Christian Testimony-Deliverance from Abuse

Victory over Homosexuality

Editors Note:

This is a personal testimony of a friend of mine named Larry K., published with his permission. After you read it, please share some love and encouragement with Larry or maybe share some thoughts about how you can relate to his story. He is very brave for sharing his testimony with us.

Larry K.:

I was born in 1956, the second of three boys. I don’t remember much about my younger years, but I do know that my mother was a Christian, and she made church attendance a priority. I’ve gone to church all my life. Being in church at least once a week however, did not make me a Christian.
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Identity In Crisis

Gay Identity

If you feel like getting into a heated debate or argument, just mention the topic of homosexuality and the Church’s position on it, and you will most assuredly find yourself smack dab in the middle of one. It is one of, if not THE most divisive issues in America today, and I would venture as far as to say that more people are kept from the Gospel because of this than anything else.  How did this happen? Why homosexuality in-particular ?  And as Christians how should we respond?
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One Voice Against Hate Within Our Churches


Last week, a youtube video of Baptist pastor Charles L. Worley exposed some pretty hateful anti-homosexual speech. Instead of just stating the fact that homosexuality is a sin (which we agree with) and backing it up with what the Bible says, in this short 2 minute clip he suggests what should be DONE with homosexuals, lesbians, LQBT’s as a group.

Here is the video…

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Dan Kimball on Homophobia Within Our Churches

I just finished reading a book by pastor and author Dan Kimball titled “They Like Jesus But Not the Church”. It’s an incredibly well written book. It covers many subjects related to our emerging culture and how non-Christians view the church.

His main theme is that many of these outsiders love Jesus, who he was, what he stood for, and what he taught, but just as passionately oppose and are repelled by the church.

We aren’t doing very well applying the teaching of Jesus and expressing His love to others that have different opinions, beliefs, and lifestyles.

More often that not, what outsiders feel is judgement and rejection rather than love and acceptance. We don’t have to agree with everyone to love others and respect them as a person…a fellow human on this earth.

In Dan’s book, he has a very comprehensive covering of the topic of homosexuality and how to address it within our churches. One big point worth noting here it that we need to treat homosexuals as people…not objects. We can’t talk with or about homosexuals as if they are some inferior class of humans or that they are some broken object we can “fix”. For the other points, get and read the book.

There ARE homosexuals or people with same-sex attractions within our churches. Many leave the faith because of the jokes, the ridicule, and the hurtful ways we talk about homosexuals…usually while they are still in the closet.

They feel rejected, unloved, and frankly hated by Christians. Jesus taught us how to love others and this isn’t what we are doing. So, my call to action is this: if you are a homosexual, have same-sex attraction, or are in a church which seems to be out of touch or blind in this area, I encourage you to check out Dan’s book.

Give a copy to your pastor and senior leadership. It’s eye opening and shows a very Biblically based and experienced based look at this issue. It may very well provide the answers you seek on how to positively address this topic within your church.

And to anyone reading this who has felt rejected by the church. You are indeed loved by God. Even if you hate the church, I do hope and pray that you will continue to love Jesus!

Are Homosexuals Born That Way and Does It Really Matter?

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Are Homosexuals Born That Way?

Most homosexuals would say that they have always been attracted to the same sex. And among current homosexuals, there doesn’t seem to be any room for calling their same-sex attraction a choice.

The question of whether homosexuals are born with a pre-disposition to same-sex attraction is a given. Most if not all homosexuals and their close friends would say that they have always been attracted to the same sex. And among current homosexuals, there doesn’t seem to be any room for calling their same-sex attraction a choice. “I would never choose this” is the universal response. Looking at the question as either black or white, I would tend to agree with the homosexuals on this one. In my opinion, it’s the exceptions to the rule, “the gray” that causes much of the debate.

Evidence Suggests It’s a Choice for Some

I’ve personally known heterosexuals who later became homosexual. And I’ve personally known homosexuals who later became heterosexual. There are several ministries (, devoted to helping people leave homosexuality, and they seem to be experiencing a degree of success.

…that indicates that embracing homosexuality CAN be a choice…at least for SOME homosexuals.

To me, that indicates that even though there may be an incredibly strong, natural same-sex attraction among homosexuals, that embracing homosexuality CAN be a choice…at least for SOME homosexuals.

The usual rebuttals to these deconversions usually sound like this: “they were never really gay in the first place”, or “they are simply denying their natural attraction and are now living a lie”, or “they are succumbing due to family or cultural pressure.” However, trying to tell someone else why they made a choice, or explain away why they made an LGBT politically unpopular choice to leave homosexuality is incredibly insensitive and presumptuous.

The Debate Continues – Let’s Dialogue

We want to encourage voices from both heterosexuals AND homosexuals on this topic.

And so, there will continue to be disagreement on all sides of this evolving issue. We don’t expect to settle this question here, or reverse Christian homophobia overnight, but we do want to encourage positive open dialogue on this volatile issue. We want to encourage voices from both heterosexuals AND homosexuals on this topic. Use the comments to tell us YOUR story from your own perspective so we can all learn.

Does It Matter Either Way?

Seeking common ground, I think we can agree that homosexuals and LGBT‘s have been grossly mistreated.

In other words, regardless of what you believe on the issue of whether homosexuals are born that way, or whether they can choose it or reject it, we MUST treat homosexuals with love and respect. To reverse Christian homophobia, but we MUST treat homosexuals with love and respect. We can discuss and debate how the Bible (God’s word) should be interpreted on the topic of homosexuality, but we MUST treat homosexuals with love and respect. We may have opposing beliefs about whether your identity, who you are, should be grounded in your sexuality or rooted in who God says you are…a child of God, but we MUST treat homosexuals with love and respect.

Let’s Treat Homosexuals with Love and Respect Either Way

I think we can agree that homosexuals and LGBT’s have been grossly mistreated. We MUST treat homosexuals with love and respect.

We can disagree on lots of things surrounding the issue, but together we can make a difference if we focus on what’s most important…treating each other with love and respect regardless of sexual orientation.

I believe helping Christians with their homophobia, and any homophobia I may still have left in me, will ultimately benefit society and the homosexual community in the world. Together we can build bridges and learn to love each other instead of continuing to attack each other physically and verbally.

Our Mission – It’s a Marathon, Not a Race

One of the things we would ask in this subject area is your patience with our ministry. When we started Changing the Face of Christianity in June 2010, we recognized that to accomplish our mission to make a noticeable difference on a global scale would take a lifetime and would also necessarily involve LOTS of other people working toward the same goal worldwide. So, we don’t view our mission as a sprint to the finish line, but rather an incredibly long marathon.

  • We are working to reverse Christian intolerance, and helping Christians positively engage with people of other beliefs. This does not mean accepting or agreeing with every other belief system out there, but it does mean looking at people with other beliefs as still incredibly important and valuable to God, and allowing ourselves to look past differences and to seek areas of agreement.
  • We are trying to reverse Christian judgmentalism, and help Christians understand that WE have no sound basis for treating others as “less-than” us.
  • We are trying to reverse Christian hypocrisy, and help Christians to live lives that honor God.
  • And as we’ve discussed, we are trying to reverse Christian homophobia.

We Ask for your Grace, Support and Encouragement

We fully expect to learn many things along the way that we hope to be able to share with everyone for the common good. In that light, we would ask for your grace and support for that long term goal.

Even if you are anti-Christian or anti-religion, we would appreciate and welcome your moral support or “positive thoughts” and encouragement to help make a positive difference in this world.

Are Christians Homophobic or Anti-Homosexual?

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Homophobia is Not Fear of Homosexuals

Homophobia is not a “fear” of homosexuality. Being homophobic means being anti-homosexual. In its worst form, homophobia can lead to direct acts of violence (both physical and verbal assaults) against gay people. Broadly speaking, any act or movement to discriminate or limit the equal rights of LGBTs (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders) is considered homophobic. Non-Christians believe we are homophobic and hostile towards gays and lesbians, or at a minimum that we are prejudiced against them.

Being homophobic means being anti-homosexual

Christian homophobia is shown when we treat gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, cross-dressers, transvestites, and transgendered peoples as immoral and most especially worse than us. They believe we treat homosexuals as wicked or “filthy”. Christian homophobia is also declared when Christians stand in direct opposition to gay marriage, which opposition is viewed as an attempt by a dominate majority (Christians) to control and limit the equal freedoms of a minority (LGBTs). Some misguided and absurdly uncompassionate Christians have gone so far as to claim that HIV-Aids is God’s punishment for their homosexuality.

Here are a few real stories that helps clarify their perspective on homophobic Christians:

From “artsyatheist” on

“The truth is that evangelical Christians believe that being gay is a “choice” and a “sin” is homophobic, and perpetuates a culture that wrongly discriminates and marginalizes.”

From “George K.” on

“I enjoy cross dressing, it makes me feel good about my appearance. It is my right, however the value of that right is severally damaged when I am constantly under question, and attack by members of various religious groups. I know better than to treat people (religious or otherwise) in such a crass and heartless manor. However many religious people, from my experience, do not know better. Are you personally familiar with what it feels like to have people follow you around shouting rude things, throwing empty coffee cups at you, or cornering you with the intention of goading you into a fight? I just want to live my life, my way.”

It’s clear from these stories and others that Christians don’t understand the significance of the homophobic stereotype. And this perception is not isolated to just homosexuals. Groups that support equal rights, rationalists and “free thinkers”, and atheists groups across the country hold this negative view of Christians.

These are incredibly tough issues that we need to take seriously.

This is also a dilemma within our churches. We have homosexual teens within our Christian families. Our kids go to high school and college with them and many have close friendships with homosexuals. We work next to them. In other words, they are a part of our community, both inside and outside our churches. The dilemma revolves around these issues in our opinion: 1) how can we show love to them even in the face of our different beliefs, 2) how can we speak the truth of what the Bible says without allowing judgmental attitudes to outweigh expressions of mercy and compassion, 3) how can we honor and defend our beliefs in the political arena without limiting the freedoms of fellow human beings, and 4) given the growing evidence that homosexuals are born with their sexual predisposition (e.g. the way God made them), how can we show them dignity and care for them without treating them as if they have an illness?

These are incredibly tough issues that we need to take seriously. And although many non-Christians say the only solution is for us to abandon our beliefs and throw away our Bibles, I can tell you that wanting that or expecting that response from Christians is just not reasonable. It would be like suggesting to capitalist Americans that the only way to save capitalism is to throw away the constitution and adopt communism. Christianity without the Bible is not a viable alternative. So, although the challenge is large, we need to seek solutions that are inclusive of our faith and Biblical principles.

We must pray long and hard about God’s will in this situation and seek to truly “see” the homosexual person standing before us. They are JUST LIKE US, with the exception of their sexuality. Are heterosexuals sinful? yes. Are homosexuals sinful? yes. In OUR book, we are ALL sinners. And Jesus came to save ALL of us…not just the heterosexuals. So, since we aren’t going to be giving up our Bibles anytime soon, let’s learn from it here…

The Bible Speaks

God speaks to us about sexual immorality. In the Old Testament when Jews were under the Mosaic Law, some sins were punished by death and others were forgiven through a ritual sacrifice, cleansing, or an offering on the temple altar. In the New Testament, sexual immorality is also discussed as a sin along with many other sins committed by heterosexuals every day. As Christians, we should look to Jesus as our role model to guide us through this dilemma.

How would Jesus treat a homosexual? He would not condemn them. He would love them.

How would Jesus treat a homosexual?

Similar to how he treated every other person. He would certainly not endorse their behavior. But he would not condemn them. He would love them and reach out to them. And if they accepted Him as their savior, he would forgive them and tell them to go, and sin no more.

So, what more should we do than what Jesus would do himself? I say, let’s not endorse their behavior and let’s NOT condemn them. Instead, let’s reach out to them and seek to truly love them like Jesus Christ. Let’s help them to see that Jesus came not only to save us, but also to save them.

Is “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” Real?

And let’s face it, the phrase “love the sinner, hate the sin” isn’t perceived as very real or genuine. We must work very hard to truly LOVE the person, in spite of their sins…just as Jesus loves us who believe in Him in spite of OUR sins. This attitude must not just be a catchy phrase we put on a t-shirt. It MUST be real and heartfelt. WE must transform ourselves into the lovers of people Jesus Christ has called us to be.