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We are always looking for skilled Christians that are passionate about making a difference for God’s Kingdom. If your skills match any of the following positions, and most importantly you have the time available to help, we would love to talk with you. Use the contact form below to get in touch. Thanks!

Volunteer Positions Available:

We are currently working on a mobile app to transform the lives of Christians with daily, practical, faith-building challenges. We have some highly technical needs in this area:

  • Prototype/Wireframe Builder
    We have handwritten drawings of how we want the app to look and work. We need someone skilled in using industry standard wire-framing and flowchart tools to take our idea and turn it into something a graphics designer and web developer could code. This wire-framing work will also involve documenting the apps functionality and user-experience logic. Again, this has all been handwritten and needs polishing to turn into a more clear and professional package that a graphics designer and web/app developer could transform into a real app.
  • Devotional/Challenge Writer
    Our app will present a devotional message followed by a challenge that is completable within a 24 hour period. We need people to find appropriate biblical verses, based on specific categories we have selected, and match them with daily, practical ways of implementing that verse.Here is just one example:
    Devotional Category: Forgiving Others
    Devotional Message: “Colossians 3:13: Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”
    Challenge: “Talk to someone who has wronged you or hurt your feelings and offer them your sincere forgiveness.”
  • Graphics Designer
    Our app and related website will need appealing and engaging graphics to be designed. Also, our app will include graphical badges to celebrate completed challenges and achievements, and encourage continued use of the app. You will be asked to also create graphics associated with any marketing or advertising efforts.
  • Web Database/”Full Stack” Web Developer
    Our app will be a “hybrid” app…for both IOS and Android operating systems. App users will also be able to access app functionality via a web application (ie. website). Think facebook. You can use facebook on a phone, tablet, or via a computer web browser. Conceptually our app will have similar access points. We’ll need a web-based database created to store all of the app’s user data. We’ll need the IOS and Android Mobile app developed. We’ll need an API constructed to be a conduit between the apps and the web database. And we’ll need the web app built as well. Knowledge of html5, css, and javascript will also be essentials. Full stack means you are familiar with and capable of working in each of these areas so that all pieces of the puzzle are integrated smoothly.
  • Social Media Communications/Marketing
    After our app has been developed or is close to completion, we’ll need help getting the word out so people can start benefiting from the app. This includes coming up with creative ways of getting the app in the hands of senior pastors, student pastors, leaders in the Christian community, small groups, etc.
  • Fundraising Specialist
    App development costs money, even when using volunteers. So, having someone dedicated to raising funds to support our app and organization’s ministries is essential. This could include using crowd funding sites such as gofundme.com or others, seeking financial partners, etc.

So again, if your skills match any of these positions, and most importantly you have the time available to help, we would love to talk with you. Use the contact form below to get in touch.

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