Christianity Quiz

Christianity Quiz


Our Christianity Quiz is intended only for Christians. Affirm you are a Christian below, then click Next to start the 10 question Quiz. Also, we only allow one quiz submission per IP Address. Additional quiz submissions from the same IP address will be discarded from our results data.

How often do you read your Bible and/or have quiet time with the Lord?

When you talk to people with different opinions, do you:

When times are tough and things aren't going your way in life, which of the following looks like you:

How have you been transformed by your acceptance of Jesus Christ as your savior?

When you do something good for others, do you do it because:

A murderer sentenced to death accepts Christ as his Lord and Savior the day before he's executed. This causes you:

You learn that a friend is cheating on their spouse. You:

How often do you do things privately/secretly compared to when you are around other people? (in other words, keeping secret, things you would be ashamed or embarrassed about if you were caught doing)

A good friend confides in you that they are a homosexual. Your response would be:

When someone recklessly cuts you off in traffic, do you:

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About the Christianity Quiz:

The Christianity Quiz is a 10 question self-assessment to gauge how well your daily thoughts and actions reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is not intended to pass judgment on you. We are aware that no quiz can assess the complete Christian experience, nor can it peer into your heart as God can. And so, this Christianity Quiz is not intended to say whether you are or are not a Christian. It’s not intended to say whether you are a good or bad person. However, when taken for what it is, it can be used as a reflection of your current level of engagement with your Christian faith. If you are a new Christian, you would expect your score to increase over time as you continually seek to know God and His ways more and more. And you should expect your score to increase over time as you submit yourself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, obeying his teachings. If you have been a Christian for a longer time, you might expect your score to fluctuate up or down over time as you renew your commitment or find yourself drifting away. Every Christian goes through times where they feel more or less connected to God, and this quiz can generally gauge where you are at right now. Good luck on the Christianity Quiz and let us know if you have any feedback on it using our About > Contact Us form.