Board of Directors

Brad White

Brad is the Founder and President of Changing the Face of Christianity Inc. For most of his life, Brad was an unshakable Atheist. But after a miraculous sign from God in 2005, he shed his blind disbelief and became a believer. He later became a Christian after thorough deliberation and study. Ever since that moment, he has been actively engaged in using his life to Glorify God and to build up God’s kingdom. Hear Brad White’s Testimony from Atheist to Christian (Audio MP3).

Over the course of several years, Brad felt called to create “Changing the Face of Christianity”. Its mission is to reverse negative Christian stereotypes by helping Christians to be more like Jesus Christ. Changing the Face of Christianity does this by teaching and inspiring Christians to live as worthy disciples of Jesus Christ.

His home church is LifePoint Church, which is a Bible-based, non-denominational community church in Plano, TX. In his church, Brad has had the privilege to launch and lead several ministries, including “Grace to Go” (a mid-week blog/email review of the prior Sunday’s sermon with an action plan for applying the sermon to our daily lives). He has led a church-wide study of Focus on the Family’s “the Truth Project”, and annually leads a 20 week, Bible-based, leadership development class for his church’s top leaders. He also enjoys reading the Bible and has written several Bible studies used by small groups within his church and beyond. He has also enjoyed being a member of and leading several church community small groups.

Brad is currently the Chief Operations Officer of a Dallas, TX based national training company. He lives in Plano with his beautiful wife Sharon, and three gorgeous children. Brad is available to speak to your church or group (big or small) on the topics of Christian/Biblical leadership, faith, living a life of purpose and meaning, and negative Christian stereotypes. You can contact Brad using this website’s About: Contact Us form.

Bryce Finnerty

Bryce is currently the founder and owner of Ecommerce Interactive LLC, His past business experience includes being partner and owner of Venture Launch Partners LLC and owner of SticViews Inc.  Throughout all of Bryce’s professional ventures, he relies on sound biblical principles to ethically guide him in all of his business management decisions.

Bryce wanted to be part of the ministry, Changing the Face of Christianity, because he had witnessed himself the perceptions of Christians in contemporary culture and felt many were not a good reflection of Jesus and how we are to act as Christians.  He feels there should be a noticeable difference in our society between those who are seeking to follow Christ (bearing spiritual fruit – love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, gentleness,and self control Galatians 5:22) and those who are not following Christ.  Bryce recalls how he felt towards Christians before being saved, and understands that many base their perceptions after right-wing talk show hosts, tv evangelists, and outright unkind people doing non-loving acts all in the name of Jesus, though Jesus never acted like some of his followers.  Bryce’s hope is that through the CFC ministry, he can help expose perceptions and stereotypes to other Christians so we can all see more clearly and grow to be in Christ-likeness even better than we are today.

His professional knowledge and experience makes him an invaluable resource, providing guidance on how to apply for-profit branding and marketing,, create business processes, and effective management strategies to non-profits.  In his own church, he has helped start the Grace Christian Pre-School, provided start up services to the Foundations of Grace micro-loan business for God-given loans to give people a hand up, not a hand out.  Bryce also participates in international missions programs that have taken him to serve in places like Nigeria, South Africa, and the Philippines.

Bryce lives in Plano, TX where he and his beautiful wife Lisa attend LifePoint Church with their 3 adorable children. He loves listening to and playing Jazz with his bass guitar and is an avid road biker.

Craig Seaver

With an undergrad degree from Wake Forest University & an MBA from Indiana University, Craig has indispensable professional experience.  He has worked in several different industries including newspaper/media, consumer products, and electronics.  He has worked in many different fields including sales, marketing, operations, and general management.  And he has worked at several different levels including product manager, buying manager, director, vice president, and President.  He has even worked on multiple continents including USA and Asia.

Craig has been a member of the following boards:  International Licensing Industry Association; Salem Arms Homeless Coalition; Cincinnati Film Commission.  He currently serves as President of BeyondTek, Inc., a Plano-based company that designs, manufactures and markets LCD displays.

For over 5 years, Craig has been a member of LifePoint Church in Plano, TX, where he serves as a leader of a welcome team and belongs to a men’s small group.  Before moving to Texas, he was an active member of Astoria Community Church in New York city and  Life Center church in Spokane, Washington.

Craig and his wife Linda have been married for over 4 years and have 2 children, Connor and Keira, age 2.

Philip Floyd

Philip Floyd is a financial planner with Smith Anglin Financial, servant, husband, father, and child of God. He currently attends and serves at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX. He became a believer at 13 years of age, but in 2006 he really started to mature in his faith and understanding of the Bible. Philip’s wife and an older mentor couple were instrumental in helping him on his journey. He has come to understand and gain a faith and love for Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Philip is firmly grounded in his priorities. His calling is to be the most loving husband to his wife Natalie, and father to his twin girls Madeleine and Chloe. He seeks to glorify God in his daily practice as a financial planner. Philip believes in what we are trying to do at Changing The Face Of Christianity, which is helping Christians to live our faith in Jesus, and reverse the negative Christian stereotypes we create. He hopes to help others see a changed life through his faith and love of Jesus and others.


Annette Safstrom

Annette is passionate about bringing the reality of Christian life and compassion into everyday life. She began her spiritual journey at a young age with a decision to follow Christ wherever He would lead.

Her journey has taken her in and out of ministry in various roles, including Bible College Student, College Professor, and Children’s Ministry Director.

Annette is a small business owner (A Bling and a Prayer), church consultant, mother of two active boys, wife, and an elder at Covenant Church in McKinney, TX.

She has a certification in children’s ministry from Rhema Bible Training Center, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Texas A&M, and a Master’s from Southern Methodist University.