Core Values

Our core values are forged from the teaching of Jesus Christ…to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ (Mark 12:31) These core values guide our behaviors, judgments and how we accomplish our mission:

We assure and maintain transparency in our relationships with each other and with our various constituencies. Our actions and decisions should be able to withstand public scrutiny without dishonoring the God we serve.

We acknowledge that none of us is perfect. We are sinful, fallen people living in a fallen world. We are no better than another. We are just imperfect Christians trying to make a difference for God, for His kingdom and for His glory.

Mutual Respect
We affirm that every person has been made in God’s image and is a valuable child of God. We will treat others with mutual respect, even in the face of disagreements and interpersonal conflicts.

We will live and work with a generous spirit towards others.

We will extend compassion and grace to others, taking people where they are without judgment or condemnation, showing them the love of Jesus Christ.


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    I have been living without Christ for about 10 years and he bent me so far but did not break me. God has called me to serve him, he has been for many years but I kept ignoring him and his blessings. I always wondered how do I know if he is calling me well when you have that feeling that someone is watching over you every day and every second telling you that is not the way and to come to me you know. I find this website incredibly amazing and good advise. He has lifted all my pain, and suffering and I no longer feel guilty, sad, instead I feel full of life.

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