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What Other People Think about Christians

We continue to document the opinions of non-christians through independent research and engaging with people outside our faith. These are NOT the opinions we hold, but the opinions and experiences of those outside the Christian faith. We hope it motivates and inspires you to join our cause

Story or Opinion
  • Bible “study” is an exercise in affirming and reinforcing our beliefs. Instead of critical inquiry.
  • Answering every “I don’t know”question with “God”..instead of looking critically for a real answer.Instead of digging deeper and being intellectually honest…they take the easy road and just explain away all of the indefensible opinions as “God”.
  • Blind faith: willful ignorance, the insistence on maintaining ignorance even when presented with the evidence.
  • Religion is just self help: beneficial in the short run to help us recover from pain, loss and the trials and tribulations of life.
  • No one goes out and tries to force christian men to be gay, but many Christians take no issue with going out and trying to force gay men to be strait.
  • I think Christians are trusting, closed-minded,hypocritical, and in a form of denial.
  • I am slowing growing more anti-Christian as the political religious right is pushing their agenda and therefore imposing their beliefs onto me.
  • School boards across the country (most notably in Texas of late) are working to change the curriculum to promote an exclusively Christian viewpoint. From gutting science courses to rewriting history texts to mandating abstinence-only sex education to introducing Bible study courses, they are constantly attempting to damage the education given to the next generation.
  • Pascal’s wager supposes that there is only a chance of the Christian god being real, ignoring every single other god (Muslim, Hindu, etc..).
  • Don’t use pascals wager with atheists…to be better received by atheists. (pascals wager is that if  there is even a slight possibility of a God, you should place your wager three,because the alternative result: going to hell, is SO bad that there is only something to possibly be gained by believing…and nothing to be gained by not believing).
  • If one was a faithful christian in their personal life but was able to respect the freedoms of others, what objection could truly be lodged against them? No one cares what you believe, only how your beliefs affect the personal lives of others
  • I can give two examples.
    1. My brother keeps trying to impose his beliefs on my family, even when we have told him not to.
    2. A local school board attempted to include the bible into school curriculum as required reading.
  • Much of apologetics is just old out of date science. Case for the Creator:  they pick apart Java Man as a partial skull and three teeth. True. But Homo Erectus is a known complete skeleton and Java Man was just the first.
  • Being religious simply means choosing ignorance.”Faith” is just another term for ignoring reality.
  • Treating homosexuals, cross dressers, etc… with hate and disdain.
  • Applying our morals to others with different morals….to limit THEIR freedom. (same sex marriage, sodomy, stores open on Sunday, no mail on Sunday)
  • Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” I am in concurrence with Mr. Gandhi in saying that Christians”are so unlike your Christ”.
  • Trying to impose our beliefs on others.
  • Attempting to make reading the bible in school required (forcing our beliefs on others)
  • Things some things that Christians do that frankly piss me off:
    1. Force religion upon their children.
    2. Disown friends/family for choosing a different religion, choosing not to be religious at all, or choosing to be atheist.
    3. Support/engage in violent means of spreading their faith.
    4. Want to put creationism or intelligent design into the science classroom or what to remove evolution especially human evolution from the classroom.
    5. Christians who wish to force their personal views on abortion or marriage on others.
    6. Christians who think that this (the USA) is a christian nation (when in fact it’s a secular nation) or wish for the USA to be officially christian.


  1. Kate, the apostate says

    The whole concept of modesty and trying to control what women wear I find to be disgusting for a variety or reasons. There is no such thing as being too modest and any clothing that is functional, comfortable or enjoyable is immodest. I think it is disgraceful to shame half the human population for their bodies. If seeing knees or shoulders and god-forbid one’s shirt ride up to expose some belly makes one to feel lustful then it is their own problem. Women should not have to accommodate their sexual deviance. The problem runs much deeper than clothing is concerned. This modesty obsession also lends itself to victim blaming. When women are assaulted (whether physically or sexually) it is inevitable that they will be asked what they were wearing at the time- thus implying it was their fault because had they dressed differently they wouldn’t have been attacked (not blaming the attacker, the person responsible). And those who sit silent through the victim-blaming are just as guilty as those who victim-blame. Don’t think that the church is above participating in rape culture. This modesty obsession adds an endless fuel to that fire.

  2. Al says

    What I don’t get is why you label this post “Christians” when everything you say can be said about every religion. In fact, if you paid more attention, you’d notice that many Muslim nations, in particular, actually kill those who do not believe as they do. I believe in Christ, and a Creator, but that in no way means I can’t think you’re an asshole.

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