Negative Christian Stereotypes Bible Study

Help REVERSE negative Christian stereotypes

It starts with awareness and education.

Do you want to lead people to Jesus Christ or push them farther away?

Lesson 1: Being Judgmental
Lesson 2: Being Anti-Homosexual
Lesson 3: Being Hypocritical
Lesson 4: Being Too Political
Lesson 5: Having a Superficial Faith or Blind Faith
Lesson 6: Being Intolerant

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What we do in these discussions:

  • Discuss: During each session, we discuss one of the negative Christian stereotypes we are working to reverse, such as hypocrisy, intolerance, homophobia, judgmentalism, etc… No advanced preparation is necessary. Just show up
  • Expose: Since we all tend to live in a bubble, we begin by exposing the perceptions about Christians from outside of our faith, based on our independent research and interviews, and backed by many recognized studies done by the Barna group, Lifeway Research, and others.
  • Stories: We share some quotes and a story from someone who has been negatively impacted, or has left an interaction with a Christian feeling less interested or attracted to our faith.
  • Share: We all share our thoughts and our personal experience with this particular stereotype. The discussions have been great!
  • Learn from God: Then, we look at what God says in the Bible about the stereotype, and resolve to follow God’s lead in this area. We also provide additional verses if you want to read more on your own time.
  • Action: We end by making a small commitment to transform ourselves in this area, to learn more, or work at reversing the stereotype through our own interactions with non-believers.