How We Are Making A Difference

Changing the Face of Christianity™ is making a difference by educating Christians on the intolerant words, the judgmental attitudes, and other negative Christian stereotypes we inadvertently promote.

We are making a difference by educating Christians and assisting in Christ-like transformation within our Christian churches.

Increasing Awareness

We are increasing awareness and assisting in Christ-like transformation within our Christian churches. We are promoting a Christian revival; a great awakening. While others are focused on evangelism and outreach, we are focusing on the growth, maturity, and transformation of Christians already in the church. Instead of hiding our flaws and imperfections, we are working for Christian transparency and realness. Instead of putting on a superficial mask, we are working for real heart change and transformation.

Working on Consistency and Depth

We are working to increase the consistency, depth, and true meaning of our faith, as modeled by Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Like a wonderful sculpture, we are chiseling away those parts of our Christian faith and church that are not Biblical; those areas of our spirituality that are poor substitutes for the real thing.

We want to see Christians walking the walk, instead of talking the talk.

Jesus commands: “Love one another”. Are you doing that?

Jesus commands: “Love one another”. Are you doing that?

Think about how you act. Think about how you talk to people. Are you loving?

We Are Focused

Our ministry is 100% dedicated to reversing negative Christian stereotypes by removing those obstacles to loving one another; pride, arrogance, judgment, hypocrisy, homophobia, intolerance, and superficiality.

Please join us in this crucially important effort. We need every Christian we can connect with to engage in personal transformation into living more like Jesus Christ.

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    I think any time you wade into the controversial subjects (such as homosexuality) and take a stand you’re bound to make a difference. 1 Peter 1:14 tells us Christ-followers not to behave as we did when our deisres and thoughts were shaped by our ignorance. So it really is a matter of ignorance that we’re fighting if we’re to really change the face of Christiantiy for the better.

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