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How Did You Come to Believe in God/Jesus?


  1. John Hawthorne says

    How did I come to know Jesus as my Savior. I returned from Vietnam in 1968 and stationed at Ft McClellan, Al for a second time. On a Sunday morning, as I was cutting grass, I heard in my spirit very loud and clear, “John, now is the time for you and your family to come to My house!” Being the military man I was, I marched into the house, after stopping the mower, announcing to my wife “get the kids (children) ready, we are going to church.” So astonished, my wife reached down to the floor,picking her chin up to place it once again on her face. The Lord and I did battle for about a month after that, but we continued to attend church until the day I surrendered. Before this we had never stepped foot into the particular church. That is my testimony in a nutshell. But what is important, me and my family serve God to this day. God is GOOD!

  2. Bruce R Kuzma says

    I pray daily, I hope for the progress of God’s promises, and wait for the evidence of his word manifest itself in life. What better way to meditate on the wonders of Christianity…when you have completed another week in this world of sinners…

  3. Stephen J. Smith says

    I am not anti-homosexual. I just think that God does not want Christians living in sin. It is a journey. I have verses if you want them.

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