s not any worse than other sins, but it is a sin. It’s included, for instance, in this list: “Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God” (Galatians 5:19-21). Too many Christians do not understand the gospel. Christ can forgive all sin, except one (Matt. 12:31-32) — and it is not homosexuality. But here’s the thing: forgiven Christians repent of their sin. They renounce it, they don’t continue to do it. Sure, we all struggle with various sins, but the fact that we struggle with them does not make them okay with God. Liars must stop lying. Thieves must stop stealing. Drunkards must stop drinking. And homosexuals must stop homosexualing. We are not to bring our sins into the church and celebrate them. We don’t honor liars or thieves or drunkards and put them in positions of leadership unless they have seriously renounced their sin and proven themselves to have grown beyond it.

  2. Ken says

    This was interesting to read. I appreciate the message that Jesus would not condemn or hate homosexuals. He would show them love, and I completely agree. What I disagree with in this message, is that homosexuality can be compared to adultery, theft, and alcoholism. Most, if not all, reputable psychologists and social scientists agree that sexual orientation is not changeable. There is no pill, no counseling service, and no “straight camp” that is capable of helping a homosexual become sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Being gay is part of a person’s identity, and there is nothing that can be said to change that. The verses that condemn homosexuality in the Bible are taken out of context. I can find quite a few verses myself that condemn facial shaving, eating pork, planting two crops side-by-side, working on Sunday, and divorce, and I can find some that support slavery and the mistreatment of women. We all know inherently what is right and wrong. Two people of the same sex who wish to share their lives together is nothing to fear or hate, and using Jesus to defend your fear or hatred goes against everything Jesus stands for. Jesus would never deny same-sex couples the legal rights that opposite-sex couples enjoy…yet Christian groups are spearheading campaigns to prevent even civil unions from becoming legal. Homosexuality being a sin is different than other “sins” addressed in the Bible. Adultery is prohibited from everyone, regardless of gender or race. Lying, stealing, murder, lust, jealousy, anger…are all sinful and applied equally to everyone. But telling a man that he cannot be with a man like a woman can, is somewhat mind-boggling. A woman can have sex with a man, and it’s okay, but a man having sex with a man is immoral? We have different instructions based on our genitalia. No other “sin” discriminates quite like this one. I just thought I would point that out. God knows all. He knows the hearts and feelings of homosexuals. I doubt that God thinks homosexuals have a same-sex attraction to be rebellious or deviant. I don’t know one person who wants to be gay. Not being able to get married in most states, being called an abomination, being laughed at or picked on, having little job security…these all go hand-in-hand with being gay in these times. I think Christians need to look beyond those few verses and look deep within themselves and God, and find out the truth about gay relationships.

  3. Rye says

    Homosexuality is clearly a sin, God’s design is for man and women to be together. Even in the sin of homosexuality they can not escape God’s design, because in almost all gay relationships there is always one that’s more manly and one that’s more feminine. Pay attention and you will see it. But I do agree Jesus would love them and tell them to sin no more. God does not show favoritism to any person we are all sinners and need help everyone of us.

  4. says

    The six clobber passages used to condemn gays are often translated literally without understanding the cultural and religious context, or where the terms used were not common in the original Greek, the translators added their own biased understanding. Thus when they say “The Word of God says ….”, it is often relating to what the translators had said, or addressing the same sex action as sin rather than the motivation behind it. When one studies the motivation behind these verses, the six clobber verses are interlinked to each other on the thread of religious idol worship. It was religious idol worship which was an abomination (rather than homosexuality which was rare), with the entire nation of Israel descending into mass sexual orgies worshiping other gods, and male priests castrating themselves to be women so that the men can have sex with them. It had nothing to do with same sex orientation even on the face of it if we had known the historical and religious context. In Gen 19:4-5, the interpretation of Sodom being filled with gays intending to have orgies with the angels was not supported by Ezekiel 16:49, which did not mention homosexuality as the sin rather pride and the prosperity gain through the injustice against the poor and needy. Sodom was in a region famous for its worship fertility gods, such as Baal/Ashtoreth. They appear to be demonically possessed to attack the angels and to rape them, able to supernaturally recognize the Angels even though they came quietly into Sodom. Perhaps the Sodomites were so proud of their prosperity that they tried to challenge heaven itself on behalf of the gods they worshipped. The clobber verses (Jude 1:6,7) is related where the angels from the rebellion had sex with mankind to produce “stange flesh” of supernatural beings – half human and half angelic. It was not about same sex orientation. In the context of the religious idol worship, we begin to realise that these were all straight men almost in a state of religious frenzy as they seek to rape the angels, in the same manner as they had worshipped and had anal sex with the priests of Ashtoreth. In Lev 18:22, 20:13, the term “abominations” or “Towebah” when referring to same sex acts refers to idol worship, in particular, the fertility god Molech (Lev 18:3). The role of the priests and the priestess in this fertility idol worship were sexual in nature. In Deut 23:17-19, both the men and women of Israel were prohibited from becoming ritual harlots or qadesh. In the “The Sacred Fire: The Story of Sex in Religion by B. Z. Goldberg”, it was said that the priests were Eunuchs who had castrated themselves, and the worshippers were having anal sex with the priests. There were also young men who sold themselves to play the role of the harlot, and even dogs specially trained for the worshippers to have sex with. Thus, we have the term “price of a dog” in Deut 23:18 in NKJV mis-translated as “male prostitutes” in NIV. Hence, Lev 18 and 20 should be understood in the context of purity laws created in respond to idol worship and not about homosexuality.

    • says

      I see that you interpret the Scripture the way you want to read. If we believe Sodom and Gomorrah to be a historic fact, other Scripture passages citing this were simply using it as a prototype to apply to the thing they intended to state. You cannot interpret the original with the later quotations! It’s like interpreting the Bible according to Joel Osteen’s sermons or Rob Bell’s ‘Love Wins’ or based on Eugene Peterson’s Message (Mono-sodium-glutamate – unscholarly pseudo-translation of the Bible).

  5. Brown Albert says

    The studies used to picture homosexuality as unchangeable are very biased since the associations of scientists that approved these studies are very often biased to any views that would present homosexuality as unchangeable. We definitely need to love all people no matter their lifestyle but the simple mention that you believe that their sexual preference is changeable would soon be labeled as a hate crime. I have friends who were prominent homosexuals and their departure from this lifestyle has brought them so much hate and slurs from the gay community. It is about speaking the truth in love. We need to be a people of love who treat others with courtesy and kindness but we also need the boldness to present the truth on how God defines sin according to his standard. True love shares the light that exposes the lies of Satan in our lives. One of my gay friends stated to me recently the gay moral standard that he believes which was that we should not repress our sexual desires whether it is pornography, homosexuality or other various sexual appetites since it is the true you. This is the lie of Satan since the beginning and Paul in the New Testament spoke of resisting our corrupted fleshly tendencies and submitting ourselves to God to find real freedom and fulfillment. God made sex but Satan has perverted it as act of worship that puts pleasures as the ultimate goal.

  6. Dan says

    It is most telling that the one comment in here that actually addresses the related biblical texts regarding supposed mentions of homosexuality is being ignored. Wouldn’t it be prudent to first figure out the reliability of the texts and the translations before you start worrying about what you personally feel about homosexuality? Just a thought.

    • Bill Nelson says

      Dan, On Using the bible as the authority: Absolutely correct. The bible is the ultimate guide of faith and life practice. If not then God is a liar, and we might as well go fishing. God tells us that he hates homosexuality (1 Cor 6:9, Lev. 18:22, Lev. 20:13, Rom. 1:26-27) , as he does all sin. Loving the sinner and hating the sin is a catchy phrase, but ultimately God can’t punish the sin, and spare the unrepentant sinner. God is just, and only by falling on the mercy and grace that Jesus showed at Calvary does any sinner- me very much included-have any hope. Do I need to love homosexuals? Absolutely!: If I truly love a homosexual as Christ did, which is impossible without the full help of the Holy Spirit , I have to witness to the danger of destruction for the unrepentant sinner(as someone did for me, Glory to God!). Yes, as I would to a thief, adulterer, murderer that intends to continue willingly sinning unrepentantly . Certainly, God wants me to let His Agape flow to this person. However, I cannot in one breath call myself a Christ-follower who loves, and with another condone a person who is willingly, intentionally, unrepentantly drinking spiritual poison. Love does sometimes mean telling someone a tough truth. On these “Reputable psychologists and social scientists” that say that homosexuality is not a choice: My first question: How is that working out? That is, trusting psychologists and social scientists to map and guide our culture and society? Is that really working so well that we now want to completely stand on what MAN says about our construction, instead of praying and seeking God’s view on the matter? Count me out on that one! Secondly, does it matter if a person is born with homosexual tendencies or not? I was told when I was young that I have the “alcoholic gene” (whatever that means!). Okay so that might be true. I drank plenty in my time. I could see where I could easily spiral downward. Was it a choice to put the bottle to my lips? Absolutely! Did God save me from that life? Yes, He did, to His glory. He was merciful on a sinner, and He will show mercy on a homosexual who truly repents and receives God’s free gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

  7. Ernie says

    It is not homophobic to hate homosexuality as sin. I hate homosexual practices as I hate adultery as I hate murder theft etc. I hate it because God hates it. Like all sin it spits in His face and it is worshipping Satan. It ruins lives, it is a poison. Yes, and like all promiscuity HIV AIDS is a result. When we sin we are not worshipping God. We know as Christians we struggle not to but we sin many times a day. The Bible is very strong about condemning all sin because it hurts God and it hurts us and it is evil. As with any sin we can be predisposed to it from family backgrounds and genetics. Sinful tendencies being passed down generation to generation. Sinful initiations of molestation. Sinful family dysfunctions that can encourage homosexual tendencies. Not matter what the sin is it is bad and destructive and God hates it and we should also! I don’t put homosexuality in a separate category because God’s Word doesn’t. Having said all that God loves sinners. Including all of us who have been forgiven in Christ and all those not yet forgiven. Homosexuals are sinners as are murderers adulterers gossips etc. Sin is sin! Christian sin everyday but we are forgiven when we confess in the blood of the Lamb of God! Because God loves sinners. We should love them and seek to save them. Any sin. I have homosexual friends. I love them and they know where I stand with their behavior. Jesus loved sinners and spent lots of time with them because He came to seek and save that which was lost. In love He also told them that their sinful behavior was hurting them and wrong. He didn’t hide this from them. Would I lead with this when I met a homosexual and became friends with them? Of course not as with anyone who I was trying to build a relationship with who doesn’t know Christ. But there would be a time when it would come up and I would be honest with them. I also heard on this site the idea of not sharing God’s Word with non-believers. I think there is a big difference between hitting people over the head with our Bibles and a judgmental attitude and sharing God’s Word in compassionate love for them. God’s Word was given to us by HIm. It has spiritual power to demolish spiritual strongholds and the Spirit uses it to convict men of their sin to save them! Satan would love us not to ever use God’s Word! He knows the power of the Word for saving! It is the Sword of the Spirit. It is the way we weild the sword not the sword itself that is to be avoided. And people can tell our hearts. If they are compassionate and loving or condemning and judgmental about any of their sin. Homosexuality is no different. CFC Response: Thanks for your comment Ernie, and just to clarify one point regarding your comment. On our site, we don’t discourage anyone from talking about the Bible or sharing God’s word with people. Our article Thou Shalt Not talks about the things that non-believers tend to react harshly too (not middle of the road, undecided non-believers, but more like people who have already heard the Word and who have made a conscious choice to reject it). The point, which was a little tongue and cheek, was that we need to realize how our words will be received by those non-believers. If quoting the Bible to them, when they don’t accept it’s validity, often falls on deaf ears, then appealing to them based on something they already accept as true CAN be a better approach. Otherwise, quoting the Bible is usually met with “there you go, preaching at me again…game over”…meaning the conversation ends and likely won’t be restored. So, keep sharing God’s word, but just be sensitive to whom you are sharing it with, and like you said…consider where the relationship is at before sharing. Thanks again for your comment Ernie.

    • Last_Grrr says

      Your essay is a step in the right direction, in my opinion, however one of the statements of concern is “We should love them and seek to save them” If you are going to change the face of Christianity, you must stop appointing yourself as “saviors” with the built in assumption you can do what God can’t do. Who appointed you as Savior? Sharing the word, answering questions, inviting others to discuss points of view are Christian. Appointing yourself as keeper and interpreter of the Word (implying others do not know as much as you) and appointing yourself as savior of those You define as sinful is judgmental, and arrogant as are most of those who go door-to-door to save a resident they do no know but who is already deemed probably non-Christian, on the wrong path, less knowledgeable, and in need of saving by someone who denies their belief that they are superior to God since they can accomplish what God can’t.

    • says

      God loves sinners, yes. “How would Jesus treat a homosexual?” Does God love homosexuals? Of course He does. Does God love a person even like Hitler? Of course, yes. God loves, for God is love. Yes, God loves free. Yes, God loves all and everyone. But we should not forget what love means. When we say or hear, ‘God loves’, we should not forget the word ‘but’. God loves us, BUT, not because we are lovable, or we are Christians, or we have done good things. God do love homosexuals, communists, pedophile priests, prostitutes, politicians, but, not BECAUSE they are homosexuals, communists, pedophile priests, prostitutes, politicians, but, IN SPITE OF who they are. For that, He paid a very high cost, His own Son. G-Mt 5:45 tells us that God’s love is indiscriminate – what a waste! However, it expects and demands response, but He cannot force such response from man, who is not made like robots but made after His image as a person with free will. What is “gay marriage” for, other than a political ideological agenda? Have they decided which one is to be called wife and which one is to be called husband? Or, after robbing a wonderful English word ‘gay’ from our vocabulary, are they going to synthesize new words? Two having various sexual activities for pleasure seeking can constitute a family? Or are they going to change the meaning of the word ‘family’ itself, as they try to change for the word ‘marriage’? Why they are trying shoving what they thinks as normal into others’ throat, forcing them to accept it as ‘normal’? How far we can go on sexual freedom? At what age we should teach how to have sex, including same sex with oral and anal sex? Thirteen year is old enough? Why not ten year old, just so that they can be prepared (prepared for shocking things happening), even from the kindergarten age? In this free country, homosexuals can do whatever they want to among them, in closets, in gay bars and in gay baths. Why not stay there, rather than go on parades? What is so proud of having their way of sexual behavior? You remember how these baths flourished in cities like New Orleans before self-inflicted scourge of AIDS gone on rampage after them? Does God ever punish people? Does God judge people? No, all the punishments and judgment on human beings are not what God does. Make no mistake. What God gives is salvation. It’s people who brings judgement – people GET punished and people GET judged on their own. God loves; He doesn’t waste time to judge. He doesn’t have to. The Scripture does. The problem is they think they are Christians but they close their eyes to read them. Rather, they want to destroy the arrangement of God’s created order, trying to change God’s image into the image of Greek god Eros.

  8. says

    Interesting site I return to sometimes, saw a flash fr Twitter this time. Don’t know if you update this site or not, but I’ll give it a try. One thing I’m curious about, is if questions about people with same-sex attraction still is a big topic within the Christian church? As a Christian back in the 80-90s in Sweden, the situation both within and among the faith-movements could be really tuff sometimes, going so far as one man got killed in a Pentecostal church in north of country. Even if the term “hate crime” wasn’t used back then, the authorities called it a homosex-related crime. So I’m pretty used to a hard and a wild life within the churches, not to mentioned the scandal in a Pentecostal church in Uppsala north of Stockholm, leaving 2 dead and 1 wounded and a congregation in schock.  So, where does the Christendom comes in the debate and how can it provide a nuanced picture of human life, morality, ethics, people with same-sex attractions and life in general in the debate today? Since the Christian Church for a very long time have been a part in this matter (or many matters), it can be difficult to find an objective answer to the question. Now, I know that questions is a good thing, many good and interesting questions can in time give us many interesting answers. Another question I have wondered about is how people with same-sex attraction can be entitled to co-exist with other people without raising too much umbrage from surrounding people? How can they go along to get along, so to speak, with other people in society without the society or Christendom have to compromise on issues concerning people with same-sex attractions? Yet another question. Where does the saying that one should “Hate the Sin and love the sinner”, comes from? It seems fairly obvious that there is no difference between the concepts! At least not in the Nordic languages. So where does this expression comes from? Another wondering. You write in the second paragraph under the heading “Homophobia is Not Fear of Homosexuals”: – “Christian homophobia is also declared when Christians stand in direct opposition to gay marriage, which opposition is viewed as an attempt by a dominate majority (Christians) to control and limit the equal freedoms of a minority (LGBTs). Some misguided and absurdly uncompassionate Christians have gone so far as to claim that HIV-Aids is God’s punishment for their homosexuality.” I do not know if the purpose of this was to make fun of someone at another’s expense or is this a general Christian idea? And what do those who do not agree with this? It is perhaps intended to be ironic? You will have to forgive my linguistic shortcomings, but a word or expression can suddenly change the meaning when translating a text, I am sorry. If I would try to give a definition of the word “homophobia”? It is not a scientific expression, it is not a theological, but what I do know is that the expression has been used in a double-edged ways in which different interest groups have different valuation of the word to explain a phenomena in society. This knowledge of the use and interpretation of the term from different angles is important to observe. The word “Homophobia” was noted for the first time in English in 1969, and was later translated into Swedish. The word homophobia is sometimes used in the Swedish political debate, and when this happens, it is often directed against Nazis, fascists and other nationalist groups as well as against Christians or other religious groups. Homophobia, Xenophobia, Racism, Discrimination, Bullying, Harassments and Unequal treatment have changed the lives for millions of people! – To the better for the oppressors, to the worse for the oppressed! Learn more on Tzedaqyal HateHurts:

  9. Paula Eslick says

    Being a newer Christian, and coming from a liberal background, this issue is the one I struggled most with when accepting Jesus. I had prior to becoming a Christian supported same sex marriage, I have had through the years many Gay friends. I no longer can support same sex marriage as I believe that the bible is God’s infallible word. Jesus came to fulfill God’s word, to save sinners from death and bring them to repentance. We are all sinners, we sin each and every day…. we are covered by grace. Sexual immorality can be forgiven if we ask for forgiveness but we must also abstain from the sin… we cannot knowingly keep committing the same sin, ask for forgiveness just to turn around and do it again and again…. Jesus calls us to be like Him, He knows we will not be perfect but we cannot keep doing the same sin over and over and expect grace to continue. Homosexual attraction in & of itself is not a sin, it is the actual act itself that is a sin. If you truly wish to walk in the path of Jesus and are Gay, you will abstain from any sexual activity…. If you truly wish to walk in the path of Jesus and are not Gay, you will love your neighbor regardless of sexual orientation, you will speak the truth in love hen God presents the opportunity and you will not judge anyone. Loving someone as your neighbor does not say you condone their lifestyle, we are to love then as Jesus did. And on the flip side of the coin, since becoming a Christian, it seems like people want us to conform to what their idea of Christianity is, not what the bible says. So if you call me narrow-minded or homophobic because I choose to follow what the bible says, so be it. But you are now trying to push your ideals on me. It works both ways.

  10. says

    Homophobia IS fear of homosexuals, not hate. I do fear homosexuals, not homosexual persons, but their militant agenda and their way of thinking of something to be normal if they think normal. It’s power driven agenda, based on pleasure-seeking human nature.

  11. Mike says

    Maybe we should all read Pslam 5:5 “The boastfull shal not stand in Your sight; You (God) heates ALL workers of iniquity. Biblical Christianity does not need a face change. What we need is OUR hearts to change. A watered down gospel does nothing but created still-born christians.

    • says

      Mike, you must have read our Mission statement: I agree with you completely. our Gospel is not in need of change. WE however need a heart transplant.

  12. Marci says

    I’ve read the article and comments with great interest. I encourage every one to read Leviticus 20, with an understanding that these were some of the laws passed down to the Israelites. Listed BEFORE the law pertaining to men having sex with other men are two other laws which carry the same punishment. They are 1, Adultery with another man’s wife 2. Adultery with a daughter-in-law Keeping in mind that these are all laws given by God, can someone explain to me why it is so much easier to condemn a homosexual for his sin than a pastor or a president for his (i.e. 1 & 2?) I would prefer an honest, heartfelt answer, rather than a “righteous” one. If Christians would spend half the time studying the word “judgement,” as they do studying other sins, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    • matt says

      Marci, You make the argument that pastors or presidents are exempt? Sorry, but I’ve seen pastors and leaders held to standards requisite the office they held. While there are those who are not, I’ve seen many of them held to higher standards than those in laity, as should be the case. Further, the excusing of one mans transgressions on Earth will be meaningless when measured at God’s judgment for an unrepentant sinner be they Pastor or President. Sin is sin in scripture, there is no differentiation attached in the New Testament to outline less severe sins from more severe sins with the implication being that those in group A sins will be punished less than those in group B sins. If you can cite that for me, I’d love to read it. Homosexuality is a sin and a person who is engaged in it is a sinner. Just as Jesus said a man who looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already. Again, no difference was made between sin in that way. Just as we all stand on level ground at the foot of the cross, we do so not because our sins somehow level us out but the fact that we have sin MAKES us all equal –SINNERS. Yet it is at the foot of his cross we find a redemption from that sin and only then are we made righteous. Yet it is not our righteousness but his we wear so we cannot even brag about being righteous. Paul made that clear when he likened our righteousness to filthy rags. Christ’s love extends to both a heterosexual and a homosexual but just as it is wrong for a heterosexual to commit immorality the same holds true of the homosexual.

  13. matt says

    While I agree with the notion we should not hate any person regardless of their sexual choices I disagree with the opening statement and several points throughout text. First, Homophobia by definition of the word parts Homo and phobia does by default mean fear of homo (implication being homosexual). While the word meaning in its modern use has changed due to its misuse, the core argument often used by homosexuals is that anything spoken against homosexuality itself is homophobic. Using that logic I’d have to conclude then that me saying I don’t like going shopping at the mall at Christmas means I’m agoraphobic. The reality of it is, in this debate there will never be a rational discourse between most Christians and homosexuals because of this divide. As long as a Christian calls homosexuality a sin they will be labeled as “homophobic” by homosexuals and MANY people who are not. Have you people walked down the hallway of a high school lately? When I graduated High School in the early-mid 90’s there were perhaps 3 or 4 “gay” people in the whole school (1000+ students). While I do not know how many were secretly homosexual I do know that there were NONE who were openly dating people in the school. Today, that has changed dramatically. There are boys holding hands, girls holding hands, kissing, etc and it’s “OK” at the same school I attended less than 2 decades ago. My niece has friends who have hit on her repeatedly (girls to clarify). Now if you’re not Ok with someone being gay YOU are labeled homophobic. While the reality persists that there are still some Christians who are openly hateful towards homosexuals the hate directed against Christians is a millionfold greater. Do Christians deserve it? No and yes. While some who profess to be Christians have made a name for themselves in this arena, the majority if the hate directed against Christians is fulfillment of scripture. Christ said “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” Matthew 10:22. When we speak, we should speak in love but make no mistake ANY word spoken against homosexuality as being sin automatically brings with it the response from homosexuals that the speaker is simply a bigot or a homophobe. So, if that be the case, so be it. Christ came to seek and save that which is lost and those who are willing to change their lives will. I shall continue to speak a message of love, repentance, forgiveness and restoration while making certain that everyone knows that sin is still sin and homosexuality is SIN.

  14. Joseph Styles says

    A truly amazing thread. The leading question–Are Christians Homophobic or Anti-homosexual–isn’t much addressed in any concrete way. Did I, a Christian, vote (or sign a petition) to forbid same-sex marriages from occurring in my state? Did I, a Christian, refer to someone whom I thought to be homosexual as a “fag,” a “dyke,” a “fairy” or a “Lezzie”? Did I, a Christian, nod agreement when someone suggested that “loving the sinner but hating the sin” justified firing homosexuals from jobs or excluding them from certain categories of employment or preventing them from living in certain areas of your town or guardedly watching them while they sat near my pew in church? The primary message I received from this thread, sadly, is that when we Christians are asked to write about actions that may be harmful, hurtful or disdainful toward homosexuals we spend most of our time explaining why hating the sin of homosexuality is justified. I can only pray that God loves all us sinners more than we deserve.

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