Christian Ministries Worth Supporting

We support the following Christian ministries because of the good work they are doing. These ministries bring Glory to God through their accurate representation of Jesus Christ throughout our world. They support our faith, provide Christian education, and help transform our Christian life. And please let us know if you have a link or recommendation to add to our list (blog roll).

World Vision International
Stand Up 4 Jesus
I Am Second
Reasonable Faith – official site of renowned Christian apologist William Lane Craig
RBC Ministries – Answers to Tough Biblical Questions – Bring focus and depth to your personal interaction with God. Bible reading plans, plus learn to meditate on scripture, pray, and journal all of your reflections.

About Brad White

R. Brad White is the Founder and President of Changing the Face of Christianity Inc. Brad is a former atheist and became an "on fire for God" Christian in 2005. In 2008, Brad became incredibly burdened by what he perceived as a Christian faith far off course, and Christians far from living the teachings of Jesus Christ. In 2010, Brad submitted to the calling to reverse these negative Christian stereotypes, by starting "Changing the Face of Christianity" (a 501c3 Texas non-profit corporation). Read more about R. Brad White

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    Voice of the Martyrs ( Leadership Vistas International Ministries ( The Barna Group ( [Christian research, polls, etc.] Global Advance ( XXXChurch ( Celebrate Recovery ( Christian Speaker Network ( Insights Into Relgion ( Biblos ( [Bibles in various translations, study tools, etc.] Pure Life Ministries [for sexual addiction] (

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