Changing the Face of Christianity Inc.

We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit Texas corporation. Our mission is to reverse negative Christian stereotypes in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Our mission is to change that perception, by helping Christians to be more like Jesus Christ.

We do this by:

Making Christians aware of the negative stereotypes we inadvertently create through our words and actions.

Educating Christians on the issues and effective ways to change our words and actions to create positive stereotype in the world.

Assisting Christians in their transformation…to live our faith and live a life as modeled by Jesus Christ.

We also strive to bridge the “trust” gap between believers and non-believers. We strive to create positive and constructive dialog, and intellectually honest and friendly conversations with those who’s beliefs differ from ours.

More Info:

We are dedicated to changing the face (and heart) of Christianity.

Our CURRENT face is the one PERCEIVED by non-Christians. Their perception is their reality. All too often, non-Christians believe we are judgmental, hypocritical, unGodly, not compassionate, “gay” hating, bigoted, closed minded (intellectually challenged), old fashioned, sheltered, too political, prideful, superficial, self righteous, etc.

What they see repels them. What they see is NOT the Christ we follow. What they see are Christians who put on a mask of perfection or moral superiority, yet act no different than the rest of the world.

The NEW face (and heart) of Christianity is one that resembles Christ in words and actions. We are transparent and real. We love others as God calls us to. This love shows itself in opposing the stereotypes and old face.

The change from the Old face to the New face will not simply be a skin deep, cosmetic change. It will be a life transforming, heart, mind, body, and soul change…that reflects the grace and glory of God.

Consider this: Why should a non-believer accept Christianity if it’s followers aren’t living what they say they believe? Let’s show the real face of Christ to non-believers…by practicing what we preach. Don’t be a stumbling block for others receiving the Good News of Christ Jesus our Savior.

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