Should I Create A Prayer Room?


I live in Chennai, India. I need advice from you as a brother in Christ.

My house is surrounded by many Hindu families. We stay in the first floor front flat and the other three flats are tenanted presently by Hindu families.

This morning after my private prayer, I had a very strong thought that once the flat is vacated, I have to turn it into a prayer hall.

One flat is getting vacated in August. This morning after my private prayer, by the grace of our Lord, I had a very strong thought that once the flat is vacated, I have to turn it into a prayer hall. In the wall, I want to display the verse Ephesians 6:18.

The prayer room can be used by our family when there is a requirement of worship / prayer, for my neighbors, for believers who want to pray, Bible study, fellowship, etc. There is a prayer meeting going on by a believer every Sunday evening nearby wherein they can conduct it in the prayer room.

Also, I have vacant plots around the city I could turn into prayer halls and the local neighbors from any religion can walk in, pray, understand the gospel, and come to Christ. And it can be used by local believers for prayer, fellowship, worship, etc.

My plan is not to collect any offerings by the grace of God and this place should never become a commercial activity. My intention is not to take an offering and depend only on our Lord Jesus Christ for the needs.

My wife may not like this idea since I spoke to her once and she is not for it. I have not told her yet about this latest idea. I want to fast and pray, and then tell her after the time is ripe. Please pray to our Lord and give your valuable advice on this idea.

I need proper prayer & advice from believers to take this forward.

With Love & Prayers – Maxwell


A prayer room that is open to the public is an excellent idea. The Bible says that churches are supposed to be houses of prayer.

A prayer room that is open to the public is an excellent idea. The Bible says that churches are supposed to be houses of prayer.

However in our modern times, few churches are willing to set aside any particular space for that purpose. I have experience with establishing a prayer room (“chapel”) in an existing American church. The results were phenomenal. It became much-used to the point where people were using it 24 hours a day. Personally, I also spent much time in it and found that it facilitated a great deal more prayer and significantly higher quality prayer.

The one caution I see here is simply available because I know some of your past. I advised you recently to take some of your wealth and use it to make restitution for the wrongs you did in acquiring it. Brother, dedicating it for prayer ministry is not restitution. If you are truly not able to make the kind of restitution I advised you, then the restitution belongs to the Lord. That would mean you give those resources – unconditionally – to a legitimate church that you don’t control. It is then that church’s choice what to do with those resources.

It is good to establish these prayer chapels or centers as you’ve described them. Please make sure you’re doing so for the proper reasons.

In my country, we have many selfish rich people who build mansions (literally) and justify the vast extravagance and self indulgence with the notion that they’ll “use it for ministry.” They end up hosting a Bible study occasionally or hosting parties for friends and business associates. But God is not mocked.

The character and nature of God are clear indicators that God would never tell a wealthy man to ignore the starving orphans and widows in his community to build a monument to his own material success and use it to impress his Christian friends. Material wealth has a way of deceiving even the most sincere of hearts.

Finally, for what it’s worth, I’m with your wife on this one. If God is calling you to use your wealth to sponsor prayer rooms for the public, I am fairly certain that those would be better placed than in your home or in your places of business.

It would be much better to establish those facilities in existing churches or even in other public places (like shopping centers) where they would be more visible to the public and more accessible to everyone.

Come to think of it, is there any reason you wouldn’t use your wealth to financial back a church planting movement — and be the financial backer of those missionaries that God has called to plant churches in your country?

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