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You’ve gone to church, you’ve heard the sermons, you’ve done bible studies…now it’s time to put your Christian faith and education into practice. Become a mentor today!

You can be a HUGE help to a fellow Christian in need of spiritual guidance. All you need is a loving and willing heart and a little bit of time.

You DON’T need to have all the answers and you DON’T need be a “perfect” Christian. You DO need to be a Christian striving to walk the walk, on your spiritual journey, and have a desire to pour your life into someone else’s.

How Our Discipleship Program Works:

  1. You’ll be paired with a fellow Christian (same sex) who desires to grow in Christ.
  2. You’ll receive contact information for your mentee. The next step is to reach out to them and make contact.
  3. The first few weeks are all about you and your mentee getting to know one another and identifying how you can be of the biggest help to them. Keep the emails brief so as not to overwhelm the mentee. Eventually, you’ll be able to draw out questions or difficulties they are having that you can guide and counsel them on. As you communicate, always respond with love, encouragement, hope, and Biblical insights from your own experience.
    We also have a Discipleship Curriculum you can use or draw from to guide discussions. The lessons focus on guiding the mentee into a loving, growing, and obedient relationship with Jesus Christ and by practicing spiritual disciples such as reading the Bible, spending time in prayer, having a regular quiet time with the Lord, fellowship with other Christians, and loving/serving one another.
  4. Throughout the program, you and your mentee will grow in Christian love. You will be providing instrumental support at a time when your help is desperately needed.

Do you agree with our Statement of Faith? If so, you can be a mentor in our program!
Not sure? Read our Discipleship FAQs and Mentor Confidentiality Agreement and Statement of Understanding.

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Testimonial from Mentor K. Wade:

I have no idea how I found Changing the Face of Christianity. Honestly, I believe with my whole heart, that it found me by God’s hand. I was just winding up a 7 year stint with the Ladies Ministry in my church. My heart is still very much in Ladies Ministry but I just felt God asking me to back out for now but had no idea why.  After applying to the mentoring program and being matched to my mentee, I quickly learned what God was doing. He was giving me a refocus in my area of ministry. Of course, as with anything that is God’s will, it is never one dimensional. The idea behind the mentoring program may be primarily to help the mentee but I was getting just as much help as she was. God was keeping me on my knees in prayer about the worthiness of my own spirituality to be guiding someone else’s as well for the mentee that I grew to love in just a few short weeks as if she were my own daughter. I was blessed beyond measure through this program. I have two daughters of my own, and have prayed often that others might be effective in their lives where I fail, so I especially feel the importance of making myself available to others who might grow spiritually through my willingness to lend a listening ear. I appreciated the Bible study lessons we used very much. I thought each week’s lesson brought some substantive discussion and certainly caused me, as the mentor, to be consistently in the Word. I would highly recommend the Changing the Face of Christianity mentoring program to anyone seeking mentorship or that has a desire to mentor. It’s growth spurring and an amazing blessing.