Why do Christians sometimes (or often) act like such jerks?

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Ok so maybe that’s quite a blunt way of asking ‘Why, while believing in what is good and right, do I choose to think in a way and engage in behaviour that accords with a “lesser version” of myself?’

I’ve asked this question for some time but I think it comes to the surface even more at the beginning of a new year when we are reminded from pulpits everywhere that we are a new creation in Christ and also by our broader world that this is a perfect time to set some New Year’s resolutions so that we can improve and be better people this year.

We enthusiastically respond by nodding to the truth that in Christ we are a new creation and we agree that it is good to set some goals for the New Year, so we faithfully set out to practice these truths. But inevitably we sooner or later hit a wall when we experience that our ideals quite often fail to measure up to reality. Everyone has experienced this dissonance no matter how long we have been followers of Jesus.

A godly and mature Christian friend when we were talking about this recently, said that he holds close to his heart values like generosity, care for the poor and compassion however as he walked past a homeless person once, he thought and felt the exact opposite of those values regarding that person. I can say that I’ve experienced a similar thing! I would guess that we all struggle daily as we sit in the uncomfortable gap between what ought to be and what in reality is. There’s no need to beat ourselves up about this gap but perhaps we need to think about what does in fact bring about deep transformation in our lives so that our behaviour more matches our status as new creations in Christ…~ By:

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  1. Fount says

    Good question – why DO Christians sometimes (or often) act like such jerks? Part of the answer is that I believe about 1/2 of those who say they are Christians really are not. The Bible tells us about this when Jesus says He won’t recognize many who did good works in His name but did not know Him. His teaching on the ten virgins shows five don’t have the oil (Holy Spirit) in them (that is how I get to the 1/2 number). I call these deceived folks Cultural Christians and it seems to me they are the source of most of the jerk like activities in “the name of Christ”. Born again Christians – those who are in the body of Christ (not just members in a Christian church) – seem to be contributing very little to the jerk problem. At least that has been my observations of interacting with thousands of “Christians” both in person and online. Maranatha!

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