We offer tools and engaging content to educate both Christians and non-Christians on the negative Christian stereotypes perceived by the world. Our goal is to reverse those negative stereotypes by helping transform Christians into more Christ-likeness.

A critical component of education is first raising awareness of what you do and say daily which reinforces the negative stereotypes.

To go deeper, there is a wide variety of books, studies, movies, videos, blogs, and forums by which to educate yourself. We would love to engage with you in conversation too. So please feel free to comment on our discussions. There is a lot to learn and we are all constantly growing. What we provide is a laser focus to help you mature and live a life more congruent with Biblical teachings.

Negative Stereotypes Bible Study Series

This unique Bible study covers one negative Christian stereotype each week. The conversations and learning has been amazing! Learn about the stereotypes and how you can help reverse them in your own life.

Deeper Bible Studies

We’ve written several studies to help you grow deeper in your understanding and application of God’s Word, such as James, 1 John, and Jude. They are free to download. So check them out.

Transformational Life Group

Most church small groups fail to achieve spiritual growth and maturity due to a lot of reasons. If your small group format isn’t working, try our Transformational Life Groups. It’s our version of a Christian small group.