Want to Create More Christian Disciples in 2014?

bigstock-Silhouette-of-man-and-sunshine-18659549When I talk with fellow Christians, many say that they would like to share their faith, bring more Christians in the door, and help other Christians grow in spiritual maturity. But they often don’t know WHO or HOW. It’s usually just a lack of self-confidence.

That’s understandable. But it doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference for God’s Kingdom. You Can!

What if there was an organization already helping Christians grow? What if there was an organization already working very hard to create Disciples of Jesus Christ? And what if you could make a difference…not by doing the work yourself, but by supporting an organization already doing the work?

Well, that’s what we’re already doing. And you can help us keep doing it in 2014’…all for God’s glory, by simply supporting us with your year-end, tax deductible financial gift. Read a testimony of our impact below. 

The result of your partnership with us is Christ-transformed lives.



And if you want to get involved further and actually help us with the work, we need more spiritually mature Christians to act as mentors (disciples) for others. And if you don’t feel as strong in your faith and biblical understanding, why not ask us for a Christian mentor to help you? Our email-based Discipleship program is thriving doing just that; connecting Christians to help one another; creating Disciples of Jesus Christ. Just follow our discipleship program link to get connected.

Testimony from K. Wade: The idea behind the mentoring program may be primarily to help the mentee but I was getting just as much help as she was. God was keeping me on my knees in prayer about the worthiness of my own spirituality to be guiding someone else’s as well for the mentee that I grew to love in just a few short weeks as if she were my own daughter. I was blessed beyond measure through this program.”

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  1. Dorothy Jackson says

    The man I married says that he became a Christian because of the way I lived out my faith. He saw the good works and glorified the Father which is in Heaven. The Holy Spirit has led me to speak of my faith, but the doing has been a much more effective way of showing people The Wayne

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